I really love the farmhouse style of decorating as it’s not only classic, but elegant and comfortable as well. It’s all about simplicity and keeping things organic. Regardless of location, almost any home can embrace the farmhouse vibe. The finer details matter with this approach, and it works best when elements incorporated portray a rustic, minimal and cozy feel. Old is gold and it’s good to keep things as authentic as possible. Think exposed beams overhead, floral curtains, subtle rustic decor, salvaged goods and implementing raw and organic materials in the foundation. One of the convenient aspects of the farmhouse style is the flexibility it offers, enabling you to decorate with your personal decor collection and vintage furniture that you might have fallen in love with. Forego clutter and be selective in where items are placed. As they say – a picture speaks a thousand words – and so I have compiled a broad range of farmhouse style homes for inspiration.
Feature images above courtesy of: Thistlewood Farms


Farmhouse Decorating Ideas | Rustic Floral Arrangement

Rustic Floral Arrangement
via: Lev Vackert

Rustic Decor

Farmhouse Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Bottles

Rustic Farmhouse Bottles

Farmhouse Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Items Available through Simply French Market

Farmhouse Kitchen

Items Available through Simply French Market

Country Kitchen

Via: Country Homes & Gardens

Country Playhouse

Beautifully designed country guest room, play house or private retreat.

DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard via: Becky Cunningham Home

French Market | Farmhouse Living Room

Items Available through Simply French Market

Farmhouse Living Room

Items Available through Simply French Market

Farmhouse Dining Room

Items Available through Simply French Market


Farmhouse Decor

Looking for farmhouse decor? Find a country and farmhouse decor for the living room, kitchen, dining room and bedrooms.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas | Thistlewood Farms

Thistlewood Farms is a delightful blog with a ton of character, a sincere, vibrant and honest energy, and a great resource for Industrial Farmhouse Design. KariAnne is the editor and also works as a design consultant.  Her blog won the Top 10 Decorating Homes and Gardens 2014 Blogger Award.  If you’d like to check out her blog and see for yourself: Thistlewood Farms.  I hand-selected a few of my favorite images as they clearly show the beauty in this style of design as well as KariAnne’s amazing eye for detail and beauty.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Rustic Christmas Decor

Farmhouse Dining Room

Farmhouse Dining Area

Farmhouse Bedroom

Lovely Farmhouse Bedroom


Rustic Living Room

Rustic Living Room

Rustic Seating Area

Rustic Seating Area

Rustic Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen

Interior Designer: David Michael Miller

Set in the Sonoran Desert, this contemporary/eclectic interpretation of a rural French farmhouse strikingly blends furniture and finishes that are old and new. Antique building materials are set against modern and contemporary interior features, working together to create a relaxed and sophisticated home. The material language of the home is decidedly livable and relaxed. The contrasts of materiality and the reinterpretations of traditional millwork and furnishing’s styles are used in a deliberate way, to affect an interior that is new and old simultaneously.

David Michael Miller Associates was established by its owner and principal interior designer, David Michael Miller, in 1989. This Arizona interior designer’s Mid-Western upbringing is evident in his sensitivities to organic materials, colors and forms. As a local Phoenix interior designer, David has been able to infuse these natural qualities to his interiors.

David Michael Miller Associates serves clients throughout the United States with their residential interior design needs. Although located in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona, the firm is involved with more than local Phoenix interior design. This Arizona interior design firm is accomplished in a broad range of interior design styles and is accustomed to providing a complete range of interior design services.


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