Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Bring Rustic Charm to Your Bedroom with These Farmhouse Design Ideas

By Interior Designer, Tracy Svendsen | Updated November 25, 2023

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas: Step into a world of timeless elegance and cozy simplicity with these farmhouse design ideas for your bedroom. In recent years, modern farmhouse style has become increasingly popular. Harnessing country elements with a contemporary spin, modern farmhouse decor blends clean lines, neutral color palettes, layered textures, and natural materials to create a timeless look bursting with character.

Incorporating rustic charm into your sleep sanctuary can create a warm, inviting space that promotes relaxation and tranquility. With a focus on natural materials, muted color palettes, and vintage-inspired decor, farmhouse design embraces the beauty of imperfections and celebrates the simplicity of rural living. Exposed wooden beams, white walls, throw pillows, weathered furniture, and soft linens contribute to the allure, while thoughtful accents like mason jar lighting and distressed finishes add an authentic touch.

This article will explore various farmhouse design ideas to help you create a charming, well-designed bedroom. From choosing the right color scheme to incorporating farmhouse-inspired furniture and accessories, we’ll guide you through transforming your bedroom into a cozy farmhouse bedroom or guest bedroom that exudes rustic elegance. Get ready to surround yourself with the timeless appeal of farmhouse design and bring a touch of country living to your bedroom. 

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Designed by Shea McGee
Image courtesy of McGee & Co

What is Farmhouse Design?

Farmhouse design is a style that embraces the simplicity and charm of rural living. It draws inspiration from traditional farmhouses and country cottages, incorporating natural materials, vintage elements, and a muted color palette. The goal is to create a warm, inviting, and effortlessly cozy space.

Farmhouse design celebrates imperfections and embraces the beauty of aged and weathered surfaces. It’s a style that exudes a sense of nostalgia and brings a touch of rustic charm to any home. Farmhouse design can help create a serene and peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom, whether in the countryside or a bustling city.

Farmhouse design incorporates natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal. Common elements in farmhouse bedrooms are exposed wooden beams, reclaimed barn wood floors, and stone accents. These materials add texture and visual interest, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Select furniture and decor for their time-worn appearance, with distressed finishes and vintage-inspired details. Soft linens, cozy throw blankets, and plush pillows are a great way to add comfort and a touch of luxury to a farmhouse style bedroom. A warm and inviting sleep space with white shiplap walls, wooden headboards, neutral tones, and vintage furnishings is the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

“Though there can be some fluidity in forms, farmhouse style is generally separated into two distinct design aesthetics: traditional farmhouses and modern farmhouses. The classic farmhouse look—also known as a traditional farmhouse—is often defined by a more rustic country style, often making use of vintage furniture or familiar patterns like plaid.” – Architectural Digest

Farmhouse Primary Bedroom Ideas

Image courtesy of Jaimee Rose Interiors

Graceful lines and a warm elegance embody this newest collaboration between the famed team Two Hawks Design & Development and Jaimee Rose Interiors. Completed in April 2019, this home’s timeless aesthetic and comfortable living spaces are what life in Arcadia proper is about. Carefully curated finishes like hand-painted wood beams, generous marble countertops, and lighting fixtures embellish each room to give the spaces their unique look.

This warm and inviting bedroom exemplifies a well-executed and harmonious design. It also shows how effective it can be to start the design of any room with a stunning piece of artwork.  This is a technique that many interior designers use to create a cohesive feel for the space. 

You can see that the designer has pulled the warm golden shades into the headboard and loveseat at the foot of the bed and the grey tones into the rugs, accent chairs, and nightstands.  The throw pillows and the wicker table reflect the deep ochre shades. The black framing around the windows adds contrast.  Here, you see a beautiful interplay between pattern and texture – instantly creating a warm and cozy place to relax.

Elements of Farmhouse Bedrooms

1. Neutral Colors

The color palette is an important aspect of farmhouse design. Muted tones and neutral colors create a calm, soothing environment reminiscent of the countryside. Shades of white, cream, beige, and gray provide a neutral backdrop that allows the natural materials and textures to shine. Soft pastel hues, such as light blue or pale green, can also be incorporated to add a touch of color and create a serene ambiance.

