Farmhouse Decorating Ideas 

Get the Rustic Look: How to Incorporate Farmhouse Decor into Your Living Space

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas: Are you tired of the sleek and modern look dominating the interior design world? Want to add some warmth and charm to your living space? Look no further than farmhouse interior design! Farmhouse style’s rustic and cozy aesthetic has been gaining popularity in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. With its focus on natural materials, vintage finds, and simple yet stylish accents, farmhouse decorating offers a perfect blend of comfort and elegance. In this article, we’ll explore some easy and creative ways to incorporate farmhouse decor into your home, whether starting from scratch or adding some rustic touches to your existing decor. From distressed wood accents to vintage-inspired textiles, we’ll show you how to create a warm and inviting farmhouse look that will make you feel right at home. 

There are many reasons why people choose to decorate in a farmhouse style. One of the main reasons is that it creates a cozy and inviting home that is perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal give the space a warm and welcoming rustic feel. Additionally, the farmhouse style emphasizes simplicity and practicality, making a home feel more comfortable and functional. Whether you prefer a more traditional or modern farmhouse look, there are endless possibilities for customization. 

Farmhouse design typically incorporates neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray, with pops of color provided by accent pieces such as throw pillows or artwork. This style is known for its simplicity and practicality, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable living space. Blog post updated: August,2023.


Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Spacious Modern Ranch by A la Maison | Farmhouse Decorating Ideas
Image courtesy of la Maison Home and Lifestyle

A stunning modern farmhouse with beautifully layered textures, shiplap ceiling, exposed beams, and vaulted ceiling. What’s great about this space is that the color palette remains true throughout.  The subtle grey tones in the fireplace are reflected in the floors, cabinetry, area rug, furniture, and throw pillows. A bit of green is introduced with several plants. It’s a symmetrical design and very well put together.

What is Farmhouse Design?

Farmhouse is a style of interior design inspired by the rustic and charming aesthetic of farmhouses and rural homes. A focus on natural materials, vintage finds, and simple yet stylish accents characterizes it. The farmhouse aesthetic is warm, inviting, and cozy, often incorporating elements like distressed wood, vintage metal, and neutral colors.

Farmhouse design is all about simplicity and keeping things organic. Regardless of location, almost any home can embrace the farmhouse vibe. The finer details matter with this approach, and it works best when elements incorporated portray a rustic, minimal, and cozy feel. Old is gold, and keeping things as authentic as possible is ideal. Think exposed beams overhead, floral curtains, subtle rustic decor, salvaged goods, and implementing raw and organic materials in the foundation. One of the convenient aspects of the farmhouse style is its flexibility, enabling you to decorate with your decor collection and vintage furniture. Forego clutter and be selective in where items are placed.

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Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Designed by Celtic Homes | Farmhouse Decorating Ideas
Image courtesy of Celtic Custom Homes

Celtic Custom Homes is an award-winning company with a reputation for building the highest quality homes in Arkansas. This modern farmhouse living room boasts an open-concept design with large, comfortable furniture, a neutral palette, and warm wood tones.

What is Modern Farmhouse Design? 

The modern approach to farmhouse decorating has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Modern farmhouse takes the natural elements of traditional farmhouse design and adds modern home accents, a neutral palette, brushed metals, and clean lines. Rustic yet refined, this covetable look seamlessly blends the old with the new in masterful ways resulting in a fresh and timeless interior. Here you’ll find whitewashed walls, natural wood accents, and contrasting metalwork that work together to create a calm and cozy home.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Chic Farmhouse in Los Angeles | Farmhouse Decorating Ideas
Image courtesy of Architectural Digest

When actor Sam Page and his wife Cassidy Elliott began the hunt for a new home in Los Angeles, it was both an old hat and a brand-new experience. While looking for their fourth house together, they had to accommodate three extra people: their toddler son Logan and twin baby daughters Evie and Annabelle. “We just needed more space,” Elliott says succinctly. But, also on their wish list were a home and neighborhood more kid-friendly than Brentwood, where they lived at the time.

