Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas

I love the look of a well-designed modern rustic living room.  The modern rustic style of design works well in not only log homes, but in ranch style and mountain retreats. The look includes natural elements and materials, leather accents with contemporary flair.

The feature image above is the work of Interior Designer Nicky Dobree who has long been credited in the industry with setting the trend for luxury chalet residents.  The British interior designer, famous for her elegant, award-winning interiors, started her own design business in 2002 with a philosophy to create a home that is comfortable and harmonious while retaining the soul of the building. The two gorgeous olive green chairs and textural furniture add a cozy warmth to the space.

Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas by Gibeon

The following modern rustic living rooms were photographed by Peter and Kelley Gibeon who began their path of collaboration 15 years ago when they met as photo students. Harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit they headed to Montana with a truck, cameras and film, launching their architectural photography career.

Today, they are based out of the Mountain West, splitting their time between Colorado and Montana. Specializing in luxury architectural and interior design photography, they have collaborated with creatives from elite California golf communities, to Rocky Mountain recreation towns to international destination resorts.

Here are a few stunning images of modern rustic retreats.

Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas | Gibeon Photography

A majestic modern rustic great room with a large expanse of window with breathtaking mountain views. As with all good design, this neutral space has plenty of layers of texture and pattern.

Modern Rustic Interior Design Ideas | Gibeon Photography

Although this image doesn’t show much of the living room design, I decided to include it as the custom built partition is so unique.  It instantly brings the outdoors inside and has an organic appeal that is typical of modern rustic design.  It could also be a beautiful accent feature without the higher levels of birch, with a simple long and elegant glass top that would allow the wood to show through, while also providing a place for vases and objects d’art. The two accent chairs grouped together have a contemporary edge with cowhide print that adds rustic luxe.

Contemporary Rustic Living Room | Gibeon Photography

A rustic and refined neutral dining and living room area. The combination of rough and woven textures in this space work together beautifully to create warm and inviting areas to relax or entertain.

Rustic Eclectic Living Room | Gibeon Photography

This wonderfully eclectic space introduces patterns that are not traditional to rustic style homes, yet they serve to personalize the space while adding a touch of the exotic.

Modern Rustic Living Room Design by Buro 2 D

Buro 2D is an interior design studio located in Moscow, St. Petersburg.  Their work leans more to contemporary design, but the two images below represent what they are able to accomplish in introducing a rustic edge to a modern space.

Living Room by Buro 2D

An extremely minimalist approach to a modern rustic living room.  Although I feel this image is a conceptual idealization of elements that would work well in this space, I find it compelling. I love the contrast between the warm honey tones of the wood with the details in black.  It’s dramatic, striking and has a sophisticated vibe.  I feel the chairs, stump end tables and hide area rug are the perfect finishing touch to the space, but would incorporate an additional grouping of furniture, such as a large sectional to provide more seating.

Living Room by Buro 2D

The perfect balance is struck between contemporary and rustic furniture, decor and lighting in this eclectic space designed by Buro 2D.  They accompany the implementation of interiors ‘to the last vase’ and the result is a cohesive design with plenty of character and charm.

Modern Rustic Living Room Designs by Pearson Design Group

Pearson Design Group of Bozeman, Montana offers a broad range of design aesthetics, which is reflective in their inventive and creative spirit. Focused on originality, they approach every project with a well-managed, collaborative process, which explores the opportunities and assesses the constraints in order to craft an architectural experience that evolves into an integrated and original story — a whole, a home, a legacy.

Modern Rustic Interior Design | Pearson Design Group

This living room designed by Pearson design group has a sumptuous faux fur area rug and accents chairs.  Here again we see layers of pattern, texture and materials used to create a unified and inviting modern rustic retreat.

Contemporary Rustic Mountain Home

This photograph appears to be taken in a mountain resort with its large dining area located centrally around the fireplace.  I thought to include it as I love the contrast of the white furniture arrangement with the rugged texture of wood and stone.  The art work above the mantel adds a bright splash of color in an othewise neutral design.

Mountain Home Design Ideas | Pearson Design Group

Another fabulous modern rustic living room with a contemporary edge.  The faux hides and area rug soften the space while the window treatments rather than compete with the surrounding views. I love the palette used to determine this space – shades of charcoal, tan and white merge effortlessly to create a well balanced serene design.

Mountain Home Design Ideas | Pearson Design Group

A similar palette to the image above, with the additional of more traditional rustic elements. The plaid pillows work to bring in all of the colors incorporated in the room, and a touch of rustic elegance.

Rustic Great Room Ideas | Pearson Design Group

A sophisticated space using wood, stone, metal and rope to to create a living room fit for entertaining.  For practicality purposes, the neutral sofas could easily be swapped with a more durable shade of gray.  White pillows and throws could then be used to create balance and to keep it from looking too dark.

Rustic Great Room Ideas | Pearson Design Group

A great image to indicate just how important the choice of lighting can be.  An oversized chandelier balances perfectly with the large scale pendants in the kitchen area.

Modern Rustic Living Room Designs by Locati

While the phases of their work are typical to the architecture profession, the Locati design process is anything but. Their success in the design process is a result of tremendous communication from the very first meeting until the day the client moves in. They believe that the process is an enjoyable one from start to finish. They have a diverse design repertoire, from traditional rustic, to modern and contemporary.

Modern Rustic Glamorous Home by Locati

There is an understated elegance to this beautifully designed modern rustic home.  I love the dramatic flow in the ceiling design that effortlessly transitions from contemporary sophistication to rustic wood.  There is also a great use of pattern and texture in this space, from the gray and white island countertop, to the tufted accent wall as well as the choice of fabric used in the window treatment and dining and living room chairs.  The lighting provides geometric interest, a subtle metallic gleam and sets the stage for intimate conversations.

Modern Mountain Home | Locati Architects

I can’t imagine ever tiring of this spectacular view! I love everything about this design, but feel that a large area rug would work well to ‘ground’ the living room furniture while providing a soft surface to walk on.  The Native American prints are large scale, and add a touch of color to an otherwise neutral space.

Contemporary Mountain Home | Locati Architects
Modern Rustic Mountain Home | Locati Architects
Contemporary Rustic Interiors | Locati Architects
Contemporary Rustic Interiors | Locati Architects
Contemporary Rustic Interiors | Locati Architects

I added this image just for fun! It’s a playful take on contemporary rustic design with its use of sleek marble and metallic finishes, a bit of bling here and there, faux fur pillows and throw and a gorgeous velvet sofa.

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