Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Modern farmhouse bedroom ideas: If you’re thinking of giving your bedroom a new look, why not try the modern farmhouse style? This clean and classic look emphasizes a homey feel with contemporary touches. Add some relaxing vibes to your space with airy visuals for the modern minimalist aesthetic. Here you’ll find tips on romantic farmhouse bedrooms, cozy farmhouse bedrooms, farmhouse master bedroom ideas, and farmhouse bedding ideas

Unlike many design trends, the farmhouse aesthetic never seems to fall out of fashion with its cozy textures and an eclectic mixture of furniture. With an increasing number of interior designers turning to this trend this season, what better place to start than in the bedroom? Discover modern farmhouse bedroom ideas perfect for sprucing up the largest bedroom in the home or a guest bedroom or cottage.

What’s a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom?

Simply stated, this room ticks all the boxes of a modern farmhouse in the calmest room of your home. Comfort is everything! The style is characterized by welcoming whites, a penchant for wood, and folksy accents. Reused or repurposed furniture lends a country feel and timeless quality to your restful space. Between classic patterns, clean lines, and light colors, peace and quiet set the tone.

The bed is the focal point of modern farmhouse bedrooms, whether you prefer a vintage metal frame or a more fanciful headboard. Antique wooden benches, trunks, or footstools are the perfect accompaniment for an ample, elevated bed complete with light or white bedding. Add tasteful decor like woven baskets, shiny accent pieces, or fresh-cut flowers for the finishing touches.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom
Photo Courtesy of: Chango & Co

I love this gorgeous farmhouse bedroom designed by Chango & Co.  It has a farmhouse style bed with dramatic black and white bedding.  The room is made cozy through the use of exposed wooden beams, rustic fireplace, large textured rug and leather.

What’s Farmhouse Modern Style?

Often known as a modern farmhouse, this style revamps a previous iteration. The modern farmhouse is rooted in earlier generations of rural Americana. The practicality of this unassuming style has earned a special place in our hearts and design sensibilities. The upshot is a farmhouse-style from humble beginnings paired with sleek and streamlined design accents.

Farmhouse modern takes its cues from the original with an emphasis on everyday essentials. Predominantly light colors, wooden furniture, and provincial accents draw from the original inspiration. Glossy materials like glass or ceramic infuse a country classic with contemporary glam for a modern take on old-world charm.

“To get the modern farmhouse look, take the natural elements of farmhouse style and add clean lines, modern home accents and a neutral color palette. Give your home the relaxed, comfortable touches of a farmhouse with a cool, contemporary vibe.” – LivingSpaces

Neutral Modern Farmhouse Bedroom | Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Neutral Modern Farmhouse Bedroom
Photo Courtesy of: LRWoehler & Associates

This elegant and sophisticated farmhouse bedroom was designed by LRWoehler & Associates.  It achieves balance between light wood floors, white walls, black detailing and sumptuous bedding.

What’s the Difference Between Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse?

Have you ever heard the adage, “The devil is in the details?” It’s especially true where design is concerned. In classic farmhouse style, form follows function more often than not. The materials and resulting design stem from farmhouse relics across the country. Visual elements like wood and wooden accents, porcelain sinks, or traditional fabrics like subtle florals define the look.

Modern farmhouse style is steeped in the same aesthetics while borrowing from modern trends. Comfort and relaxation form the foundation while appealing to the modern sophisticate. Today’s interiors incorporate subtle glam reflected in upscale accents. A neutral color palette, crisp lines and a clean look balance both ends of the spectrum.

Traditional farmhouse bedrooms are comfortable, cozy, and inviting. Here, the finer details matter, old is gold and it’s important to keep things authentic. Think exposed beams overhead, floral curtains, subtle rustic décor, salvaged goods, and implementing raw and organic materials in the foundation.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Design Elements of  Modern Farmhouse Bedrooms

1.  Blooms and Bedding

You may have noticed that the classic farmhouse style includes understated florals and serene colors. Other classic prints like paisley, buffalo check or stripes are just as iconic. Beyond these traditional picks, modern farmhouse bedding may also include light and airy color palettes like whites or soft pastels. Color is sometimes used to accent this style, though most tones err on the side of calmness and tranquility.

If you’re considering other bedspread options, a quilt may be your best bet. This classic bedding is warm, comfy, and decorative all in one. Other options like a comforter or duvet are easy to find in farmhouse-friendly shades of white, butter yellow, or powder blue. Alternatively, subtly patterned bed sheets emphasize the style’s simple origins.

Here are a few top farmhouse bedding sets:

Farmhouse Bedding

Farmhouse Country Bedding

Fresh and romantic this Beautiful Lily bedding set in a soft washed linen gives that inviting comfy feel. The cool crisp color with flowing ruffles make for a perfect invitation to relax and dream. All alone or layered with a beautiful quilt, the Lily bedding will take you away!