The couple ultimately decided on Pacific Palisades, a coastal area with a beachy feel on the city’s west side. And when they saw the home they would ultimately buy, it was love at first sight: Elliott was enraptured by the exterior details. “I got this instant feel in the front yard,” she says of the Craftsman-style house. “The outside garden was so pretty, and the home looks like a big tree house, with wooden shingles and lots of greenery.” Luckily, though the interiors were not move-in ready, the 2002 home did not require a down-to-the-studs renovation. The living room combines gorgeous textures and patterns with a muted palette.

Benefits of Incorporating Farmhouse Style 

There are many benefits to incorporating farmhouse decor into your living space. One of the most apparent benefits is the cozy and inviting atmosphere that it creates. Farmhouse decor is about creating a warm, welcoming space that feels like home.

Another benefit of farmhouse decor is its versatility. The style can be adapted to suit a wide range of living spaces, from small apartments to large homes. It is a style that works well with a variety of color schemes and design styles, so you can easily incorporate farmhouse elements into your existing decor.

Finally, farmhouse decor is often budget-friendly. Many of the key elements of the style, such as distressed wood and vintage finds, can be found at thrift stores and flea markets. This makes it an excellent option for anyone who wants to create a stylish and inviting home without breaking the bank.

Farmhouse Living Room | Tracy Svendsen Design
Farmhouse Living Room | Tracy Svendsen Design

Neutral Modern Farmhouse Living Rooms | Visual Concept by Tracy Svendsen

Elements of Modern Farmhouse Style

Apron sinks: Nothing says farmhouse like an apron sink. In modern farmhouses, apron sinks are more likely to be stainless steel. In a classic farmhouse, the sink is usually porcelain.

Traditional fabrics: Fabrics are floral, paisley, and striped. Slipcovers are a popular choice as they provide vintage appeal.

Vintage furniture and accessories: Vintage furniture and décor with weathered finishes go hand-in-hand with farmhouse design.

Plenty of texture: The easiest way to add texture to the home is through fabric and textiles. These are typically pieces that are smaller in scale, like pillows and throws, that can be easily moved or replaced. These textures add instant warmth, from sheepskin cushions to cowhide rugs and wicker baskets. Area rugs placed in one key spot can quickly tie in all the design elements in a room together.

Distressed Wood: Distressed wood is a hallmark of farmhouse design brought in through architectural details, furniture, flooring, and wall accents.

Farmhouse Living Room | Tracy Svendsen Design
Farmhouse Living Room | Tracy Svendsen Design

How to Achieve a Modern Farmhouse Look

1. A Neutral Palette 

There’s a good reason many interior designers choose a neutral color palette for the walls: it provides the perfect backdrop for textural elements and allows the lines of the furniture and the room’s architecture to stand out. Whether warm or cool neutrals, the room appears open and fresh. A blend of comfortable neutrals makes for a classic base that amplifies light. Layer up varying shades of whites, beiges, creams, and grays to create a sophisticated and contemporary feel. Use textiles and plants to bring in accents of bright green, navy or cornflower blue, and lavender, but do so sparingly to maintain the soft overall look.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Farmhouse Living Room Studio McGee
Image courtesy of Studio McGee

2.  Modern Farmhouse Furniture

The foundation of modern farmhouse design is comfortable farmhouse furniture with a sleek and contemporary shape. It features clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials such as wood and metal. Modern farmhouse furniture often includes distressed finishes, rustic charm, and cozy textiles that create a warm and inviting feel. This style is perfect for those who want to achieve a comfortable yet stylish look in their home.

3.  Natural Elements | Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

The use of natural materials is vital when designing a farmhouse home. It’s essential to include distressed wood in combination with stone and natural fibers such as rattan, wicker, cotton, and sisal. Mixing and matching materials such as velvet and linen add dimension and interest.
Unfinished woods such as birch oak and pine compliment a neutral palette and further introduce natural elements into the space.

