Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

Looking for rustic bathroom design ideas? Whether you plan to tackle a bathroom remodel or plan on a new bathroom design, pinning down your favorite style will help get your project off to a smooth start. Regardless if your style is traditional rustic, farmhouse, southwestern, western or modern rustic – read on to discover the key elements of each style.

This post features design tips on the following topics:

Design Elements of a Rustic Bathroom including rustic bathroom walls, rustic bathroom colors, free-standing statement bathtubs, stone fireplaces as a focal point and tips on how to layer texture and lighting.

Here we will also be covering:
Southwestern Bathroom Ideas
Western Bathroom Ideas
Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas
Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas

How do you make a bathroom rustic?

Rustic bathrooms embrace the beauty of the outdoors through the use of cozy textiles, natural materials, and organic accents. It’s the perfect place to incorporate natural stone floors, rough-hewn beams, wood cabinetry, earthy color palettes as well as materials with a patina (copper, natural wood & stone).

Rustic style is typically inspired by the past, but today’s interpretation leans toward the contemporary. Some of the elements that can be included in a rustic bathroom are:

– Open wood shelving

– Antique armoires

– Window treatments made from natural materials

– Rustic light fixtures

– Barn style doors

– Rustic pottery

– Layers of rustic textures (area rugs, wall art, woven baskets)

– Natural wood panels on walls

– A color scheme inspired by nature

– Weathered metals and organic shapes

– Farmhouse-style basin sinks

Design Elements of a Rustic Bathroom

Rustic Bathroom Walls

Wood walls are often used in rustic bathrooms to warm up the cool tones found in stone as well as to provide a reference to the outdoors. Wood can be used for beams, vanities, accessories and flooring as well as featured walls.

Natural stone is also a good option as a rustic wall treatment as it brings in texture and color. Fieldstone, soapstone, pebble tiles, and slate are all perfect choices as they are rich and earthy.

If walls are to be painted, opt for the warm hues found in nature. These soothing subdued hues make any space feel inviting. From shades of chocolate to warm grays, greens, and tans – these tones bring in warmth, comfort, and rustic elegance.

Rustic Bathroom Walls | Rustic Bathroom Color Ideas

A Warm and Inviting Rustic Master Bathroom
Image Courtesy of: Houzz

This striking modern rustic master bathroom was designed by ARCHITEM Wolf Shapiro Kuskowski Architects. It’s a great example how wood siding can have a dramatic impact on the design aesthetic of a bathroom. The black tiles in the shower and the rustic wood counter top add contrast and depth.

Rustic Bathroom Walls Ideas
Rustic Bathroom Walls Ideas

Rustic Bathrooms Photographed by Julie Soefer
Image Courtesy of: Julie Soefer Photography

Rustic Bathroom Ideas

A Stunning Rustic Bathroom Designed by Jake Arnold
Image Courtesy of: Architectural Digest

This striking rustic bathroom was designed by Jake Arnold for actor Aaron Paul and his wife.  This rustic chic getaway is located in Idaho on the shores of a pristine glacial lake.  He and his wife would build their mountain dream pad from scratch, calling in Pearson Design Group, out of Bozeman, Montana, to create the log-clad, cabin-style home and the Los Angeles–based Jake Arnold, who has a client list that includes Rashida Jones and Julianne Hough, for the interiors.

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas: Layering in the Lighting

Lighting in a bathroom should be layered to include ambient lighting, task lighting as well as accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the ‘foundation’ lighting that casts broad, general illumination to the largest area possible. Focused task lighting is essential for grooming and should cast no shadows on the face. Accent lighting throws illumination on focal points in the bathroom that you want to capture attention.

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Rustic Bathroom with Reclaimed Pine
Image courtesy of: Cushman Design

This bathroom vanity in a home’s guest suite is made of reclaimed pine with a Vermont Danby marble counter. The surrounding wall is built using reclaimed timbers to resemble an Appalachian log home with an authentically rustic comfort. The “chinking” in between the timbers was done by mason Dave Osgood using a hand mix of masonry mortar. General contractor Steel Construction’s team of finish carpenters did extraordinary work to precisely recess the back splash into the reclaimed timbers.

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas: Rustic Bathroom Colors

The colors used in a rustic bathroom echo the hues of natural materials such as warm woods, stone, and earth-tone paint colors that provide a cozy feel to the space. Good color choices for rustic bathrooms include neutrals, (buttermilk, cream, straw, wheat, stone), earth tones (terra cotta, chestnut, mushroom, warm greens), and spicy hues (pumpkin, saffron, cinnamon, chile-pepper, and baked apple).

