Breathtaking Home in the Mountains House Tour

By Interior Designer TRACY SVENDSEN | Published on March 12, 2024 | 

Home in the Mountains: This stunning log home is located on Mammoth Mountain, California’s premier four-season resort. From winter adventures and outdoor activities like skiing, snowmobiling, and cross-country treks to summer thrills like guided climbs, mountain biking, and the Adventure Center’s offerings, Mammoth caters to every adventurer’s spirit year-round.

Vision Realized:  To create a warm and inviting haven reflecting their love for the mountains, the homeowners entrusted their vision to local designer Corinne Brown. Drawn to the mountainous lifestyle over three decades ago, Corinne has built her successful design firm nestled amidst the very scenery that inspires her.  

For Corinne, skiing and the mountains aren’t just hobbies; they’re woven into the fabric of her being. She firmly believes that design shapes our lives. In every project, she strives for a balance of richness and understated elegance, a touch of tradition and enduring beauty that complements her client’s vision.

Mammoth Lake Masterpiece With Mountain Views

This project exemplifies the power of collaboration. The design team, encompassing the architect, architectural designer, cabinet and millwork specialists, and the Brown Design Group, worked in close concert, fostering a creative and harmonious workflow. Mutual trust among all parties proved the cornerstone in bringing this vision of beauty and harmony to life. 

Mountain Home Ideas

A Grand Entrance to a Beautiful Home

Once you step inside the entryway to this spectacular home, you are greeted by the warmth of earth-tone stone flooring. An inviting area rug softens the space, while a massive log railing adds a touch of rustic grandeur. The staircase beckons you upwards, its path framed by dramatic artwork that injects vibrant color. 

A wall of large windows unfolds past the staircase, revealing breathtaking panoramic and scenic views of the surrounding landscape. A rustic pot overflowing with branches and a substantial pinecone sculpture complete the scene, adding a final touch of natural beauty.

Modern Mountain Home Entryway

Rustic Charm in the Great Room

Enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains in this cozy great room, where soaring wood beams and rich wood flooring create a warm ambiance. A massive stone fireplace offers a perfect haven to unwind after a day on the slopes. 

Oversized furniture invites relaxation, adorned with a vibrant tapestry of throw pillows that add pops of color, texture, and pattern. A large area rug in warm tones grounds the space, while rustic accents are woven throughout.  

Wall-mounted antlers add a touch of the hunt, an iron chandelier complements the rugged aesthetic, and cozy hide ottomans beckon for comfortable evenings. A floral arrangement displayed in a rustic pot brings a final touch of nature.

Mountain Home Living Room
Mountain Home Living Room

A Culinary Oasis Framed by Mountain Vistas

This inviting kitchen boasts a symphony of warm tones. High ceilings create an airy feel, while rich wood flooring and exposed beams in natural stone add a touch of rustic elegance. Traditional wood cabinets frame the space, their warmth beautifully contrasted by cool white marble countertops.  

Rustic Kitchen

As in the living room, expansive windows showcase the breathtaking mountain scenery, making mealtimes a visual feast. Artistic arrangements of branches and flowers grace the countertops, adding a touch of organic beauty. Woven counter stools introduce a layer of texture, while pendant lights cast a warm, ambient glow.

Mountain Home Kitchen

In the following image, designer Corinne Brown incorporates high-end stainless steel appliances for a touch of modern functionality. A rustic range hood complements the natural elements, while a stone backsplash and a wood island complete the cohesive design.

Mountain Homes
Mountain Home Kitchen Pantry

Expansive Views in the Breakfast Nook

This stylish breakfast nook invites you to dine in the heart of the forest. Two-tone leather chairs offer a touch of luxury, with warm chocolate hues on the seating area and a rich pumpkin spice tone at the back, adding visual depth.  

A round wood pedestal table in the classic farmhouse style provides the perfect place to savor a cup of coffee or a leisurely breakfast. An iron chandelier complements the rustic charm, echoing the pendant lighting in the kitchen and creating a cohesive feel. An extensive area rug grounds the space with warmth, while woven blinds add texture and filter the morning light, creating a truly inviting atmosphere.

Rustic Dining room

Rustic Grandeur in the Dining Room

This expansive and inviting dining room invites grand gatherings. A massive wood table serves as the centerpiece, surrounded by comfortable soft gray chairs. A beautiful rust-toned area rug warms the space and adds textural depth. 

The table is adorned with flickering candles nestled amongst rustic pots overflowing with pinecones, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. A wood hutch with open shelving offers the perfect platform to showcase a curated collection of rustic pottery and artwork. 

A touch of whimsy is added with an oversized rustic pot brimming with branches and a charming bear sculpture displayed on the hutch. The finishing touch comes from a majestic, long wood beam light fixture suspended from metallic rods, casting a warm glow over the space.

Mountain Home Dining Room
Mountain Home Dining Room

Laundry Room Efficiency for a Busy Household

This well-equipped laundry room is a dream come true for a large family or those who frequently entertain. Four easily accessible washers and dryers make light work of even the biggest laundry loads. Ample storage ensures a clutter-free environment, while the combination of warm stone flooring, crisp white cabinets, and a neutral patterned wallpaper creates a clean and inviting space.

Rustic Laundry Room

Nature’s Embrace in the Primary Bedroom

This primary bedroom invites relaxation with a touch of rustic charm. A unique twig headboard sets the stage, while an abundance of textured throw pillows and an oversized brown faux fur blanket adds a layer of cozy softness. A warm-toned area rug in shades of gray, tan, and beige grounds the space and ties the color palette together.

The walls showcase a curated gallery wall featuring wildlife prints, and rustic mirrors positioned on either side of the bed. These elements create a connection to the natural world outside. A final touch of nature is brought in with a sculptural arrangement of branches displayed in a pot, completing the rustic aesthetic.