4.  Repurposed Goods | Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

The use of repurposed goods such as rustic pitchers, antique fixtures, buckets, old pottery, and wooden crates as a display provides a warm ambiance.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas | Farmhouse Kitchen

East Hampton Farmhouse | Farmhouse Decorating Ideas
Image courtesy of Architectural Digest

In the East Hampton, New York, home of publishing powerhouses Pilar Guzmán and Chris Mitchell, bespoke Clayhaus Ceramics tile sheaths the kitchen, an inviting space anchored by a six-by-12-foot worktable and custom cabinetry.

5.  Minimalism | Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

A modern farmhouse should be cozy, not cluttered. This design style has a clean aesthetic without using knickknacks and favorite objects. As William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

6.  Farmhouse Lighting

Farmhouse lighting works with almost any type of décor, from traditional to modern. It’s characterized by an old-world style and made with wood, wrought iron, or hand-forged steel. You’ll often see rectangular or circular frames with exposed light bulbs and seeded glass.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas | Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Photographed by Adrian Briscoe
Image courtesy of Adrian Briscoe Photography

This eclectic farmhouse kitchen/dining room has the perfect combination of contemporary minimalism and warm rustic appeal.  Sleek shaker-style cabinetry is paired with metallics.

7.  Farmhouse Décor

As with any design style, various textures add warmth, depth, and interest to a space. Adding natural materials to a neutral base goes hand-in-hand with farmhouse design. It’s also all about bringing the outdoors in. With farmhouse decor, organic materials such as wood, linen, and hemp work perfectly to make this connection.

8.  Keep it Family-style

Modern farmhouses should be warm, welcoming, and friendly. Large islands, kitchen tables, and oversized comfortable seating encourage friends and family to sit, relax, and engage in lively conversations.

Modern Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse Kitchen Designed by Bria Hammel
Image courtesy of Bria Hammel

A farmhouse kitchen with gray and white striped island stools, rustic wood beams, and a quartz countertop.

9.  Celebrate the Imperfect

Weathered materials such as the natural patina of stone, metals, and wood instantly add rustic warmth to a home. These materials contrast beautifully with sleek modern elements.

10.  Mix and Match

The key is to balance modern and rustic elements to create a cohesive look. Start by choosing a neutral color palette with warm tones like whites, creams, grays, and beiges. Then, incorporate natural materials like wood, stone, and metal to enhance the rustic feel. Feel free to mix and match furniture from new furniture that provides comfort and style to vintage furniture that introduces authenticity.

For furniture, consider mixing sleek modern pieces with vintage or distressed elements. For example, you could pair a streamlined leather sofa with a rustic wood coffee table or a set of vintage metal chairs with a modern dining table. Mix and match patterns and textures, such as plaid and floral prints or rough and smooth surfaces, to add visual interest.

To complete the look, incorporate farmhouse-inspired decor like woven baskets, galvanized metal accents, and distressed wood signs. Adding greenery, such as potted plants or fresh-cut flowers, can bring life and freshness to the space. Overall, the key to mixing and matching modern farmhouse design is to have fun and experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect balance that reflects your style.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse-Style Living Room Designed by Lindye Galloway
Image courtesy of Lindye Galloway

A farmhouse-inspired living room designed by Lindye Galloway with white walls and furniture.  The warm brown leather sofa, artwork, area rug, and plants add color and interest to the space. I’m always on the lookout for unique pieces of furniture and decor to incorporate into my own home.  Aside from being a fabulous interior designer, Lindye also has an online shop with a gorgeous selection of sofas, area rugs, vintage runners, and farmhouse decor.  If you want to check out her shop, explore  Lindye Galloway Home Decor & Furniture.

11.  Add Plenty of Cozy Textiles and Textures

Cozy textiles are reminiscent of days curled up in a comfy space with a book. Texture adds visual weight and balance and helps define a room’s appearance. It’s also essential when working with a neutral palette, providing much-needed contrast.

12.  Industrial Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures

Experienced designers will tell you that adequate lighting is imperative to home design. It’s also important to consider the existing furniture and surrounding décor and the lighting requirements for the space.

Having more than one light source in a room is essential, and layered illumination is the key. Start by choosing a farmhouse ceiling fixture, and then look toward outer walls for opportunities in downlighting. Farmhouse valences are perfect for a gentle flood of light hitting the walls, curtains, and surrounding artwork. Be sure to hang light fixtures in modern steel or iron that do not overpower the neutral color scheme.

