Rustic Decorating Ideas

Rustic Decorating Ideas

Find rustic decorating ideas for the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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If you're looking for inspiration for your kitchen remodel, two-tone kitchen cabinets are a great place to start. This style of cabinetry creates a modern and timeless look and can be used to highlight specific areas of the kitchen, such as an island or a built-in pantry. When it comes to selecting the perfect cabinets for your kitchen, there are many options to consider. Two-tone kitchen cabinets have become increasingly popular due to their unique style and versatility. Not only do they provide a modern and contemporary look, but they also add depth and dimension to the overall design of your kitchen. They are also a popular choice for designers, as using different colors, finishes, and materials can visually help break up areas of the kitchen.

Modern Rustic Rugged Design with Sean Anderson

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I love the aesthetic look and feel of modern rustic rugged design. It's the perfect marriage of modern and traditional, with a touch of roughness that adds character and a masculine edge to any space. Think of warm wood tones, exposed brick walls, plenty of texture, and metal accents. It's a look that is both inviting and moody while playing with high contrasts. Whether it's a living room, kitchen, or bedroom, this design style is versatile and adaptable to any space. Plus, it's a great way to bring the outdoors in, with its natural materials and earthy colors. One of my favorite interior designers, Sean Anderson, is a master at creating modern rustic and rugged spaces that are tonal, dynamic and mood-setting. Black is predominantly used throughout his spaces to add depth and stunning contrast.

Rustic Bedrooms

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Rustic Bedrooms & Decorating Ideas Looking for design inspiration for rustic bedrooms? Over the years, I have compiled a large selection of rustic bedroom images from very rugged log cabin bedrooms and bunk houses to elegant rustic bedroom suites. Also included are samples of gorgeous rustic bedding and rustic bedroom furniture from Black Forest [...]

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Rustic Kitchens

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Rustic Kitchens Looking for rustic kitchens and design inspiration? You've come to the right place! I have recently returned home from working on a design project in Palm Springs that began with collecting a series of  beautiful images of rustic, farm-house and country kitchens for design inspiration. I often use images in order to [...]

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Southwestern Decorating Ideas

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Western & Southwestern Decorating Ideas Looking for Southwestern decorating ideas? If you remember howling coyotes, twisted barbed wire wall plaques and everything from garden ornaments to bookends adorned with ranch brands or Texas stars, you may have shied away from Western and Southwestern decor and decorating styles. But the days of “Wild West” décor [...]

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Country Decorating Ideas

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Country decorating is characterized as casual, comfortable and cozy, incorporating vintage accessories, handcrafted furniture, and an eclectic mix of fabrics, textures and treasured possessions. While certain elements define country style – including natural materials, rustic decor and furnishings, a surprise pop of color such as a vibrant green, can add an up-to-date twist of country charm. Embrace country charm and take a tour of a few of my favorite country interiors with a homespun style.

Ranch Style House Home Tour

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This stunning ranch style house is perched high on a hilltop and nestled among the trees claiming its rightful place on a scenic 200-acre property in Texas. The owner desired an ample yet understated home with natural and simple architectural expression that would blend effortlessly into the landscape that surrounds it. Heavy timber columns and stone walls ground the home to the site. Reclaimed siding and simple barn-like structures give the architecture a sense of history and regional belonging. Referencing the owner’s love of the old west, many of the interior walls showcase the same stone and wood that is on the exterior of the home. This gesture alludes to a time when materials were not mass produced but simply gathered from the area and formed as needed.

Rustic Resorts & Wilderness Lodges

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RUSTIC LODGES As I am in the process of the interior design of a mountain ski resort, I thought I’d dedicate a section of my blog to feature the best in rustic lodges, outdoor adventure travel and top wilderness retreats, including Emerald Lake Lodge (image above).  I’ve also provided a few images of log [...]

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Beautiful Country Homes Tour

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This post features tours of beautiful country homes designed by Beth Webb, an internationally recognized interior designer admired for her tactile, serene, and dynamic spaces. Beth believes beauty only works if it is calibrated by ease, and that elegance is rooted in simplicity. “Texture is my color palette,” says Beth, who uses a variety of materials and objects to create interest in a room. She mingles sinuous profiles with hard lines, juxtaposing masculine and feminine silhouettes to create compelling, sensual spaces. Layered light is another crucial element bringing a sense of warmth, romance and contentment to Beth’s interiors.

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