31 Country Cottage Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Home

By Interior Designer TRACY SVENDSEN | Published on July 11, 2022 | Updated January 17, 2024

Country Cottage Decorating Ideas: There is something magical about a country cottage’s cozy, inviting vibe. With its rustic charm and quaint decor, it’s no wonder that so many people dream of creating a haven in the countryside.

But achieving that perfect country cottage style can be easier said than done. From choosing the right furniture to selecting the ideal accessories, there are many factors to consider when creating your cozy retreat. In this article, I’ll delve into the country cottage style and explore tips and tricks for achieving that perfect look. 

Whether starting from scratch or looking to update your existing decor, you will find some inspiration and ideas to help you create the cozy haven you’ve always dreamed of. Cottage-style homes are known for their cozy charm, casual comfort, and sense of warmth. 

This style is versatile and not limited to cottages in the English countryside. It’s a style that also goes hand in hand with rustic homes as it embraces the antique aesthetic that lovingly pairs the old with the new.

It’s easy to infuse your home with the quaint character of country cottage style by introducing moody and soft colors, natural textures, plush furniture, and chunky textures. The primary goal is to create a home that is inviting, homey, and reminiscent of decades past. 

These interiors provide the perfect setting for curling up with a cup of tea with their layered chintzy floral prints, lovely wallpaper patterns, bouquets of garden flowers, and a generous scattering of art.

Featured Interior Designer: Heidi Callier 

I’ve included the interior design work of Heidi Caillier in this post as her work showcases her design philosophy that homes should be comfortable and livable while at the same time beautiful and comfortable. If you are looking for an interior designer specializing in this field – look no further!

Her style mixes old with new, integrating textures and color, layered with pieces that feel traveled and have history. Heidi expertly combines vintage furniture and materials with raw and natural textures that balance this appreciation of color and pattern to create practical and effortless spaces. Her use of color and pattern throughout the spaces she creates is stunning. I hope you enjoy viewing a few of my favorite images of her gift for design.

Country Cottage Interior Design Style

Interior designer Heidi Caillier designed this guesthouse on a new project on Fox Island in Washington state. She created a brooding all-black kitchen, mismatched artisan bath tiles, and discordant florals and plaids that somehow blend into a perfect balance.

“I love the wallpaper in the dining room,” Caillier says of the Belfry Historic wallcovering. Initially, the living room, dining nook, and kitchen were designed as one giant great room. “These open concept spaces—I think they’re finally going out of vogue,” Caillier says. She introduced archways to give each area a distinct look and cozier feel. A pair of kitchen sconces glimpsed in the distance are also from Lumfardo. ~ Architectural Digest

What is Country Cottage Design?

Country cottage style is a design aesthetic that creates a warm and inviting home. This style is characterized by its use of natural materials, vintage accents, soft colors, and cozy textures. 

Natural materials often include wood, stone, and brick. The overall look is charming and inviting, focusing on comfort and simplicity. The style is often associated with traditional English and French country homes, but it can also be adapted to suit a variety of other design aesthetics.

One of the key elements of country cottage style is its emphasis on comfort. Furniture and decor are selected to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space, focusing on creating an environment that makes you feel at home. Whether creating a cozy retreat in the countryside or adding some rustic charm to your urban dwelling, country cottage design is a timeless and versatile choice.

Modern cottage style is an evolution of a modern farmhouse that incorporates many of the same design elements while embracing quaintness and charm. It reflects more of a country feel with traditional English elements while maintaining a similar casual feel that represents farmhouse design. 

Here are a few tips on achieving the Country Cottage Style of Design:

1. Use Soft and Muted Colors

One of the most essential elements of country cottage design is using soft, muted colors. These colors, such as pastel pinks, greens, and blues, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They bring in calmness and tranquility, essential for any cozy home.

Country Cottage Bedroom in Soft Muted Colors

2. Include Natural Materials

Another important element of the country cottage style is natural materials. These materials, such as wood, stone, and linen, help to create a sense of rustic charm. 

3. Incorporate Natural Elements 

Bringing the outdoors in is a key element of country cottage design. Use natural features like plants, flowers, and raw wood to add texture and warmth to your home.

Natural Materials in Design

4. Keep it simple

Country cottage homes are known for their simple and uncluttered design. Keep your decor minimal and focus on functional pieces that serve a purpose.

Country Cottage Dining Room Ideas

5. Mix in Plenty of Patterns & Textiles 

Traditional patterns such as toile, florals, plaids, gingham, and stripes add color, personality, and visual texture to a country cottage home. Here, mismatched patterns complement each other, creating a space that feels lived in and loved.  

Farmhouse Country Kitchen
Country Cottage Breakfast Nook

6. Vary the Scale

Patterns, like furniture, have different scales. The goal is to vary the scale (pattern size) while maintaining a consistent color palette. Mix large, medium, and small-scale designs to create balance and harmony. 

Blend both simple and complex patterns. A great place to start is with your throw pillows. You can also introduce patterns with area rugs, curtains, wallpaper, and accent chairs.

Country Cottage Design Style | Decorating Ideas
How to Decorate Country Cottage Style

7. Include Some Solid Prints

When decorating with multiple patterns, it’s essential to include some solids to give prints breathing room. Solid colors break up the lines and shapes of the pattern and prevent the space from looking too busy or overdone. Be sure to add plenty of throws and cozy quilts to the mix!

Choose a Few Solid Prints

8. Choose an Airy and Neutral Color Palette 

Focus first on one neutral, such as white, cream, or warm grays, then introduce bold accents. These light neutrals reflect the bright natural light that streams into country cottage rooms and provide the perfect backdrop to warm pastel hues such as greens, yellows, blues, and pinks.  

Country Kitchen Ideas

10. Fill Your Home with Fresh or Faux Flowers 

A beautiful bouquet of your garden favorites is the perfect finishing touch to bring the cottage look into your home.

Country Cottage Decorating Ideas
Country Cottage Decorating Ideas

11. Make the Most of Architectural Features