Southwestern Decorating Ideas

Modern Southwestern Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for modern southwestern decorating ideas, you’ve come to the right place!  Here you will find articles with design tips and stunning images of modern southwestern kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

What is Modern Southwestern design?

“Today’s Southwestern style brings fresh good looks, mix-and-match capabilities, and the widespread appeal of sprawling land, blue skies, towering pines, and majestic vistas.”  It incorporates distressed finishes, Navajo-style area rugs, crafted objects, woven baskets, clay tiles, wrought iron and leather.  The colors that used in a Southwestern home can be found in the desert; rich earth tones, terracotta, and hints of turquoise borrowed from azure skies.

Elements of Modern Southwestern Design

Keep it Simple – Modern Southwestern décor is not fussy, and should not require a lot of polishing and upkeep. White walls work beautifully as a backdrop to showcase vibrantly colored weavings and artwork.

Hammered Metals – Southwestern homes typically showcase hammered metal light fixtures in aged bronze, copper and brass.

Vibrant Colors – The Southwestern palette can include rich hues such as salmon, terra-cotta, turquoise, brick red, and squash gold tones that are derived from the desert sky and landscape.  Talavera pottery and painted ceramics adds color and interest to the space.

Furnishings – Traditional Southwestern furniture has a rugged sensibility and often includes leather, wood, and metals. Knotty pine is a popular choice and often features a distressed finish embellished with burnished metal accents. For a modern approach, furniture should be comfortable, large in scale, with clean lines.

Earthen Pottery – Earth toned and terra-cotta pottery are perfect for the Southwestern sensibility. Mix matte and glazed finishes with solid colors and abstract prints to create variety and interest.

Layered Textures– Sturdy woven fabrics and textured walls, ceilings, and floors are a common staple of Southwestern design.  Colorful stripe serapes can be used on the walls to add a bright burst of color. Layering textures in any home provides depth and dimension, and a Southwestern home is no different. Think leather upholstered furniture, woven rugs, Southwestern style throw pillows and blankets.

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