Great shades for farmhouse bedrooms are:

Warm neutrals: buttermilk, camel, cream, straw, and wheat

Cool neutrals: grey, greige, khaki, and stone

Natural blues and greens: duck-egg blue, robin-egg blue, Wedgwood blue, and sage green

Spicy hues: cinnamon, saffron, pumpkin, and mustard

Earth toneschestnut, mushroom, umber, sepia, and terracotta

Farmhouse Primary Bedroom

Farmhouse Primary Bedroom
Image courtesy of Arhaus Furniture & Decor

2. Industrial Accents

Industrial accents can add a touch of sophistication and visual interest to a farmhouse bedroom. Raw and hard finishes are common in industrial design, and when paired with vintage wall signs and delicate textiles, they create a beautiful contrast in a rustic setting.

For a farmhouse bedroom, consider wrought iron accents, such as a chandelier or wall sconces, to add a touch of elegance and charm. Metal-framed mirrors, exposed pipes, and vintage industrial lighting fixtures can also help achieve the industrial farmhouse look.

3. Furniture and Decor for a Farmhouse Bedroom

When it comes to furniture and decor, farmhouse design embraces a mix of old and new. Weathered wood furniture with a distressed finish adds a rustic touch. Vintage-inspired pieces, such as an antique bed frame or a vintage dresser, can help create a sense of nostalgia.

Wrought iron accents, such as a chandelier or wall sconces, add a touch of elegance and charm. Natural materials, such as rattan or wicker, can be used for chairs or baskets to add texture and visual interest.

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Image courtesy of  Blooming DIY-er

These images show the subtle difference that bedding can make in a bedroom.  Both have a neutral palette, with the bedroom on the left bringing in warmer tones.

4. Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is a popular element in farmhouse design. It adds a raw, natural texture to the space and can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Exposed brick walls work particularly well in bedrooms with a rustic or industrial aesthetic.

The brick can be left in its natural state or painted in a neutral color to blend in with the rest of the room. You can also use brick veneer panels to achieve the look without the expense and difficulty of installing traditional brick. 

5. Layers of Linen

Linen is a perfect choice for a farmhouse bedroom. Lightly textured and irresistibly soft, there is a lot to love with the lived-in look of linen. It’s also available in gorgeous and subtle earth-tone hues. Mix solid-colored linen bedding with stripes and check for a designer look.

Linen Farmhouse Bedding

Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen 

Woven from the world’s finest Belgian flax, this linen bedding is prewashed for incredible softness – and only gets better with time. Lightly textured and cool to the touch, this natural fiber fabric is prized for its durability, breathability, and lived-in look.

How to Decorate a Farmhouse Bedroom

Warm & Inviting Farmhouse Primary Bedroom
Image courtesy of Arhaus Furniture & Decor

6. Play with Textures

Farmhouse bedrooms should have plenty of texture in not only textiles but in furniture and accessories as well. Be sure to include natural fiber rugs, cozy knitted blankets, and faux fur pillows. Wicker and rattan complement this design aesthetic, and a few beautiful baskets or rattan accent chairs add warmth and charm.

7. Soft Lighting

Soft lighting is essential in creating a cozy and welcoming farmhouse bedroom. It can help set the mood for relaxation and promote restful sleep. Incorporating warm, ambient lighting can help create a peaceful ambiance that complements farmhouse design’s natural materials and rustic charm.

Use mason jar lighting fixtures, vintage-inspired lamps, or string lights to add a soft glow to your bedroom. Layering different lighting sources, such as table lamps, floor lamps, and overhead fixtures, can also help achieve a balanced and comfortable lighting scheme.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Image courtesy of Pinterest

A farmhouse bedroom with a gorgeous interplay of color, texture, and pattern, balancing white, black, and golden-brown hues. Unlike traditional farmhouse bedrooms, it has an earthy, vibrant, and eclectic vibe.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Image courtesy of Jaimee Rose Interiors

Another modern farmhouse bedroom with layers upon layers of texture.  The use of black in this room grounds the space and contrasts perfectly with the wood floors, chunky throw, and textural pendant lighting.

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas by Joanna Gaines

Image courtesy of Joanna Gaines

A serene bedroom designed by Joanna Gaines that combines neutral tones with hues of soft bluish-grey. A bit of greenery brings the outside and in, adding an organic feel.

8. Mixed Metals

Mixing metals in a farmhouse bedroom can add a touch of elegance and sophistication while still maintaining the rustic charm of the space. Choosing the right balance is essential to create a cohesive look when mixing metals.