Prescott Farmhouse Bedding

Prescott Farmhouse Bedding

The Prescott collection brings a nautical flavor to your bedroom, and can be combined with numerous accessories to create an distinctive look. Add navy, red or white quilts, accent pillows or shams to create endless styles. Hidden zipper closure for Duvet.

Blackberry Farmhouse Bedding

Blackberry Farmhouse Bedding

Textural woven stripe creates the perfect canvas for your bed. Mix and match with decorative pillows sold separately to create your own look.

2.  Classic Colors

Modern farmhouse design is committed to neutrals. Light colors make a space feel warm and welcoming while also lending a spacious quality. Think of shades of white, beige, and wood-inspired accents for a truly mild color palette. Layer in subtle shades of pink, yellow, green, or blue in floral motifs or natural landscapes.

Truth be told, classic farmhouse and its modern cousin do sometimes diverge in color. Both embrace clean tones like an abundance of whites and subtle browns. Modern farmhouse style does sometimes have brighter shades in tasteful moderation. On the whole, it’s fair to say new and old styles favor lighter shades for a tranquil space.

Belmont Farmhouse Bedding

Belmont Farmhouse Bedding

Belmont’s clean, crisp, spa-inspired color palette creates a relaxing and restful ambiance for any bedroom. The bedding ensemble is perfect for those who view the bedroom as an in-home getaway with a designer oriented feel.

3.  Warm and Cozy

Bedrooms are cozy by nature, though modern farmhouse design goes all in. Pile on the blankets and pillows for a perfect snuggle! Between its tenets of rest and relaxation, farmhouse comfort knows no bounds.

Create an exceptionally cozy space by layering all manner of bedding. From flannel sheets to down duvets, count on down comforters and overstuffed pillows to make it through the coldest months. Summer can be just as serene with delicate curtains, a lacey throw, or a classic coverlet.

4.  Luxe up the Look with Layering

As with all rooms in the home, the layering of texture and pattern is key to a successful design. With true farmhouse design, the bed shouldn’t be the only element that’s layered. Consider adding a large-scale area rug, window treatments, and ambient lighting to bring some depth to the overall scheme.

5.  Include Personal Pieces

Modern farmhouse bedrooms are typically defined by simplicity in design, but that doesn’t mean they should lack in detail or personality. Here you can freely add favorite books, artwork, displays, and vignettes that showcase your style.

6.  Rustic Romance

While romance might not be the first thing on your mind, modern farmhouse style is slightly feminine by nature. Its light colors, natural materials, and homespun charm are equal parts soft and sweet. Play up the romantic side of this design with slight pink accents, delicate florals, or a four-poster bed.

No matter your individual take, modern farmhouse style is a matter of deliberate layering. Your bedroom doesn’t need to be overly romantic, though glimpses of glamour like sconces or upholstered seating speak to your feminine side. Other timeless accents like candles, bed skirts, or decorative lighting are just as playful.

Romantic Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Romantic Farmhouse Bedroom 
Photo Courtesy of: Hawkins Wellwood

This lovely romantic farmhouse bedroom incorporates beautiful muted shades of blue, cream and white with feminine details. It’s a serene and cozy bedroom with an understated elegance.

7.  Second Chances

If DIY is your thing, a modern farmhouse is right up your alley. Never has a style embraced found objects and repurposed furniture as much as this one. Reimagine a dresser, chair, or nightstand with a coat of white paint to match your space. Alternatively, style your bedding to fit a vintage quilt or personalize family heirlooms.

The eclectic among you can blend objects and eras to your heart’s content. Rocking chairs and ornate picture frames are just as welcome as modern accent pieces. Whether you’re eyeing a chandelier or repurposing metal pails, giving items a second chance sets modern farmhouse apart.

Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse Bedroom by Timothy Godbold
Image courtesy of: Timothy Godbold

Further Elements of Farmhouse Design

-Reclaimed wood
-Natural wood accents
-Natural elements such as distressed wood and natural fibres (cotton, sisal, rattan and wicker)
-Barnboard details
-Oversized furniture
-Clean lines
-Wrought iron accents
-Wide plank floors
-Practicality in the choice of furnishings and accessories
-Neutral palette to make the room appear fresh and open
-Modern and industrial touches
-Mixed and matched (vintage and new)

Final Thoughts

If you’re envisioning your next bedroom design project, be sure to give the modern farmhouse style a fair shake. Its simple optimism, design versatility, and poetic charm are second to none. Let the past inspire your future for calm yet current home décor.

Got any tricks up your sleeve? Any tips for fellow design aficionados? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Until next time, best of luck with your latest project and keep dreaming up the best that design has to offer!

If you are looking for further inspiration on farmhouse design, check out my blog posts on Farmhouse Decorating Ideas and Traditional Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas.

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