Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Looking for farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas? Kitchen cabinets play a crucial role in the overall design aesthetic of a kitchen while providing necessary storage options that aid in creating functional workspaces. Not only do they form the basis for the structural foundation, they can also dramatically transform the entire appearance of the space.

Choosing the best kitchen cabinets and design layout for your own home can be one of the most difficult challenges in the kitchen design process. Given that they are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors – it can often be overwhelming to narrow down the choices. They can take up to 50% of your kitchen budget, so you want to be sure they are built of quality construction that will stand the test of time.

From shaker and flat panel to bedboard and raised panel – there are many styles to choose from.

If you are presently researching different kitchen cabinet options, I have created posts on bluegreen, white, cream and black kitchen cabinets as well as kitchen blacksplashes.

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image courtesy of Katie Hodges Design

Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets 

1 Shaker Cabinets 

Shaker cabinets are the most popular style of cabinets thanks to their sleek, minimal, and classic design. They are characterized by five pieces of wood; four pieces as a frame with a recessed panel in the middle. This is a popular trend due to the simple and classic look they offer. Shaker cabinets are also suitable for many interior design styles – from rustic and farmhouse to traditional and coastal. Wood that is commonly used for shaker cabinets includes cherry, maple, hickory, and quartersawn oak.

2 Beadboard Cabinets 

Bedboard cabinets have a classic and timeless style and are another great choice to enhance a farmhouse kitchen. Bedboard is made of rows of vertical planks with indentations or ridges between each plank. This provides a detailed and textured surface with sleek and minimal appeal.

3 Open Shelving Cabinets 

Open shelving provides an airy look between the cabinets while providing an opportunity to create chic and elegant displays. There are a wide variety of options for shelving material, such as rough-cut wood, glass, wood boards, or modern and sleek surfaces. 

4 Louvered Cabinets

Louvered kitchen cabinets have horizontal wood slats that add a unique style to kitchen cabinetry. Louvered cabinets are great for spaces that require ventilation because most louvered doors have spaces between each slat.

5 Inset Cabinets

Inset-style cabinets comprise of an inset door set inside the cabinet frame instead of outside the cabinet frame. Inset kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers are some of the most expensive on the market, but their classic look lasts for years. 

Kitchen Cabinet Materials 

Given that cabinets are among the most prominent features in the kitchen, it’s important to take time to consider the cabinet surfacing wisely. Choices available range from solid wood to wood veneers, laminate, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Colors 

The color of the kitchen cabinetry can set the visual tone of the entire kitchen. There are a wide variety of choices of color that work well in a farmhouse kitchen. Here are a few popular colors that enhance this style:

Farmhouse Kitchen with Gray Cabinets Ideas

Farmhouse Gray Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops
Image courtesy of WINN Design + Build

A warm and inviting farmhouse kitchen with gray shaker cabinets, warm wood flooring, and a white backsplash. The use of brass details brings a luxurious feel to the space.  

Farmhouse Kitchen with Gray Cabinets

White Subway Tile Backsplash and Gold Hardware with Wooden Detail
Image courtesy of MassaRossa

Striking dark gray kitchen cabinets provide a strong contrast to the white subway tile backsplash and white countertops. This charcoal hue adds warmth and coordinates perfectly with wood elements. The gold hardware and counter stools add glamour and elegance.

Grey Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Farmhouse Kitchen Design with Stone Slab Backsplash and Stainless-Steel Appliances
Image courtesy of Haven Design & Construction

The combination of white shaker upper cabinets and gray base cabinets provides balance while highlighting the stunning gray veins of the stone slab backsplash. Matching the white quartzite countertops with the stone slab backsplash increases the natural beauty of the kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Grey Cabinets

Light Gray Shaker Cabinets with White Subway Tile Backsplash
Image courtesy of Houzz

A beautifully designed farmhouse kitchen with light gray shaker cabinets, white subway tile backsplash, marble countertops, farmhouse sink, and stainless-steel appliances.

Farmhouse Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Farmhouse Gray Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops
Image courtesy of WINN Design + Build

A bright and airy farmhouse kitchen with pale gray shaker cabinets, white countertops, warm wood flooring, and brass details.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Light Grey Cabinets

Gray Shaker Cabinets with Golden Handles and White Subway Tile Backsplash
Image courtesy of Boswell Construction

A stunning farmhouse kitchen with light gray shaker cabinets, medium tone wood floor, golden-white sphere pendants, white quartz countertops, golden handles, wall shelves, white backsplash, subway tile backsplash, golden detailed stainless-steel appliances, and an island.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Brass and Gray Luxury for a Modern Kitchen with a Traditional Look
Image courtesy of Boss Design

An elegant kitchen with light gray cabinets and white quartz countertops with backsplash. Brass chandeliers above the island and brass hardware add a bit of sparkle and dimension.

Blue Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

As with gray kitchen cabinets, blue cabinets also come in a wide variety of shades that range from bold navy to softer hues. Navy blue cabinets offer a sophisticated and dramatic appeal, while softer shades add a feeling of brightness and spaciousness.  