Combining warm metals, such as copper or brass, with cool metals, like silver or chrome, can create a beautiful contrast and add visual interest to the room. Consider adding metallic accents through light fixtures, curtain rods, picture frames, or decorative items like vases or candle holders. Mixing metals can add a modern twist to the traditional farmhouse style, creating a unique and stylish look.

Joanna Gaines Bedroom Design
Joanna Gaines Bedroom Design

Image courtesy of Joanna Gaines

9.  Greenery & Branches

Adding greenery and branches to farmhouse bedrooms can bring a touch of nature and freshness to your sleep sanctuary. In farmhouse design, natural elements are important in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Incorporating plants and branches into your bedroom adds texture, color, and a sense of tranquility to the space.

One way to add greenery to your farmhouse bedroom is to place potted plants on your windowsill or bedside table. Succulents, ferns, and other low-maintenance plants can thrive in bedrooms with natural light and moderate temperatures. Hanging plants can also be a great option, adding visual interest and drawing the eye upward.

Another way to incorporate natural elements into your farmhouse bedroom is to use branches as decor. Display branches in a vase or hung on the wall, adding texture and a touch of rustic charm to the space. Birch branches, for example, can be used to create a unique headboard or to frame a mirror.

Incorporating greenery and branches into your farmhouse bedroom is an easy and affordable way to create a cozy and inviting space. Whether you prefer potted plants or natural branches, adding a touch of nature to your decor can help you create a serene and peaceful environment.

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Bedroom

Image courtesy of Liz Marie Blog

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Image courtesy of Thistlewood Farms

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Image courtesy of Love Grows Wild Blog

Cozy Farmhouse Bedroom

Image courtesy of Liz Marie Blog

Cozy Farmhouse Bedroom

Image courtesy of She Gave it a Go Blog

10.  Reclaimed Objects

Using reclaimed objects in a farmhouse bedroom can add character and warmth to the space. Repurposing old doors, windows, and barn wood can create a rustic and vintage feel. Vintage suitcases can be used as unique nightstands, while old ladders can be transformed into stylish storage solutions.

A reclaimed wood headboard or bedside table can add a touch of natural beauty and texture to the space. Add beaten-up wood boxes, glass vessels, and favorite flea market finds. The possibilities are endless for incorporating reclaimed objects into your farmhouse bedroom design.

11.  Embrace Imperfections

Reclaimed objects add character and authenticity to your farmhouse bedroom. Whether it’s vintage furniture, antique decor, or salvaged architectural elements, incorporating reclaimed objects can help create a sense of history and nostalgia.

Not only is it a sustainable choice, but it also adds a unique touch to your space. A rustic wooden headboard made from reclaimed barn wood or a vintage ladder used as a rack for blankets are just a few examples of how you can use recycled objects to bring a touch of farmhouse charm to your bedroom.

12.  Shiplap

Shiplap is a mainstay in farmhouse design. While it has plenty of traditional looks and uses, shiplap is getting a makeover as contemporary designers learn to capitalize on its clean lines to enhance a variety of interiors.

Shiplap walls can add texture and depth to a room while creating a warm, inviting space perfect for a cozy bedroom. Whether you paint the shiplap walls in a neutral color or leave them natural, they will surely add character and charm to your farmhouse bedroom.

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

Image courtesy of: Wilshire Collections

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

Image courtesy of: the DIY Mommy

13.  Farmhouse Bedding

Your bed is the focal point of your room, and choosing the right bedding set that reflects your style is an important decision. Traditional farmhouse bedding can instantly make any room feel warm and cozy. Vintage farmhouse bedding includes white sets (often with lace trim), florals, gingham, checks, plaids, and stripes.

As with any bedroom, it’s important to pile on plenty of layers to the bed. Layering is essential in farmhouse design. Drape a quilt or throw blanket at the foot of the bed and a soft sheepskin rug on the floor. Quilts and coverlets also add plush comfort and provide a cozy touch to the bedroom.

Decorative pillows are arguably the easiest way to transform the bedroom. Compliment the bedding with soft pillows for additional texture and pattern.

What Makes a Bedroom Farmhouse?

A farmhouse bedroom uses the same elements as farmhouse decor found in the rest of the house to create a soothing sanctuary where owners or visitors can relax and refresh. The idea is that the bedroom should look like it’s from a farmhouse, whether that’s a cozy Victorian in the Canadian prairies or a centuries-old estate in France.

