Rustic Design Ideas

Rustic Bathroom

Rustic Design Ideas: There is a wide variety of rustic interior design styles as well as a distinct diversity in the many approaches one can take to achieve a rustic feel to any given space. The trend this year leans closely toward rustic utilitarian, with a surge of interest towards clean lines, natural materials, and pared-down decor.

If you are looking to add a subtle rustic influence into your home, rustic accessories do work well incorporated into a contemporary design. The new rustic provides for a fresh interpretation with the pairing of reclaimed wood and natural elements with existing modern pieces. By pairing an eclectic mix of textured fabrics and materials with a sophisticated color palette, a beautifully designed rustic room can be achieved with minimal effort.

Rough-hewn beams are a great way of displaying natural wood if the space is decorated with traditional or contemporary pieces. Not only do the beams provide contrast, but they help define a space architecturally. Alternatively, beams can be used to surround fireplaces, line walls, or frame windows and ceilings.

Traditional rustic design places emphasis on handcrafted, rough-hewn wood, metalwork, handcrafted furnishings, and natural fabrics. Architectural elements also include river rock and wood floors. Pine is a popular choice for walls, flooring, and furniture. Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, eclectic, masculine, or feminine, every home can incorporate a touch of rustic décor with ease. Browsing through the following images is a great way to start collecting ideas for design inspiration.

Rustic Design Ideas

Modern Rustic Interior Design Ideas

Rustic Interior Design Ideas: This gorgeous modern rustic home belongs to Tom Cruise and is located just 12 minutes from Telluride Colorado. It’s nestled deep within nearly 300 acres of rolling meadows and forest. The home offers exceptional design and craftsmanship and boasts views the surrounding mountains. The main house has bleached cedar timbers, dove-tail joinery, and native stone. The property’s vast acreage is threaded by a private trail system providing gated access

The property’s vast acreage is threaded by a private trail system providing gated access for tens of thousands of acres of surrounding National Forest. It’s also a great example of rustic done well.
images courtesy of: Telluride Luxury Properties

Rustic Design Ideas
Rustic Design Ideas
Rustic Design Ideas
Rustic Design Ideas

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