Organic Modern Decorating Ideas

By Interior Designer TRACY SVENDEN | Published on May 29, 2024 |

Organic Modern Design isn’t just about what your home looks like; it’s about how it feels. It’s the seamless blend of clean lines and natural textures where minimalism embraces the beauty of the earth. Imagine a sophisticated and inviting space, radiating warmth and tranquility. This is the essence of organic modern design.

Cabo Dos Vistas, envisioned by Shea McGee, exemplifies this philosophy. Here, orderliness and calmness meet a touch of nature’s soul, creating a home that feels connected to the surrounding landscape. Join us on a tour through the home’s soothing interior, where every detail whispers the language of organic modern living.

Organic Modern Interior Design Ideas

Organic Modern Living Room Design

The living room at Cabo Dos Vistas embodies the essence of Organic Modern living. Stepping inside, you’re greeted by a large, open space seamlessly integrating the dining room and kitchen. The connection to the outdoors is immediate and intentional.

Stone from the home’s exterior is brought inside, gracing the fireplace wall and framing two delicate arches. One arch creates a stylish built-in shelving unit, while the other leads to the bedroom wing.

The organic texture of the stone creates a striking juxtaposition to the sleek steel and glass sliding doors, which blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, fostering a sense of connection with nature.

Functionality meets style with the furniture arrangement. The client wanted to accommodate large gatherings, so Shea opted for two-facing sectionals and a massive coffee table. The color palette avoids a cliché beach theme, instead embracing a sophisticated blend of earth tones that subtly reflect the coastal environment.

Decorating With Natural Elements
Decorating With Natural Elements

Organic Modern Kitchen Ideas

The living area opens seamlessly into a long, continuous space incorporating the dining room and kitchen. Furniture placement defines each zone: the living room on one end and the dining room in the center, featuring a stunning live-edge table that can seat fourteen.

The kitchen truly steals the show with its captivating use of tiles. A handmade blue and white patterned tile takes center stage on the backsplash behind the stove, rising to meet a sleek plaster hood that effortlessly blends into the home’s signature plaster walls.

Modern Organic Kitchen & Dining Area

To ensure the backsplash remains the focal point, a simpler tile is used elsewhere in the kitchen, maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. Light oak cabinetry with a matte finish and antique nickel hardware adds warmth and a touch of vintage charm.

The choice of inset cabinetry creates a clean, streamlined look that perfectly complements the textural elements, such as the handmade tiles. This interplay between sleek lines and organic textures exemplifies the essence of modern organic design in this space.

Organic Modern Kitchen Ideas

Organic Modern Primary Bedroom

The primary bedroom invites relaxation with its calming palette of pale blue. Sherwin Williams Dew Drop, a neutral and slightly dusty shade, adorns the plaster walls, creating a sense of peaceful serenity. Sandy, natural tones flow throughout the space, woven together by a vintage hand-knotted rug and a curated mix of new and vintage pillows on the bed.

Locally crafted nightstands from beautiful Rosa Morada wood flank the bed, their warmth echoing the organic elements throughout the home. Across the room, a commissioned piece by Nashville-based artist Charlotte Terrell takes center stage above a console table.

Organic Modern Bedroom Ideas

The room’s fireplace, a defining feature of the Organic Modern aesthetic, utilizes the same exterior stone seen outside. This natural element stands in captivating contrast to the sleek steel and glass retractable walls. When opened, these walls transform the corner of the room, blurring the lines between the tranquil interior and the beauty of the outdoors.

Bedroom With Organic Elements
Bedroom With Organic Elements

Organic Modern Primary Bathroom

The primary bathroom is a prime example of organic modern design done well. Stepping through a louvered, arched doorway, you’re greeted by a breathtaking and rejuvenating space.

A dramatic stone wall takes center stage, framed by sleek steel and expansive glass windows. The freestanding vanity, crafted from warm oak cabinetry, features unique grasscloth drawer fronts, adding a touch of textural intrigue.

Organic Modern Primary Bathroom

The true showstopper is the bathtub – a single, hand-carved masterpiece of crema marfil marble. The walk-in shower continues the theme of organic beauty, showcasing a captivating interplay of textures.

Limestone floor tiles provide a grounding base, while Zellige tiles, meticulously laid in a herringbone pattern, add a touch of visual interest. This bathroom is a haven of relaxation, where nature’s elements mingle seamlessly with modern luxury.

Bathroom With Natural Elements
Bathroom With Natural Elements

Additional Bedrooms

While the bedrooms boast breathtaking ocean views, Shea McGee and her team opted for a fresh interpretation of coastal style. Gone are the expected elements – white shiplap walls, exposed beams, and abundant blue hues. Instead, the design emphasizes a timeless feel, featuring organic materials like plaster and limestone.

Hotel-quality bedding ensures a cohesive look across all ten bedrooms (though not all are pictured here). Artwork selections boast color palettes reminiscent of the coast but with a sophisticated twist. Think sage green instead of seafoam and pale blue replacing turquoise. The result is a collection of serene retreats celebrating the coastal surroundings without succumbing to cliché.

Pistachio Bedroom

The Pistachio Room embodies a fresh take on coastal style. A built-in cabinet in a calming pistachio green takes center stage, featuring unique perforated details. Opting for natural wood instead of paint allows the beautiful grain to shine through, adding a touch of warmth and texture.

Guest Bedroom

The exposed shelves showcase a curated collection of odds and ends, elevating the coastal theme with a sophisticated touch.
A vintage area rug and throw pillows, all boasting shades of blue and green, complement the built-ins (painted in Farrow & Ball’s French Gray) and create a cohesive color palette.

The ensuite bathroom continues the theme of understated luxury. The cabinetry is made of Soft-textured Rosa Morada wood, a type popular in Mexico with its feathery grain, adding a touch of natural beauty. White quartz countertops with subtle veining and tumbled porcelain floors complete the space.

Guest Bedroom