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For this month’s post on rustic interior design ideas, I thought it would be inspiring to share images from one of my favorite Architectural firms, Locati Architects. I always find myself in awe when I view their work as it transcends how one normally would perceive rustic design. They view each project as a holistic approach to connect people to the landscape through architecture. The result is a structure that is more than wood, stone, glass, and metal.

The photography featured on their website of completed projects is magnificent. They also team up with exceptional interior design firms, that have an eye for beauty and detail. I hope you enjoy browsing through the following collection. (Images optimized for Pinterest can be found at the bottom of the post.)

Locati Architects Rustic Zen

This beautiful home was designed by Locati Architects and Cashmere Interior Design Studio and is located in Rocky Mountains, Montana.

The great room has a neutral palette that incorporates hints of black for dramatic contrast. What I really love about this home is the incredible use of pattern, texture, and unique globally inspired artifacts. The kitchen is also a one-of-a-kind design with very unique wall treatments that make a powerful statement.

The Cashmere design team used a mix of Danish, geometric, and modern lighting with inviting upholstery and lush rugs to create their trademark look of textural sophistication.

“This home took on the challenge of being a rustic mountain home while using tones of white as the backdrop. The design team at Cashmere carefully selected a whitewash formula for all the woodwork, timbers and cabinetry that read as modern with depth and warmth at the same time. The result was a feeling of Zen!” ~ Cashmere Interior 

Locati Architects | Modern Rustic Interior Design Ideas
Locati Architects | Modern Rustic Kitchen Ideas
Locati Architects | Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas
Locati Architects | Modern Rustic Bunkhouse
Locati Architects | Modern Rustic Bedroom

Locati Architects Hillside Peak View

This ski-in, ski-out mountain chalet is nestled in the luxurious Yellowstone Club in Big Sky Montana. Designer Tracy Byrne commissioned Locati to design her 7,300 sq.ft. family home.

The chalet accommodates six spacious bedrooms, comfortable furnishings and a stunning organic color palette in hues of white, gray, cream and brown. The living room has oversized-comfy sofas full of pillows to relax on at the end of the day and a dramatic handcrafted twig rustic chandelier. The fireplace surround is stone veneer in shades of gray.

Locati Architects Rustic Great Room/Dining Room
Locati Architects Rustic Seating Area
Locati Architects Rustic Bedroom

More Beautiful Homes Built by Locati

Locati Architects Modern Rustic Interior Design Ideas
Locati Architects Modern Rustic Interior Design Ideas
Locati Architects Outdoor Seating Area
Locati Architects Rustic Glamour

Rustic Style Interior Design Images Optimized for Pinterest

Locati Architects | Rustic Modern Living Room Ideas
Locati Architects | Rustic Modern Living Room Ideas
Locati Architects | Rustic Modern Dining Room Ideas
Locati Architects | Rustic Modern Kitchen Ideas
Locati Architects | Rustic Modern Bathroom Ideas
Locati Architects | Rustic Modern Nursery
Rustic Modern Bedroom
Modern Rustic Bedroom
Locati Architects | Rustic Home
Locati Architects | Rustic Home
Locati Architects | Rustic Home
Locati Architects | Rustic Home
Locati Architects | Rustic Home
Rustic Home
Locati Architects
Locati Architects
Locati Architects
Locati Architects
Locati Architects
Locati Architects
Locati Architects

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