Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Looking for modern rustic bedroom ideas? While minimalist decorating styles have dominated the interior design environment for many years, a trend in modern rustic styles seems to be readily increasing. The modern rustic style emphasizes upcycled furniture, textured throws, and casual rugs. It’s also not uncommon to see rustic styles with warm color tones and organic shapes. Other common features of modern rustic styles include:

  • Animal-inspired art
  • Raw wood features
  • Natural stone fireplaces
  • Rugged features

What Is Rustic Modern Style?

Rustic modern style is all about clean, modern lines and the warmth of rustic materials. Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, this is contemporary design at its best. The secret to implementing this style is to mix it up by combining sleek materials and natural textures.

This style captures some of the modern trends by focusing on casual simplicity and nature. Its primary purpose is to create an elegant home while infusing a healthy dose of rustic materials and textures.

The modern rustic style usually prefers an open floor plan. If your house doesn’t use this plan, you may consider knocking down some walls. But the defining architectural component of modern rustic style is the use of exposed wood ceiling beams. These beams can be installed with their natural color, or you can paint them white.

Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Modern Rustic Bedroom 
Photo courtesy of: Alder & Tweed

This stunning modern rustic bedroom design by Alder & Tweed Design Company incorporates a sophisticated use of pattern, texture and color. The warm earthy tones of brown and grey combine effortlessly with the dramatic contrast between white and black elements.

How Can I Make My Bedroom Look Rustic?

There are many ways to make your bedroom look rustic. They include:

Modern Rustic Bedding

Modern rustic bedding uses a wide range of patterns and colors. For instance, you can mix traditional comforters and duvets with contemporary design styles. Combining pillows with subtle brown and bed covers with earth-tone hues can also create your dream bedroom.

Some modern rustic designers recommend country living accessories, while others prefer blended items. If you want to create a unique environment in your room, you must achieve a balance between rustic and contemporary elements. 

Modern Rustic Bedding

Modern Rustic Bedding
Photo courtesy of: Alder & Tweed

This masculine bedroom design uses a dramatic palette of black, white and vibrant shades of brown.

Draw Upon Nature

Find inspiration in the surrounding landscape taking note of the beautiful color palette provided by nature. From sunrises to beaches, forests, mountains, to the moody tones found in a stunning desert landscape. Bring the outdoors in to create a home that is warm, inviting, and peaceful.

How to Design a Modern Rustic Bedroom

Modern Rustic Bedroom in Earth Tones
Photo courtesy of: Toll Brothers

This stunning modern rustic bedroom incorporates reflects the gorgeous earth tones in the surrounding landscape.  Here again we see a space that includes a wide array of complimentary patterns and textures. The subtle use of color works to create a room that is cozy, warm and inviting. The Southwestern outdoor area adds to the charm and provides instant access to enjoy the incredible mountain views.

Draw Inspiration from Favorite Art and Photography Pieces

Many interior designers begin the design process by carefully selecting artwork as a statement piece that also provides a complementary palette. These colors can easily be reflected in the choice of bedding, throw pillows, and blankets as well as area rugs and room decor.

Modern Rustic Master Bedroom Ideas

Modern Rustic Master Bedroom
Photo courtesy of: Toll Brothers

This modern rustic master bedroom has two prints on either side of the bed in white, green, brown and grey tones.  This color palette is reflected throughout the room, from the textured wall treatment behind the prints, to the green throw pillow and blanket. The window treatment and large bedside table adds a contrasting pop of a burnt orange shade.

Modern Rustic Bedroom Furniture

You should select furniture items that combine outdoor elements and modern design. This seems like it may create design conflicts, but it will lead to a bedroom with a unique style. Regardless, your furniture must showcase simplicity and affinity to natural elements, such as wood.

Choosing furniture items made from unfinished wood makes a bold, rustic statement. The wood used in modern rustic furniture typically has a charcoal or dark grey color. These tones create a bridge between contemporary design and natural styles.

Leather accent chairs are also common furniture pieces that will make your bedroom look rustic. Feel free to include pieces that have bronze metal colors or any other dark and rich hues.

Other common rustic bedroom furniture includes:

  • Bedside Tables: You can buy bedside tables and nightstands made from unfinished wood. These bedside tables can be small but with several shelves to save space. On the other hand, you can buy floating nightstands with an uncycled look.
  • Canopy Frame: You can also get a canopy frame that surrounds the bed from various angles. The frame should be low profile but with a clean and modern design. Generally, such frames are made from oak.
  • Restored and Repurposed: Did you know that you can get custom headboards from reclaimed high-back chairs? Using reclaimed wood can create a rustic and warm charm in your bedroom. These wooden additions can appear on the furniture and can also be replicated on the walls.
Modern Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Modern Rustic Furniture
Photo courtesy of: Alder & Tweed

An elegant vignette showing elements of modern rustic furniture, stone work and organic decor.

Modern Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Rustic Bedroom  with Modern Elements
Photo courtesy of: Alder & Tweed

This bedroom incorporates modern elements with a few rustic and organic touches.

