Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for modern farmhouse decorating ideas, you have come to the right place! Browse through a collection of articles with design tips and stunning images of farmhouse kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Farmhouse design reflects a slower, more relaxed pace of life with a minimal approach that is all about simplicity and keeping things organic. Farmhouse homes often have exposed beams, distressed woods, stone fireplaces, and natural textiles.

Elements often included are a neutral color palette, galvanized metal accents, plenty of texture, floral curtains, and raw organic materials. The neutral palette provides the perfect backdrop for these textural elements and allows the architecture of the room to stand out. The walls don’t have to be painted white – they can also be cream, gray or soft beige.

Additional elements of farmhouse design include barn board, apron sinks, vintage furniture, slipcovers, weathered finishes, classic quilts, repurposed and found items as well as wicker and rattan.

As with any successful home design, a farmhouse home should have contrasting features such as a mixture of old and new furniture. Mix wood and metals as well as a blend of fabrics such as burlap, woven baskets, wool, and cotton. Homespun-style can be achieved by incorporating a random display of plates on a wall, glass lamp vases, and wreaths. Furniture that does not come from the same place or era is a farmhouse decorating formula that works every time.

Include Natural Materials | Modern Farmhouse Decorating Ideas
While certain elements define the farmhouse style of decorating, including natural materials and rustic decor and incorporating a bright pop of color, such as a vibrant green can add an up-to-date twist of farmhouse charm.

Add Antique Finds to the Mix
Using items such as apothecary cabinets, old signage, reclaimed wood, rustic storage solutions, small bottles – anything with a good patina adds a rustic farmhouse style to the home. Reclaimed wood shelving provides the perfect space to showcase collectibles.

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