Log Cabin Decorating Ideas : Leanne Ford’s Rustic Canyon Home

Looking for cabin decorating ideas? Designer Leanne Ford (star of HGTV’s ‘Restored by the Fords’) and her husband Buck Mason made the decision to sell their homespun abode, and it’s rustic design at its best.

This beautiful home is located in Rustic Canyon, a residential neighborhood and canyon in the eastern Pacific Palisades on the west side of Los Angeles, California. It has a warm, eclectic, and log cabin vibe with a fieldstone fireplace, rough-hewn ceiling beams, and concrete stucco. Complete with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, the rustic, two-story home was built in 1925.

Leanne explains that the decision to sell their home did not come easy: “I have to be honest, I’ve never felt as attached to a home as I have to this one — it’s a dream,” she says, describing how wonderful the neighborhood is, and the way it feels secluded in the woods. But they are now ready to move on.

“Expanded over the years, the cabin now measures 3,163 square feet and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Along with Ford’s trademark whitewash effect, it features beamed ceilings, hardwood and tile floors, cement stucco walls, skylights, two fireplaces, leaded glass windows, honed soapstone countertops, and new cabinetry.”

“I thought, I don’t want to fight this house; I want to go with it. It has storybook whimsy—the beautiful ivy on the brick, the magical old windows—that I couldn’t take away.”

Product Sources for Image Above: Pedestal Table: Crate & Barrel, Slipcovered Sofa: Crate & Barrel, Lighting: 36” Capiz Shell Pendant by Restoration Hardware,  Area Rugs: Crate & Barrel 

Log Cabin Living Room Ideas | Leanne Ford
Log Cabin Living Room Ideas | Leanne Ford

A Warm & Inviting Rustic Living Room Boasting a Stone Fireplace

One of the most unique areas of the home is the living room, which was an addition to the home. It was one of the original cottages from an invitation-only social club in Lake Arrowhead called The Uplifters, founded in 1913. “Walt Disney and Will Rogers had cocktails in this cabin!” she says. The living room features the original log walls and river-stone fireplace.

Cozy Rustic Living Room | Log Cabin Decorating Ideas
Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Whitewashed Ceiling Beams, Wood Floors and Rustic Stone Fireplace.

Whitewashed ceiling beams and peg-and-groove floors are complemented by unstained cabinets wrapped in honed soapstone.

Rustic Cabin Ideas
Rustic Cabin Ideas

Gorgeous Rustic Cabinets with Black Countertops

“I wanted the house to feel like your grooviest little hang-in the coolest secret restaurant at night, and in the daytime, a cottage somewhere in Europe.”

Rustic Bedroom Ideas | Leanne Ford Interior Design

Master Bedroom with Dramatic Stucco Walls

“In the master bedroom, I wanted the warmth of the original concrete stucco walls, but had no desire to paint the old stuff, so we just recoated it. At the same time, I was figuring out how to lighten up the beams throughout the house. First, I brought in a sandblaster, which, let’s just say, was a bad move—it took all the texture away. When my team didn’t tape off the beams, I ended up loving how the concrete mixture looked on the wood. So we used the leftover stucco on the beams. If I were in the English countryside and I saw this ceiling, I would think it was perfect. Why not enjoy it here in L.A.?”

Wood beams above a Canyon Arched Canopy Bed from Ford’s Crate & Barrel collection have been coated in stucco. Sleek and sheltering, this exclusive Canyon canopy arcs a modern sleep statement in black metal tubing. Solid metal bed rails launch the dramatic, barrel-shaped canopy with rods at the top for gauzy draping. 

Rustic Bathroom Design
Rustic Outdoor Area

Organic & Elegant Rustic Bathroom

“A massive renovation to the master bath just wasn’t necessary when I could create a livable space with easy fixes. The most major: a concrete skim coat. You don’t rip out the old tile, you put the finish directly on top – instant results.”

Creative Rustic Decorating Ideas

Face Drawings on the Wall to Add Character

The face drawings on the guest room collage wall is Leanne’s party trick: “If you come over for wine sometime, I’ll draw your portrait without looking down. I’ve always saved stuff—pages out of magazines, posters, letters, pictures—in this massive box that travels with me from house to house. I start by placing items close together, then work my way out so it feels full, using nails, pushpins, washi tape, you name it. A massive mood board magically hides a work-in-progress surface until you’re ready for a full paint or plaster job. Likewise, a little paint is a game-changer: I ripped up the old, dingy carpet and did a graphic checkerboard on the floor.”

Rustic Outdoor Dining Area
Log Cabin Rustic Outdoor Grotto

An Inviting & Welcoming Outdoor Oasis

Having achieved all her design goals for the home, she is ready to put her magic touch somewhere new. “Yes, it will be sad to leave this pretty house, but in the end what makes it our ‘forever home’ is a fluid thing,” she says.

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