Therefore, authenticity is vital. You want a farmhouse bedroom to look inviting and feel comfortable. The same things that make a farmhouse living room so appealing and distinctive make a farmhouse bedroom easily identifiable: rustic elements, natural surfaces and textiles, layered pieces, and neutral palettes. When creating a farmhouse bedroom, shoot for that perfect blend of practicality and sophistication that is the hallmark of today’s decor.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas | Upstate Farmhouse Bedroom
Image courtesy of Chango & Co

The Appeal of Farmhouse Design in Bedrooms

Farmhouse design has a timeless appeal, making it a popular bedroom choice. The cozy and inviting atmosphere promotes relaxation and a sense of tranquility, making it the perfect style for a sleep sanctuary.

Using natural materials and muted color palettes in farmhouse design helps create a calming and soothing environment conducive to a good night’s sleep. The rustic charm of farmhouse design adds character and personality to the bedroom, making it a space that feels warm, welcoming, and lived-in.

One of the key appeals of farmhouse design in bedrooms is its versatility. Whether you prefer a more traditional farmhouse look or a more modern interpretation, farmhouse design can suit your style. It can be rustic and cozy, with weathered furniture and vintage accessories, or sleek and contemporary, with clean lines and minimalistic decor. The beauty of farmhouse design is that it can be adapted to fit any bedroom style, from traditional to eclectic to industrial.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas | Modern Farmhouse Design
Image courtesy of Amber Interiors

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Ideas

Shabby chic and farmhouse decor have a lot of overlapping areas. Shabby chic uses more rustic or vintage pieces with whimsy and romance. You’ll often find more of a monochromatic or pastel palette in shabby chic farmhouses.

What items should you look for to add more shabby chic style to your farmhouse?

  • Genuine farm elements, such as milk jugs, wine crates, and wire baskets, can be repurposed for new tasks.
  • Furniture and accessories with distressed finishes
  • Rosemaling, stenciling, and other hand-painted designs
  • Vintage linens like tea towels, quilts, and pillowcases
  • Florals, leaves, and branch patterns
  • Whimsical antiques, such as old clocks, apothecary shelving, and birdhouses
  • Mismatched dishware and glassware collected over time
Farmhouse Ideas

Image courtesy of: Home Sweet Lake House

Farmhouse Ideas

Image courtesy of: Bridgeway Designs

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

If your farmhouse bedroom leans toward the modern side, as with chic farmhouse decor, your goal is to retain the warmth you get with traditional farmhouse design while keeping the space fresh and contemporary. Remember, all your pieces don’t have to be from the same period; mixing and matching from different eras will give your bedroom a sophisticated, eclectic feel you don’t find in furniture showrooms.

Follow these tips to achieve a modern farmhouse bedroom:

  • Maintain a mix of rectilinear and curved furnishings to keep the lines from getting too harsh.
  • Use warm, natural elements where surfaces are the barest for a less sterile feel.
  • Add prairie industrial furniture or accessories for a modern touch with a rustic feel.
  • Blend contemporary art with more traditional furnishings.
  • Keep window treatments simple but warm.
  • Use lighting to add modernity in small amounts.
  • Look for lines and aesthetics that work well together, such as Shaker and mid-century modern pieces, regardless of their origins.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Sophisticated & Elegant Farmhouse Bedroom
Image courtesy of Kara Childress Interior Atelier

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

A rustic farmhouse bedroom is a great place to put items straight from the antique or vintage store. Look for furnishings that use natural materials like woven baskets, wooden bed frames, and burlap pillow covers.

Old metal beds are also perfect for this look, especially with an antique quilt. Here’s a list of other rustic farmhouse bedroom ideas to explore:

  • Candelabra-style or antler overhead lighting fixtures
  • Shiplap walls
  • Bare wood beams and rafters
  • Hand-loomed or hooked rugs
  • Botanical prints or Audubon-style artwork
  • In-bedroom wall sink or washstand with jug and basin
  • Reclaimed barn doors
  • Nontraditional repurposings, like using a branch as a curtain rod, a ladder as a blanket rack, or a birdbath as a table pedestal
  • Non-matching nightstands and bedside lamps

Farmhouse Primary Bedroom Ideas

More and more these days, people are discovering their primary bedroom is their place of choice when they want to hang out, even when they’re not sleeping. Using fundamental design concepts, you can turn your farmhouse primary bedroom into a welcome respite from the world.