13.  Add Greenery & Florals

Adding greenery and florals to modern farmhouse design can bring the space a fresh, natural feel. Use natural elements like flowers, herbs, and branches to tie together a farmhouse’s rustic and modern elements. Whether it’s a few potted plants or a statement floral arrangement, incorporating greenery and florals is a simple way to enhance the warmth and coziness of a modern farmhouse space. For those who travel often or want a low-maintenance option, faux florals, and plants are also great.

14.  Incorporate Open Shelving

Open shelving in the kitchen allows easy access to frequently used items, making it a practical option for those who like to cook and entertain. It also allows showcasing decorative items and unique pieces, adding a personal touch to the space. Open shelving can help to visually open up a smaller kitchen, living room, or dining area, making it feel more spacious and airy.


Open Shelving in Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas | Open Shelving in a Living Room
Image courtesy of Studio McGee

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas & Color Schemes 

When creating a farmhouse look, choosing the right color scheme is key. Farmhouse decor often features neutral colors like white, beige, and gray, but you can also incorporate rustic colors like blues, greens, and browns. Here are some popular rustic color schemes for farmhouse decor:

– White and beige: This classic color scheme creates a calm and serene atmosphere. It works well in any room of the house.

– Blue and white: Blue and white is a popular color scheme for farmhouse kitchens. It creates a fresh and inviting look.

– Green and beige: Green and beige is a warm, earthy color scheme that works well in living rooms and bedrooms.

– Gray and white: Gray and white is a modern twist on the classic white and beige color scheme. It creates a sleek and sophisticated look.

Farmhouse Bedroom in Warm Earth Tones

Warm & Inviting Primary Bedroom in Earth Tones
Image courtesy of Amber Interiors

Adding Natural Textures to Your Living Space

One of the key elements of farmhouse decor is the use of natural textures. Here are some ways to add natural textures to your living space:

– Use natural wood: Natural wood is a staple of farmhouse decor. You can use it for furniture, flooring, and wall accents.

– Add plants: Plants add a natural and organic element to a space. They also help to purify the air and promote relaxation.

– Use woven baskets: Woven baskets are a great way to add texture to a space. They can be used for storage or as decorative accents.

– Incorporate stone: Stone accents, like a fireplace or an accent wall, add a rustic and natural element to a space.

Cozy Textures in Farmhouse Design

Cozy Textures in Farmhouse Design
Image courtesy of Amber Interiors

Mixing Farmhouse Decor with Modern Elements

If you’re worried that farmhouse decor will look too rustic or outdated, don’t be! Farmhouse decor can be mixed with modern elements for a fresh and contemporary look. Here are some tips for mixing farmhouse decor with modern elements:

– Keep it simple: Stick to simple farmhouse elements, like distressed wood and neutral colors, and pair them with sleek and modern furniture.

– Add pops of color: Incorporate bright and bold colors into your decor to add a modern twist to your farmhouse look.

– Mix and match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different design styles. A vintage farmhouse table can look great paired with modern chairs.

– Use metallic accents: Metallic accents, like copper or brass, add a modern and sophisticated element to a farmhouse space.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Creating a functional and stylish space is essential when designing a modern farmhouse kitchen. Begin by selecting a color palette with natural tones like white, beige, and gray. These colors will give your kitchen a warm, inviting feel that is perfect for a farmhouse-style space.

Next, consider the materials you’ll use in your kitchen. Wood and stone are excellent choices for a modern farmhouse kitchen, adding texture and character to the space. When it comes to appliances, look for models that have a vintage or rustic feel. Stainless steel is a popular choice, but you can also consider black or white appliances with a retro look.

Finally, remember to add some farmhouse-style decor to your kitchen. Items like open shelving, vintage signs, and antique kitchen tools will give your space a charming, country feel.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas | Tracy Svendsen Design
Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas | Tracy Svendsen Design

Modern Farmhouse Kitchens | Visual Concept by Tracy Svendsen

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas 

Farmhouse living rooms incorporate natural materials like wood and stone and soft, comfortable fabrics like cotton and linen. You’ll want to choose functional and stylish pieces for furniture. A comfortable sectional sofa is an excellent choice for seating, while a large farmhouse-style coffee table can serve as a focal point in the room. 