Neutral Country Bathroom with Industrial Shower

Neutral Country Bathroom with Industrial Window Shower
Image courtesy of: LuxeSource

Travertine tiles, from Tile Art of Durango, give the floor and shower walls of this master bath an organic feel. The glass-and-aluminum shower door was custom made to look like an industrial window. The Currey & Company chandelier was found at Light Art of Durango.

Julianne Hough's Relaxed Bathroom in Her LA Home

Julianne Hough’s Relaxed Bathroom in Her LA Home
Image Courtesy of: Jake Arnold

Natural wood and exposed brick contrast beautifully with crisp white in this bathroom designed by Jake Arnold.

The rustic bathrooms above have a similar color scheme with white walls acting as a contrast to the warm honey tones of the wood. This provides the perfect opportunity to adds pops of vibrant red and orange to the space. White walls in a bathroom keep the look light and fresh.

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas: Layering in Texture

The addition of texture is important in all rooms in the home, including the bathroom. Texture adds definition and depth to the overall design and can be achieved in numerous ways including area rugs, specialty tiles, decorative curtains and drapes and woven baskets.

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

A Rustic Bathroom with Stone Countertop
Image courtesy of: Locati Architects

Here’s an example of how to add color, texture and pattern to a bathroom through the use of wall paper. This well-designed bathroom has a rustic cabinet with open shelves for towel display, a thick slab of stone as a counter top and a sheepskin rug on the floor to add softness.

Rustic Bathrooms with Free Standing Tubs

Bathtubs are one of the most basic staples of the bathroom, and a free-standing bathtub is a natural choice for a centerpiece in rustic bathrooms. A gorgeous soaking tub provides the ultimate relaxation after a long day and provides a lovely focal point in your bathroom. Most statement tubs are done in classic white acrylic, but it’s easy to change the color up by adding a deep copper tub for additional warmth and beauty. Free Standing tubs allow you to make the most of beautiful views as you can centralize the room and place the tub under a skylight or against a window.

Rustic Bathrooms with Copper Tubs

Free Standing Large Bronze Tub
Image courtesy of: Aaron Fine Architectural Photography

The stone wall in the background provides a stunning backdrop for this bronze freestanding bathtub.

Copper Tubs in Rustic Bathrooms

Free Standing Copper Tub
Image courtesy of: Appalachian Antique Hardwoods

This cozy bathroom has faded weatherplank barnwood walls, reclaimed window trim, Pioneer Oak Flooring and a large copper tub.

Rustic Bathrooms with Stone Fireplaces

A fireplace can provide the ultimate bathroom experience adding warmth and ambiance. Nothing says luxury like a cozy stone fireplace that provides a soft glow while you lounge in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. Realtors have long known that a well-designed bathroom adds a significant boost to a home’s resale value, and fireplaces are a sought-after feature.

Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Master Bathroom in Big Springs at Tahoe
Image courtesy of: High Camp Homes

The master bathroom in this home comes complete with a copper tub, chandelier, fireplace and waterfall.

Rustic Bathroom with Stone Fireplace

Romantic Rustic Master Bathroom with Soaker Tub
Image courtesy of: Pinterest

A romantic rustic master bathroom with warm ambient lighting, stone fireplace and a jacuzzi tub.

Rustic Bathroom with Fireplace

Rustic Bathroom with White Free-Standing Tub
Image courtesy of: Peace Design Group

Bathrooms with stone walls add texture, color and pattern to the space.

Rustic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

A Bathroom in a Handcrafted Log Home with a A Stone Feature Wall
Image courtesy of: Peace Design Group

Southwestern Bathroom Ideas

A well-designed Southwestern bathroom may include natural elements, bold or subtle hues of the desert, and feature expressive art pieces. A few elements of southwestern bathrooms are terracotta mosaic floor tiling, rustic vanities, and southwest textiles. This style takes its cues from a centuries-old mix of cultures that make it vibrant and unique. Adding unique tiles to the walls provides the opportunity to add a splash of color. Native American pottery and area rugs along with potted cactus and free-standing shelves infuse the space with rich character.

Southwestern Bathroom Ideas

Layered Lighting in a Southwestern Bathroom Design
Image courtesy of: Western Montana Lighting

Southwestern Bathroom Ideas

Sophisticated & Timeless Southwestern Bathroom
Image courtesy of: Susie Hersker Interior Design

Rich woods, natural stone, artisan lighting, and plenty of custom finishes (such as the cut-out mirror) gave this home a strong character. The lighting and textiles were kept soft to ensure a welcoming ambiance.

Rustic Southwest Bathroom

Rustic Southwestern Bathroom Walls
Image courtesy of: Sustainable Lumber Company

A Southwestern bathroom with reclaimed wood panelling, rough hewn open cabinet and an earth-toned Southwest rug.

