Farmhouse Chandelier Ideas

Looking for farmhouse chandelier ideas? A well-appointed farmhouse chandelier can instantly add a cozy and nostalgic feeling to your home. They serve as a statement piece while providing a warm ambiance and unique charm.

Whether it’s a simple pendant that provides a minimalist, modern touch or a show-stopping crystal fixture that exudes a regal elegance, a chandelier instantly catches the eye and sets a design tone. Modern farmhouse lighting combines vintage and modern with a neutral palette as the backdrop. This allows the raw materials, clean lines, and vintage accessories to stand out.

Farmhouse Chandelier Ideas | Rustic Wood Cage Chandelier
Farmhouse Chandelier Ideas | Rustic Wood Cage Chandelier

Rustic Wood Cage Chandelier

This beautiful grey-washed natural wood rustic pendant adds instant farmhouse charm to the living room, bedroom or over a kitchen island. I love the simplicity of this farmhouse chandelier with its wood frame and rustic metallic strap.

Farmhouse Candle Style Empire Chandelier

12-Light Candle Style Empire Chandelier

A designer’s favorite, this large and dramatic farmhouse chandelier creates a spectacular focal point to transform a dining room. It’s heavy and weight and would need to be installed by a professional electrician to ensure that it’s secure. It also gives off a lot of light, and so would work well with a dimmer.

Farmhouse Linear Chandelier

Farmhouse Linear Chandelier

Inspired by candle holders, this elegant chandelier is the perfect amalgamation of tradition, farmhouse elements and industrial feel. This is a piece that can be added to a living room or hung over a kitchen island.

Round Farmhouse Lantern Chandelier
Round Farmhouse Lantern Chandelier

Round Farmhouse Lantern Chandelier

Carved out of natural wood, this pendant is full of farmhouse and rustic charm charm. It has an open design that provides for ample and unhindered light.

The unique and simplistic design will take your farmhouse-style lodge or traditional cottage to new heights. The combination of distressed wood and hand-paint veneer creates the old-world charm that uplifts the ambiance with an understated elegance.

The metal of the stand is meticulously-crafted to add a unique rustic touch. The toughness of metal is balanced by the earthiness and softness of the wooden frame, with all the elements blending perfectly together.

Modern Gold Farmhouse Chandelier

Modern Gold Farmhouse Chandelier

This Rose Gold Geometric Chandelier represents beauty in a modern style. The contrasting colors of white and gold define this piece as a true classic. With the open frame design and a stylish physique, this fixture will have your space shining bright with fashionable flair. Perfect to be hung over a kitchen island or in your living room on its own or in multiples.

Rustic Kitchen Pendant

Rustic Kitchen Pendant

A farmhouse motif gives this simple, industrial pendant a rustic feel. Perfect for a foyer, or to be hung in multiples over a kitchen island. For a farmhouse setting needs a fresh look, curate a cohesive aesthetic in your home with several pieces from our farmhouse collection.

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