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Sophisticated Farmhouse Living Room
Image courtesy of Becky Shea Design

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas

When designing a farmhouse dining room, a few key elements must be remembered. First and foremost, you want to create a warm and inviting space that encourages guests to linger and enjoy good food and conversation. Consider incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, and metal into your design to achieve this. A rustic farmhouse table, for example, can serve as a focal point and anchor the room. Pair it with modern chairs in a neutral color palette for a contemporary touch. Lighting is also crucial in creating the right atmosphere. Opt for functional and visually interesting fixtures, such as a statement chandelier or pendant lights. And remember to layer your lighting with table lamps or sconces for added ambiance.

Finally, accessories and decor can help tie the room together and infuse it with personality. Consider incorporating vintage or antique pieces, like a weathered trunk or signs for character and charm. Fresh flowers or greenery can also bring life and color to the space.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas | Tracy Svendsen
Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas | Tracy Svendsen

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room | Visual Concept by Tracy Svendsen

Farmhouse Bedroom Room Ideas

When designing a modern farmhouse bedroom, be sure to balance the rustic charm of a farmhouse with the sleek and clean lines of contemporary design. Start by choosing a neutral color palette, such as whites, grays, and natural wood tones, to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Incorporate natural textures like a woven rug or a chunky knit throw to add warmth and coziness to the space.

For the furniture, opt for pieces that have a vintage or distressed look but with a modern twist. A metal bedframe with clean lines and minimalist details can be paired with a weathered wooden dresser or bedside table. Add some greenery with potted plants or a vase of fresh flowers to bring some life into the room.

Lighting is crucial in creating a cozy and inviting space. Consider adding a statement chandelier or pendant light to the center of the room, and use table lamps or sconces to provide additional lighting. Layering lighting sources can create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Finally, accessorize with personal touches like family photos, vintage books, or unique artwork. Mix and match styles and textures to create a unique and personal space.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas | Tracy Svendsen Design
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas | Tracy Svendsen Design

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas | Visual Concept by Tracy Svendsen

Farmhouse Home Office Ideas

Designing a modern farmhouse office combines rustic elements with contemporary features. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect space:

1. Choose a neutral color palette: Stick to neutral colors like white, beige, and gray to create a clean and modern look. You can add pops of color with accessories like throw pillows or a rug.

2. Incorporate natural materials: Use natural materials like wood, stone, and metal to create a rustic feel. This can include a reclaimed wood desk or metal shelving.

3. Add greenery: Bring the outdoors in by adding plants to your office. Not only do they add a splash of color, but they also help purify the air.

4. Consider lighting: Lighting is essential in any space, especially in an office. Ensure you have enough natural light and add task lighting when you need to work late.

5. Mix old and new: Feel free to mix old and new elements in your office. A vintage chair and a modern desk can create an interesting and unique look.

Neutral Modern Farmhouse Office
Neutral Modern Farmhouse Office

Neutral Modern Farmhouse with Feminine Touches
Image courtesy of Sara Lynn Brennan Design

Best Places to Shop for Farmhouse Decor

If you want to incorporate farmhouse decor into your living space, there are many places to shop for affordable and stylish pieces. Here are some of the best places to shop for farmhouse decor:

– Antique stores: Antique stores are a great place to find vintage furniture and decor pieces.

– Flea markets: Flea markets are another great place to find vintage and rustic decor pieces at affordable prices.

– HomeGoods: HomeGoods is a great place to find affordable farmhouse decor pieces, like pillows, throws, and wall art.

– Target: Target has a line of farmhouse-inspired decor called Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. It features many affordable decor pieces, like bedding, dinnerware, and furniture.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas: Conclusion

Incorporating farmhouse decor into your living space is a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to add some rustic touches to your existing decor, there are many easy and creative ways to incorporate farmhouse elements into your home. From distressed wood accents to vintage-inspired textiles, the possibilities are endless. 

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