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Blue Cabinets

Warm and Inviting Blue Country Kitchen
Image courtesy of The Kingston Group

A warm and welcoming kitchen with blue cabinets, warm wood flooring, and a farmhouse sink. This space makes use of organic elements such as wood ceiling beams, wicker baskets, and rustic frames to bring in plenty of texture.

Farmhouse Kitchen Blue Cabinet Ideas

Farmhouse Kitchen with Blue Cabinets & White Shiplap Backsplash
Image courtesy of The Kingston Group

Blue cabinets provide a striking contrast against the white shiplap backsplash. The vertical placement of the shiplap panels works to create an illusion of height.

Modern Farmhouse Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Farmhouse Beach-Style Kitchen with Wood Island and Range Hood
Image courtesy of Patterson Custom Homes

The combination of the blue, white, and wood creates a striking balance while brass hardware adds interest. The white herringbone backsplash adds another layer of texture while the beveled edges of the tiles emphasize the beautiful pattern. The wooden range hood creates a focal point and complements the kitchen island.

Farmhouse Kitchens with Blue Cabinets

Full-Height Gray Backsplash with Blue Cabinets and White Countertop
Image courtesy of Madison Nicole Design

Navy-blue kitchen cabinets, white countertops, gray backsplash, and wood shelves perfectly compliment each other. The full-height backsplash provides a timeless and textural backdrop while the usage of the floating shelves instead of upper cabinets brings an open and airy feel.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets

Glossy White Wall Tiles with Wood Floating Shelves and Blue Cabinets
Image courtesy of Timber Trails Company

In this transitional kitchen, the classic kitchen elements are elevated with clean details. Blue and white kitchen cabinets are paired with white countertops and a white subway tile backsplash. Brass hardware and faucet complete the elegance of the cabinetry.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Light Blue Cabinets

Modern Farmhouse Kitchens with Blue Cabinets
Image courtesy of  Marriane Simon Design

This elegant and feminine kitchen was designed by Marriane Simon. Although it has more of a coastal style design, I have included it shows the beauty that can be accomplished through the use of blue cabinets in a kitchen. A county or farmhouse feel could easily be achieved by swapping out the art print.

Black Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Black cabinets add sophistication and a dramatic flair to kitchen design. Black cabinets work well with white backsplashes that help compensate for the space looking smaller with a darker color. 

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Black Cabinets

Modern Farmhouse Kitchens with Black Cabinets
Image courtesy of  Clark & Co Homes

A striking farmhouse kitchen with black base cabinets, white upper cabinets, and wood open shelving.

Modern Farmhouse with Black Cabinets

Luxurious Look with Brass Shelving System for a Traditional Kitchen Design Style
Image courtesy of Karen Korn Interiors

Open brass shelving creates visual interest and a unique dynamic in this farmhouse kitchen. Black raised-panel cabinets with brass hardware tie the elements of the kitchen together. A white herringbone tile backsplash and white soapstone countertops elevate this striking design.

Black & White Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Black and White Kitchen Design Concept with Quartz Countertops
Image courtesy of Amazing Spaces

White shaker cabinets, brass hardware, and arabesque marble tile backsplash create a beautiful contrast to the black base cabinets.

Black Cabinets in Farmhouse Kitchens

A Sophisticated Farmhouse Kitchen with Black Base Cabinets
Image courtesy of aaNovo Design

An elegant farmhouse kitchen with contrasting black and wood cabinets.

Black Cabinets in Farmhouse Kitchens

A Farmhouse Kitchen with Contrasting Cabinet Colors
Image courtesy of aaNovo Design

The contrast between the black cabinets, tan-colored upper cabinets, and white shiplap walls creates a beautiful soft vibe in this farmhouse kitchen.

Off-White & Cream Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Off-white and cream kitchen cabinets add vintage and classic beauty to the kitchen as well as softness and warmth.

Off-White & Cream Colored Farmhouse Cabinets

A White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with an Abundance of Natural Light
Image courtesy of: Lissa Lee Hickman Design

Natural light floods this wonderfully feminine, elegant and luxurious kitchen.

Off-White Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Spanish Tile Backsplash for Off White Cabinets and White Marble Countertops
Image courtesy of VanderHorn Architects

A vibrant kitchen with wood flooring, ceiling beams, and island work harmoniously with white marble countertops and a Spanish tile backsplash.

Cream Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

The Gray Chevron Ceramic Tile Backsplash with Cream Cabinets and White Quartz Countertops
Image courtesy of Jarrett Design

The light cream colors of these kitchen cabinets add a soft look to this kitchen. The beautiful gray chevron ceramic tile backsplash adds elegance to the two-tone kitchen cabinetry.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Off-White Cabinets

Luxury Farmhouse Kitchen with the Gold Hardware and White Subway Tile Backsplash
Image courtesy of Platt Builders

Off-white shaker cabinets add a glamorous look when paired with gold or brass hardware. The white subway tile backsplash and the marble countertops complete the chic appeal of the kitchen.

