Modern Rugged Rustic Design

Spotlight on Interior Designer Sean Anderson

By Interior Designer TRACY SVENDSEN | Published on May 16, 2023 | Updated on May 06, 2024 |

Modern Rugged Rustic Design: Modern, rugged, rustic design is the perfect marriage of modern and traditional, with a touch of roughness that adds character and a masculine edge to any space. Think of warm wood tones, exposed brick walls, plenty of texture, and metal accents. It’s an inviting and moody look that plays with high contrasts.

Whether a living room, kitchen, or bedroom, this design style is versatile and adaptable to any space. Plus, it’s a great way to bring the outdoors in, with its natural materials and earth tone colors. Modern, rugged, rustic design is a design style that combines elements of modernity with the rough and natural characteristics of rustic design. It’s a popular interior and architectural design trend that combines the warmth and coziness of rustic aesthetics with modern design’s clean lines and functionality.

Modern Rustic Masculine Living Room | Sean Anderson Design

How to Keep Things Cozy in a Rustic Masculine Design

To create a cozy atmosphere in a rustic and masculine space, incorporate soft lighting with warm-toned bulbs and add textured accent pieces like a woven rug or a chunky knit throw blanket. Be sure to include personal touches that reflect your style and interests. For added interest, hang artwork or photographs you love, display some books or collectibles, and add greenery with potted plants or fresh flowers. These tips will give you a rustic masculine home that genuinely reflects you.

Modern Rustic Masculine Living Room Design by Sean Anderson
Modern Rustic Masculine Living Room Design by Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson Modern Rugged Rustic Design

Sean Anderson is a master at creating modern, rustic, rugged, tonal, dynamic, and mood-setting spaces. Black is predominantly used throughout his spaces to add depth and stunning contrast.

“His traditionalist design roots and innate southern charm would never be a tell, but Sean Anderson has an affinity for darkness. The tonal, mood-setting kind, of course, that often cloaks the walls and ceilings of his residential projects in deep, dark hues. The effect—like the Memphis, Tennessee, designer himself—is rich with soul.” – Architectural Digest.

Sean Anderson grew up in the same town as Elvis Presley — Tupelo, Mississippi — but their styles couldn’t be more different. Anderson’s house in Memphis, where he runs a burgeoning interior design firm, is moody, cerebral, and compact.

Modern Rustic Decorating Ideas

“People think black is oppressive, but it has the opposite reaction for me,” Anderson tells AD PRO. “Black is comfortable and cozy.” Against such a backdrop, Anderson and his six-person team can easily sprawl out—a significant upgrade from the cramped, single-room office the firm had nearly two years ago. “It just wasn’t working,” Anderson says, “but I love to see how the new place has affected the team. We are inspired every day.”

Yet it’s not until the marrying of old and new that Anderson’s skill is best articulated. He creates richly organic and evocative interiors by combining the age and wear of an old leather club chair or an endearingly scraped-up wood bench with modern fixtures.

Modern Rustic Masculine Dining Room Design by Sean Anderson
Modern Rustic Masculine Dining Room Design by Sean Anderson

Key Characteristics of Modern Rugged Rustic Design

1. Natural Materials

This style often incorporates various natural materials such as wood, stone, leather, and metal. These materials are left in their natural state or minimally processed to maintain their rugged appeal.

2. Reclaimed and Weathered Wood

Reclaimed wood is a common feature, often used for flooring, furniture, and accent walls. Weathered and aged wood adds to the rustic charm.

Modern Rustic Masculine Bedroom Design by Sean Anderson

3. Neutral Color Palette

The color palette tends to be neutral and earthy, with shades of brown, gray, and black dominating. These colors create a sense of warmth and coziness. 

4. Industrial Elements

To introduce a modern twist, industrial elements like exposed pipes, steel beams, and concrete floors or countertops are incorporated. These provide a contrast to the natural materials.

Modern Rustic Masculine Bedroom Design by Sean Anderson

5. Clean Lines

While rustic design can be associated with a more traditional and ornate style, modern, rugged, rustic design focuses on clean lines and simple forms. This gives spaces a more contemporary feel.

6. Functional Furniture

Furniture in this style is often functional and practical, with simple and sleek designs. However, it may still incorporate rustic materials like distressed leather and chunky wood.

Modern Rustic Masculine Bedroom Design by Sean Anderson
Modern Rustic Masculine Bedroom Design by Sean Anderson

7. Mixed Textures

The layering of textures is crucial in modern rugged rustic design. Mixing textures such as smooth leather, rough-hewn wood, and soft fabrics creates visual interest.

8. Large Windows and Open Spaces

To allow for plenty of natural light and a connection to the outdoors, large windows and open floor plans are common in this style.

Modern Rustic Kitchen by Sean Anderson
Modern Rustic Kitchen by Sean Anderson

9. Statement Lighting

Modern, rugged, rustic spaces often feature statement lighting fixtures made from metal, glass, or other materials. These fixtures add a touch of elegance and modernity.

10. Natural Accents

Decor elements like animal hides, antlers, and other natural accents enhance the rustic vibe .

Interior Design Ideas | Masculine Entrance by Sean Anderson Design

11. Functional Decor

Decorative items are chosen for their functionality and aesthetics. For example, decorative baskets used for storage or a vintage ladder might serve as a towel rack.

12. Integration of Technology

While the style leans toward rustic aesthetics, modern amenities and technology are integrated seamlessly into the design. This might include concealed audio-visual equipment or smart home features.