Modern Rustic Bedroom Decor

As indicated above, a modern rustic bedroom combines comfortable items with rugged materials. The result should be a decluttered space that exudes casual warmth.

Here are some common decor ideas.

Light and Breezy Bedroom

This decor brings airy vibes into the bedroom. You can start with neutral furniture such as rustic mirrors, wood nightstands, and a bed frame. You can then throw in some cool colors, such as blues and greens.

More importantly, there should be large windows to bring in enough light. In addition, nature-inspired elements, such as animal art, are excellent wall features.

Colorful Rustic Vibes

The primary elements of this decor will be traditional furniture and metallic beds, but the main focus will be having a different color for each item. For instance, you can have an orange lamp, red blanket, and green pillow. The duvet covers can be white, while the walls can be painted grey.

Classic Formal Flair

If your budget allows it, you can create a luxurious modern bedroom. This design mixes a soft color palette with cozy items. There should also be classy nightstands and striking chandeliers.

Log Cabin Approach

Wooden paneling is what usually comes to mind when log cabins are mentioned. You can replicate the log cabin design in your bedroom by using simple wooden fixtures. For instance, installing wooden slats on the wall and rafters on your bedroom ceiling can do the trick. An iron chandelier can then complete the look. 

Log Cabin Bedroom

Log Cabin Approach
Photo courtesy of: Alder & Tweed

Monochromatic Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

A monochromatic bedroom can be a bold and dramatic design choice. This design style incorporates one color using variations of a single huge and refining the chosen color in a different ways. When done right, sticking to a minimalistic palette can create a stunning bedroom that instantly captures attention. While at first, it may seem like an intimidating process, once you follow a few simple steps, the possibilities are endless. The following steps are suggestions from Alder & Tweed Design Company (, with offices in Park City, Utah; Big Sky, Montana; Amenia, New York.

Step 1#
Start small. For monochromatic design beginners, the best place to begin is in a small space such as a bathroom or small guest room. It will feel less daunting because you have fewer details to have to consider in this process.

Step 2#

Think texture. When looking at any great monochromatic designed space, you will find layers of lovely textures that add dimension. Adding different textures to your space will add tons of interest, eliminating the need for color.

Step 3#
Go for contrast. Adding depths of the chosen color will create variety. For example, in a black and white monochromatic color scheme, adding the depth of deep black to the brightness of pure white can give space the visual interest it needs.

Monochromatic Modern Rustic Design
Monochromatic Modern Rustic Design
Monochromatic Modern Rustic Design

Monochromatic Modern Rustic Design

Three examples of monochromatic design done well.  Here we see a tremendous play of pattern and layers of texture.

Climate Clutter in the Bedroom to Reduce Stress

A modern rustic bedroom should take a more minimal approach, which also aids in reducing stress and anxiety. The bedroom should be tidy and organized to improve mood while also creating a visually clean and simple aesthetic.

Add Plenty of Plants

Another way to bring the outdoors in is to freshen up the home with potted plants. House plants clean and detoxify the air while adding lovely shades of green to the space.

Create Symmetry

Symmetry is a very important aspect in design as it creates visual balance in a room. Matching nightstands and lamps on each side of the bed allow the eye to rest.

Creating Symmetry in the Bedroom

Creating Symmetry in the Bedroom
Photo courtesy of: Locati Architects

Layer in the Lighting

It’s imperative to have good lighting in a bedroom, as you spend the majority of your time in the room when the sun has gone down. From chandeliers to bedside lamps, there are many modern rustic lighting fixtures to choose from.

Layer in the Lighting | Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Layer in the Lighting
Photo courtesy of: Emily Henderson

Add a Large Scale Rug

Large-scale rugs ‘ground’ the space while also providing the opportunity for including additional color, pattern, and texture.

Pile on the Texture

Be sure to include plenty of texture to truly create the modern rustic feel to the bedroom. Texture can be included through the use of area rugs, wall coverings, pillows, throws, bedding and window treatments.

Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Layered Organic Textures
Photo courtesy of: Alder & Tweed

Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Neutral Master Bedroom with Layered Texture and Patterns
Photo courtesy of: Alder & Tweed

Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas Design Tips

Some design elements must appear in a modern rustic bedroom. They include:

  1. Cozy colors create a welcoming and homey environment.
  2. Draw upon nature when choosing a color palette. 
  3. Reclaimed objects and emphasis on greenery. For instance, you can include plants and animal paintings on the wall.
  4. The use of unique lighting fixtures creates a luxurious space.
  5. Extensive use of furniture that is made from unfinished wood.
  6. The occasional use of traditional or antique fixtures.
  7. Using floating nightstands and exposed chandeliers
  8. Combining soft floral fabrics with rough stone walls.
  9. Choosing the same color for the wall paint. This color can also appear on the beddings.
  10. Going for a bed made from iron while installing a bed frame made out of reclaimed wood.
  11. Consider a monochromatic bedroom design.

Key Takeaway

Modern rustic design has become very popular in recent years, and many people are rushing to create it in their homes. Perhaps you are considering introducing this style in your bedroom. A good rule of thumb is to craft the design before starting to implement it. I hope these tips help you on your design journey! 

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