Off-White Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets with Gold Hardware

Herringbone Tile Floors with White Kitchen and Gold Hardware
Image courtesy of Blue Sound Construction

Gray, gold, and white surfaces are the perfect trio for creating an elegant look with soft contrast. The gray tile backsplash and the white countertops blend perfectly with the white cabinets. Gray herringbone tile floors and the gray tile backsplash help to ground the space.

White Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

White kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice for farmhouse-style kitchens as they can evoke a warm and nostalgic feel.

Farmhouse Kitchen with White Cabinets

A Modern White Farmhouse Kitchen with Touches of Warm Grey
Image courtesy of  KGB Design

A bright modern white farmhouse kitchen designed by KBG Design that includes warm grey and accent of marble, brass, and natural wood elements. The clients wanted to keep the color palette neutral so that colorful accessories could be swapped out during various holidays throughout the year.

The cabinet paint color is Dunn Edward’s ‘Cool December’ which is a perfect balance of white with a hint of warmth. The backsplash is a traditional honed Carrera Marble with a 3”x 6” size in an offset pattern which clearly shows the variety of veining throughout the natural stone. The island counter is engineered quartz ( Vadara’s Calcatta Blanco), which again has ribbons of warm grey mixed with gold on an off-white background.

The Perimeter is a velvet finish Cabrini Grey engineered quartz by Daltile. The island was then custom stained to match the warm-toned engineered hardwood flooring by Hallmark Floors, Alta Vista Collection in color Del Mar.

Farmhouse Kitchen with White Kitchen Cabinets

Farmhouse Kitchen with White Subway Tile Backsplash and Marble Countertops
Image courtesy of Colette Interiors

White kitchen cabinets are paired with white subway tile backsplash, marble countertops, and brass and black hardware in this lovely farmhouse kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with White Cabinets & Black Hardware

White Cabinets with Black Hardware and Wood Island
Image courtesy of Sparrow Lane Interiors

A bright and fresh farmhouse kitchen that blends traditional style and modern details. White shaker cabinets provide a traditional look while the matte black hardware modernizes the cabinetry.

Farmhouse Kitchen White Cabinet Ideas

White Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware and Gray Countertops
Image courtesy of KBG Design

This stylish transitional kitchen perfectly serves a timeless elegance with its white shaker cabinets, gray countertop, marble backsplash, and gold hardware.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with White Cabinet Ideas

White Farmhouse Kitchen with Wood Accents
Image courtesy of Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath

The beautiful molding of the white cabinetry provides a one-of-a-kind look to this farmhouse kitchen. Wide plank wood flooring and the wood countertop of the white kitchen island complement each other.

Green Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Green is a versatile choice for kitchen cabinets. This nature-inspired color is a perennial favorite and pairs well with so many other colors. Whether you’re leaning towards a softer shade or plan to go bold, both light and dark green cabinetry can create a fresh look. 

Green Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Moody Green Farmhouse Kitchen with Black Countertops
Image courtesy of: Kelsey Leigh Design Co.

This kitchen was designed and built by designer Kelsey Leigh and her homebuilder husband, Scott McGregor of McGregor Homes. They decided to focus and combine their talents on the heart of their home – a kitchen that would remain timeless for years to come. With the help of their painters, a 50/50 Sherwin-Williams mix of Ripe Olive and Pewter Green was chosen for this cabinet color that remains the clear standout of this design today.

Calcutta Gold leathered Marble was selected for the kitchen island and backsplash, while black Vermont leathered quartzite was chosen on the countertops for their muted, textured appearance and durability. They chose Engineered French white oak flooring for its durability. The final touches were the mixing of metallic finishes and white Cafe appliances. The kitchen is alive with warmth, texture, and a hint of vintage.

Green Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Livable Luxury in a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen in Willow Glen, CA
Image courtesy of: KGB Design

This farm-fresh modern farmhouse kitchen was designed by Katelyn Gilmour of KGB Design. It includes plenty of texture – from the rustic stools to the unique mosaic tile backsplash and aged wood bead chandeliers. The soft green cabinets and island add the perfect contrast to the warm wood floors, copper faucets (rose finish), and white countertops.

Cornwall Slate SW 9131 (216-C4), which covers most of the kitchen’s cabinets, helps establish a balanced look. “The color has a really beautiful warmth to it,” Gilmour says of the green-gray color. “It’s traditional but very fresh and livable.” A warm custom white paint on the range hood and paneled refrigerator provide the perfect complement. “It’s definitely a warmer white, but it’s still bright,” she says. ~ Sherwin Williams

The mosaic tiles are from Walker Zanger’s Vibe line and extend from the backsplashes into the backs of the glass-door upper cabinets. The color of the tile compliments the cabinets perfectly and provides a slightly eclectic look.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Green Cabinets

Farmhouse Kitchen with Green Cabinets
Image courtesy of HarisKenjar

A warm farmhouse kitchen with soft green cupboards, brass hardware, black marble countertops, and terra-cotta floor tiles.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Green Cabinets

Farmhouse Kitchen with Green Cabinets
Image courtesy of Jaclyn Peters Design

A farmhouse kitchen with green cabinets, white shiplap walls, open wood shelving, and white countertops.

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