First, divide the room into zones. The bigger the space, the more freedom you have to spread out and create separate areas for different activities. You will love having a sitting area for conversations over morning coffee. A bench or settee at the foot of the bed is handy for putting on shoes or housing a small pet’s bed. Likewise, you can arrange spots for putting on makeup, knitting, sketching, reading, letter writing, or simply enjoying a fire on a chilly night.

Speaking of fires, a farmhouse primary bedroom calls out for a fireplace, so make sure you add one, even if it’s an electric wood-burning stove-style unit. You could add a little coffee bar or wine bar, so you don’t have to travel to the kitchen when you want refreshments.

If you spend a lot of time in your primary bedroom, you may want a television. That’s understandable, but rather than having an electronic screen dominating the room, think about hanging a picture frame TV that looks like a piece of art when not in use or hiding it in an antique armoire-turned-entertainment-center.

Since the primary bedroom is a personal space, the wall opposite the head of the bed and the ceiling above the bed are two areas you spend the most time looking at. Therefore, make the most of these surfaces. If you have an accent wall of reclaimed lumber or old brick, that’s where to put it.

Think about adding beautiful wooden beams or shiplap to the ceiling. You could even commission someone to paint a nature scene there. Avoid bright hues in the bedroom to create a more restful environment. Use soft pastels or faded ocean colors if beige and grey aren’t your cup of tea.

Shades of white and cream layered on each other are gorgeous in a bedroom, too. Remember to put all the bedroom lights on dimmer switches. Add small accent lamps for low lighting and group jars of candles together for a more cozy and fragrant atmosphere at night or on rainy days.

Primary Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Primary Farmhouse Bedroom
Image courtesy of Kara Childress Interior Atelier

Farmhouse Bedroom on a Budget

One of the best things about farmhouse style is that it can be very budget-friendly. If you scour antique and vintage shops for finds, you’ll discover bargains no one else will have. Other budget ideas include:

  • Use old barn doors or wooden shutters as a headboard.
  • Turn small dressers into nightstands with tons of storage.
  • Make artwork from family photographs, old maps, or vintage nautical charts.
  • Bring garden items indoors for benches, side tables, and reading chairs.
  • Buy vintage bedding.
  • Reuse the frames from ugly old thrift shop art.
  • Hide ugly overhead light fixtures or bare bulbs with chandelier-style cover kits.
  • Convert industrial-style pantry shelving into spaces for books and mementos.
  • Make a picture gallery wall or hang a beautiful blanket for an accent.
  • Stack old chests or suitcases for interest that doubles as storage.
  • Mix reproductions of antique furniture and accessories with the real deal.
  • Invest your money where you’ll appreciate it the most, such as a quality bed and luxurious pillows.

Farmhouse Bedroom Colors

Keep bedrooms soothing by using a muted color palette, which reflects the home’s palette in general. Since farmhouse style incorporates many natural elements, it’s easy to follow nature with wood tones, soft sage green, and the pale greys of river rocks.

You should pick a color scheme you like and won’t tire of for your bedroom since you spend so much time there. If you’re worried, you’ll get bored with it, use ivory as a base, for example, and rotate accessory colors, like pillows and duvets, with the seasons.

Finally, using different color combinations for each bedroom can be fun, particularly if you have a few guest rooms. Each will look distinctive and unique, which is fun when you have company overnight. Try pale celadon, washed pink, or faded robin’s egg blue if you want an alternative to neutrals. Add lots of natural wood and stone; you’ll have the perfect combination to lull visitors into a beautiful sleep.

Farmhouse Decorating Tips

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas | Modern Farmhouse Bedroom with Cozy Textures
Image courtesy of McGee & Co

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas: Conclusion

 If you’re looking for inspiration for your farmhouse bedroom, look no further than real homes that have embraced this timeless design style. Take cues from farmhouse enthusiasts who have transformed their bedrooms into havens of rustic charm and elegance. Browse online platforms like Pinterest or Instagram to discover many farmhouse bedroom ideas and see how others have incorporated farmhouse design elements into their spaces.

Pay attention to these real homes’ color schemes, furniture choices, and decorative accents. Notice how textures and patterns are layered to create depth and visual interest. Take inspiration from the unique ways these homeowners have personalized their farmhouse bedrooms, whether through DIY projects, vintage finds, or sentimental decor pieces. Let these real-life examples inspire you to create a farmhouse bedroom that reflects your personality and style.

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