Country Decorating Ideas

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Country Decorating Ideas:

Country decorating is characterized as casual, comfortable and cozy, incorporating vintage accessories, handcrafted furniture, and an eclectic mix of fabrics, textures and treasured possessions. Embrace country charm and take a tour of a few of my favorite country interiors with a homespun style.

I’ve provided a selection of images optimized for Pinterest at the bottom of the post. If you’re looking for interior design inspiration, please visit my Pinterest Group Board on Stunning Home Décor & Design. This board combines many of the top pinners and really has a wide collection of spectacular interiors.

Farmhouse & Country Style Homes

The Blooming Nest | Bedroom Design

I love the stunning simplicity of this bedroom that incorporates gorgeous neutral tones and subtle textures.
via: The Blooming Nest 

Rustic Living Room

All the elements in this living room work well together, from the rustic coffee table to the inviting warmth of the espresso brown leather chair and patterned accent pillows.
via: Melissa Manzardo Hryszko for Veranda Interior on Instagram

Liz Marie | Rustic Dining Room

A lovely country-inspired dining room created by Liz Marie.
via: Liz Marie Blog

Coffee and a Paintbrush | Country Style Dining Room

With a gorgeous palette of crisp white, grays and neutrals, this kitchen and dining area create an easygoing rustic feel that brings to mind a lovely country cottage. The textures work well in bringing in these soothing hues. The random display of plates on the wall, as well as the off-white collection of pottery featured in the rustic cupboard provide a unique and creative touch to the space.
via: Coffee and a Paintbrush on Instagram

Liz Marie | Country Decorating Ideas | Bedroom Design

This lovely bedroom incorporates shades of white, cream and tan with variations in texture, to create a space that instantly feels feminine, lush and relaxed. With the bedding as the focal point, interest is created by layering and introducing shade/color variation. The gentle green tones add a touch of color and softness in the form of glass lamp bases and wreaths.
via: Liz Marie Blog

Liz Marie | Country Decorating | Living Room

Another great space created by Liz Marie.
via: via: Liz Marie Blog

Laura Murphy | Country Style | Living Room

The use of florals in this space creates a country-fresh feel.
via: Laura Murphy | Meadow House Farm

While certain elements define country style – including natural materials, rustic decor and furnishings, a surprise pop of color such as a vibrant green, can add an up-to-date twist of country charm.

Country Decorating

Striking accents of green using both fresh and artificial limes
via: Coffee and a Paintbrush on Instagram

Pretty Florals

Delicate Florals in White & Green
via: Stylizimoblog

Laura Murphy | Country Kitchen

Beautiful designed by Laura Murphy
via: Laura Murphy | Meadow House Farm

Elegant Country Kitchen

Elegant Kitchen with Country Charm

Cozy Country Sun Room

Cozy Country Sun Room
via: Styled with Lace 

Laura Murphy | Country Living Room

via: Laura Murphy | Meadow House Farm

Country House Decor

via: Weissmann Architecture

Shop Country & Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Decor

Looking for farmhouse decor? Find a country and farmhouse decor for the living room, kitchen, dining room and bedrooms.

Country Decorating Ideas: Images Optimized for Pinterest

Rustic Centerpiece
Rustic Florals
Rustic Kitchen
Liz Marie | Country Bedroom Design
Liz Marie | Country Dining Room
Laura Murphy | Country Style Decor
Country Living
Liz Marie | Country Decorating Ideas
The Blooming Nest | Country Style Bedroom
Elegant Floral Arrangement
Coffee and a Paintbrush | Country Decorating Ideas
Rustic Living Room


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Rustic Home Tour – Modern Rustic Ranch

This month's rustic home tour features a well-designed ranch style home that is warm, inviting and filled with carefully chosen home decor. It was designed by Tiffany Farha who leads a nationally recognized design studio located in Wichita, Kansas that specializes in luxury residential properties, along with light commercial projects. The design aesthetic leans toward masculine with an eclectic and modern rustic edge.  

  • Tiffany Farha Design | Rustic Interior Photos

Rustic Interior Photos

The following rustic interior photos include traditional log homes, modern rustic living rooms, southwestern interiors and upscale mountain homes. All are designed for those who love to embrace the slowed down pace of country living, tranquility and a close connection to nature. Here you will find uncomplicated color schemes, open floor plans, stone fireplaces, plenty of natural textures, wood flooring and design elements that bring the outdoors inside.

Country Decorating Ideas
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