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Welcome to my rustic decorating blog! My name is Tracy Svendsen and I am an interior designer and the editor of Canadian Log Homes.  Here you will find tons of design tips and inspiration in rustic, modern rustic and farmhouse design.  Discover hundreds of stunning images of log homes, farmhouse bedrooms, mountain retreats and cozy cabins with panoramic views of incredible landscapes. Occasionally I also feature rustic home décor, furniture and rustic bedding from the brands I have been referring customers to for years.  If you are looking for decor for your own rustic retreat, Canadian Log Homes features rustic & cabin decorrustic bedding and luxury & modern bedding. Feature image photo credit: Photographer: Haris Kenjar, Interior Design: Sean Anderson

  • Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

One of today’s hottest trends in kitchen design is the use blue cabinets. This is widely due to the versatility of the color as well as its ability to be dressed up or down depending upon the environment in which it is used. Blue is not only being used throughout an entire kitchen, but shades of blue are also being introduced as an accent color for kitchen islands. The huge range of blue tones available makes it easy to choose a hue that would compliment other aspects of your kitchen. Whether you opt for navy blue, powder blue, royal or shades of blue and grey, there is flexibility in finding the perfect hue for your own kitchen.

  • Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

Whether you plan to tackle a bathroom remodel or plan on a new bathroom design, pinning down your favorite style will help get your project off to a smooth start. Rustic bathrooms embrace the beauty of the outdoors through the use of cozy textiles, natural materials, and organic accents. It’s the perfect place to incorporate natural stone floors, rough-hewn beams, wood cabinetry, earthy color palettes as well as materials with a patina (copper, natural wood & stone). Regardless if your style is traditional rustic, farmhouse, southwestern, western or modern rustic - read on to discover the key elements of each style.

  • Black & White Farmhouse Kitchen | Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Looking for black kitchen cabinet ideas? Black kitchen cabinets make a strong visual impact while adding sophistication and elegance to a kitchen. They also work well in several applications including modern, rustic, modern rustic and farmhouse kitchens. Paired with bright metals – black can truly shine while providing an elegant option that grounds the space. When paired with the right colors and materials, black cabinets do not have to feel dark and foreboding, rather they can add instant character and dramatic charm.

  • Shelf Styling Ideas

Shelf Styling Ideas

Are you wondering where to start when decorating open-shelving in your home? Re-styling existing shelves is a creative way to revitalize any room – whether it is simply changing books around, adding or removing objects, or completely transforming a bookcase. Designing open shelving can be a daunting task when you first begin as it is similar to what one experiences when facing a blank canvas. It is also a lot like piecing together a creative puzzle where everything falls into place when you simply just start. Although styling shelving can seem straightforward, here are design tips you can implement that will help you to be able to confidently add visual appeal to any shelf – no matter your style.

  • Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas by Color

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Kitchen cabinets play a crucial role in the overall design aesthetic of a kitchen while providing necessary storage options that aid in creating functional workspaces. Not only do they form the basis for the structural foundation, they can also dramatically transform the entire appearance of the space. Choosing the best kitchen cabinets and design layout for your own home can be one of the most difficult challenges in the kitchen design process. Given that they are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors - it can often be overwhelming to narrow down the choices. Browse through a curated selection of farmhouse kitchen cabinets in a wide variety of colors and styles.

  • Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Designs

Browse through a collection of modern farmhouse kitchen design ideas with striking images of farmhouse kitchens and design tips. I have included 14 of my all-time favorite kitchens that incorporate beautiful cabinetry, backsplashes, unique islands, light fixtures and flooring. Spacious, warm and cozy, these kitchens have the charm of a traditional farmhouse kitchen with the sophistication of minimalist design and modern functionality. At its core, the modern farmhouse style has the foundation of traditional farmhouse style—practicality and comfort, focusing on natural elements—topped off with modern designs and features. Modern farmhouse design balances the clean, streamlined approach of contemporary styles with warm, rustic call-backs to traditional farmhouse decor.

  • Rustic Exterior Home Ideas | Locati Architects

Rustic Exterior Home Ideas

If you have been searching for rustic exterior home ideas – this post will be a great starting point for design inspiration. Here I will be covering exterior design tips as well as providing images of beautifully designed homes. The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they arrive and you want to ensure it makes a statement. The exterior of a rustic-style home typically takes its cue from nature through the use of natural and organic materials and the use of earth-tone shades.

  • Coastal Interior Design Style

Coastal Decorating Ideas

There are many approaches one can take in decorating their log home aside from taking a traditional rustic or western approach. Coastal decorating is another great option that works well in rustic style construction. A coastal look can easily be achieved by incorporating a sandy palette, gentle hues of blues and greens with whitewashed accents. Nothing says “coastal living” quite like an open living room, oversized sofas, nautical stripes, and sea-inspired accents such as ropes, sailboats, and sea-side prints.

Rustic Home Tour – Modern Rustic Ranch

This month's rustic home tour features a well-designed ranch style home that is warm, inviting and filled with carefully chosen home decor. It was designed by Tiffany Farha who leads a nationally recognized design studio located in Wichita, Kansas that specializes in luxury residential properties, along with light commercial projects. The design aesthetic leans toward masculine with an eclectic and modern rustic edge.  