Southwestern Bathroom Ideas

Timeless Bathroom in a Desert Contemporary Home
Image courtesy of: Susie Hersker Interior Design

Another southwestern bathroom designed by Susie Hersker Design of Design Directives LLC, located in Arizona.

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

A farmhouse bathroom can be achieved by adding a statement sink, cozy linens, and earthy colors. A few elements of farmhouse bathrooms are muted wood flooring, rustic cabinets, traditional wood beams, fusing the old with the new, and mixing clean lines with natural textures. Farmhouse-style sinks make a statement while adding old-world charm. Textured linen – from window treatments to shower curtains also completes the look.

Rustic Master Bathroom Ideas

A Stunning Rustic Master Bedroom with Ensuite
Image courtesy of: Pearson Design Group

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse Master Bathroom in a Suburban Los Angeles Residence
Image courtesy of: Leanne Ford

This striking rustic master bathroom, designed by Leanne Ford, has rustic sliding barn doors, handmade tile and a concrete bathtub. The tub, as well as the matching Morro Sinks, are handcrafted of a breakthrough combination of natural jute fiber and cement known as NativeStone. The warm wood and rich textures contrast beautifully with the white bathroom paint. Ornaments have been kept neutral and minimal and include patterned towels and cushions, rustic wooden stools and dried flowers.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas

A Neutral Rustic Bathroom with Rough Hewn Beams
Image courtesy of: Architectural Digest

In the master bath of a Martha’s Vineyard home designed by architect Mark Hutker and decorator Kathleen Walsh, Lacava basins are paired with Waterworks sink fittings; the shower is lined with Exquisite Surfaces tile.

Large Rustic Bathroom Ideas

An Eclectic Farmhouse Bathroom with Plenty of Character
Image courtesy of: Locati Architects

Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Modern rustic bathrooms seamlessly blend the old with the new and can include galvanized metal, rough stone, reclaimed wood and cast iron accessories.

Rustic Bathroom Walls

Modern Rustic Bathroom 
Image courtesy of: Locati Architects

Rustic Bathroom Walls

Modern Rustic Bathroom 
Image courtesy of: Locati Architects

Modern Rustic Bathroom

Modern Rustic Bathroom
Image courtesy of: Locati Architects

Modern Rustic Bathroom

Modern Rustic Bathroom
Image courtesy of: Bria Hammel Interiors

Western Bathroom Ideas

Western-style decorating originates where farming and ranching were historically prevalent. This style embraces natural materials such as wood and stone along with a broad range of earth-tone colors. Western bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, dispensers, and containers for toiletries can be purchased with traditional western motifs. Framed wall art featuring western wildlife or ranches is the perfect finishing touch.

Western Bathroom Ideas

Western Bathroom with Dark Finishes
Image courtesy of: Pinnacle Mountain Homes

This stately and masculine rustic master bedroom sets the tone for ranch-style life.  To create a warmer, western feel one could simply add a area rug runner with a southwestern or western motif.

How to Create a Rustic Spa-Like Bathroom

BuyerSelect has an extensive guide on how to create a spa-like bathroom that includes the following tips:

1 Mix in Nature 

Add lush greenery to create a tranquil setting such displaying potted plants on counters, ledges, and on the floor, as well as hanging plants from the ceiling.

2 Use Calming Colors 

Neutral colors such as white, beige, or soft greys and browns work well in defining a space to relax

3 Get Creative with Storage 

Have you ever been to a spa and noticed how everything a guest may need is organized? From toiletries to towels, spas have a way of laying everything out so it looks decadent. A large silver tray becomes an elegant solution to display lotions, perfume, and other toiletries. Lovely glass jars are the perfect way to store cotton balls, cue tips, and sponges. Wicker baskets placed on counters or on the floor provide an extra storage place for hand towels. Tiered trays on a vanity counter add elegance and provide an area for holding hand soap and lotions.

4 Surround Yourself in Softness 

Be sure to add sumptuous towels, luxurious bath mats, cozy robes, and fluffy slippers. Nothing says spa quite like a fresh stack of plush towels placed over a towel bar, rolled in baskets, or stacked neatly on a shelf.

5 Think of Your Plumbing Fixtures as Jewelry 

The tub, show, toilet, and sink should be chosen carefully as they are typically the main event in a bathroom

6 Lay Down a Cedar or Teak Bath Mat 

A simple cedar bath mat effortlessly creates a spa-like feel to your bathroom. It’s an elegant and modern solution that instantly creates the feeling of spending a day at the spa. Cedar is a perfect choice because it’s an affordable water-resistant wood. Teak is also a great choice if your budget allows for it.

7 Add a Wood Bathtub Tray 

A bathtub tray adds instant luxury and provides the perfect place for a glass of wine, a soothing tea, as well as a book, loofah and bath accessories.

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