  • Tiffany Farha Design | Rustic Interior Photos

Rustic Interior Photos

The following rustic interior photos include traditional log homes, modern rustic living rooms, southwestern interiors and upscale mountain homes. All are designed for those who love to embrace the slowed down pace of country living, tranquility and a close connection to nature. Here you will find uncomplicated color schemes, open floor plans, stone fireplaces, plenty of natural textures, wood flooring and design elements that bring the outdoors inside.

  • Modern Farmhouse Interiors

Modern Farmhouse Interiors

Nothing says home sweet home better than a cozy farmhouse! And since the defining characteristic of the farmhouse aesthetic is comfort, it’s no surprise that many of today’s top designers have been looking to this beloved style for inspiration. Modern Farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity, characterized by natural textures, a neutral color palette of brown, white and black with pops of color, and embracing nature indoors. Take a tour of homes designed by Bria Hammel, an interior designer who excels in this style of design.

  • Log Cabin Home Decorating Ideas

Log Cabin Home Ideas

This stunning log cabin home is situated in a village in Idaho on the shores of a pristine glacial lake. It belongs to 40-year-old native Idahoan and award-winning actor Aaron Paul and his wife. Here you'll find plenty of outdoor attractions such as whitewater rafting, skiing, and soothing hot springs. Paul and his wife built their mountain dream home from scratch, with the assistance of Pearson Design Group and Interior Designer Jake Arnold.

  • Leanne Ford Design

Leanne Ford Interior Design

After recently creating a blog post on a cozy rustic log cabin designed by Leanne Ford, I thought I'd create another post to showcase a broader collection of her work. Her work is instantly recognizable thanks to her signature stamp that fuses texture, nature, art, white on white with a lot of soul. Natural-looking materials are her go-to look. This post covers a wide variety of images of projects she has completed as well as an introduction to her new collection for Crate and Barrel that articulates a modern transition to country life.

  • Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

Designer Leanne Ford (star of HGTV’s ‘Restored by the Fords’) and her husband Buck Mason made the decision to sell their homespun abode, and it's rustic design at its best. This beautiful home is located in Rustic Canyon, a residential neighborhood and canyon in the eastern Pacific Palisades on the west side of Los Angeles, California. It has a warm, eclectic, and log cabin vibe with a fieldstone fireplace, rough-hewn ceiling beams, and concrete stucco. Complete with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, the rustic, two-story home was built in 1925.

  • Luxury Modern Farmhouse | Ashton Kutsher & Mila Kunis

Luxury Modern Farmhouse

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s luxury modern farmhouse was designed to feel like a home rather than an estate. The home was designed from the ground up with architect Howard Backet and interior designer Vicky Charles. The six-acre hilltop property is affectionally called Kuku Farms and they actually do use the land for farming. They wanted the home to look like an old barn, something that had been there for decades, but was then converted into a house. View their gorgeous home with rough hewn timbers and modern rustic furniture.

  • Rustic Luxury Interior Design Ideas

Rustic Luxury Interior Design: Mountain Chalet

Hello everyone! The following post features the work of Miller Roodell Architects, located in Bozeman Montana. Their design aesthetic steers them toward the textures, color palettes and material choices grounded in the surrounding region. The first project of theirs that I'd like to share is a stunning rustic luxury mountain chalet located in Big Sky Montana. Here you’ll see rustic luxe at it’s best with stunning views of majestic landscapes and an eye for detail.

  • Modern Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

If you’re thinking of giving your bedroom a new look, why not try the modern farmhouse style? Unlike many design trends, the farmhouse aesthetic never seems to fall out of fashion with its cozy textures and eclectic mixture of furniture. With an increasing number of interior designers turning to this trend this season, what better place to start than in the bedroom? Discover modern farmhouse bedroom ideas perfect for sprucing up the largest bedroom in the home to the smallest.

  • Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

While minimalist decorating styles have dominated the interior design environment for many years, a trend in modern rustic styles seems to be readily increasing. Rustic modern style is all about clean, modern lines and the warmth of rustic materials. Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, this is contemporary design at its best. Learn the secret to implementing this style by mixing it up through combining sleek materials with natural textures.

  • Farmhouse Chandelier Ideas

Farmhouse Chandelier Ideas

If you are looking to update your lighting – you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find a curated selection of farmhouse chandeliers. A well-appointed farmhouse chandelier can instantly add a cozy and nostalgic feeling to your home. They serve as a statement piece while providing a warm ambiance and unique charm. Whether it’s a simple pendant that provides a minimalist, modern touch or a show-stopping crystal fixture that exudes a regal elegance, a chandelier instantly catches the eye and sets a design tone.

  • Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Looking for farmhouse bedroom ideas? Traditional farmhouse bedrooms are comfortable, cozy, and inviting. In recent years, modern farmhouse style has become increasingly popular. Harnessing country elements with a contemporary spin, modern farmhouse decor blends clean lines, neutral color palettes, layered textures, and natural materials to create a timeless look that’s bursting with character. In this post, I have included images of both traditional and modern farmhouse bedrooms as well as farmhouse bedroom ideas and design tips for inspiration. I hope you enjoy!

  • Southwestern Outdoor Ideas | Southwest Patios & Porches

Southwestern Outdoor Ideas

One of the most enduring classic design styles popular in North America and other parts of the world is the Southwestern aesthetic. No matter how grand or rustic your home, imbuing it with a touch of Southwestern design is one way of making it look cozy, inviting, and inspired by nature — including your home exterior. Here you will find a large collection of images of stunning Southwestern exteriors, as well as design tips on how to achieve the look in your own backyard.

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