Girls Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

By Interior Designer TRACY SVENDSEN | Published on August 10, 2022 | Updated January 09, 2024 |

If you are searching for girls’ farmhouse bedroom ideas – you have come to the right place! Children’s farmhouse bedrooms are cozy and charming, allowing them to make a few seamless changes as they mature.

Farmhouse style is all about clean lines and classic patterns and is characterized by welcoming whites, a penchant for wood, and folksy accents. In this post, I have included a broad range of girls’ farmhouse bedrooms that depict the traditional farmhouse aesthetic to rooms that introduce a bolder color palette.

The goal is to create a space that suits your child’s individuality and is attractive, comfortable, and flexible enough to grow with your child. That way, you won’t have to redecorate for many years.

Transforming a child’s bedroom can be simple by switching out the old with new wall, window, and floor treatments. Paint, wallpaper, fabric, and area rugs are the perfect medium to add pattern, texture, and color.

When infusing the farmhouse style into a girl’s bedroom, it is important to consider bringing the outdoors in. Other key elements of traditional farmhouse design included natural textures, shiplap walls, nostalgic prints, country and cottage details, natural wood accents, oversized furniture, and casual bedding.

How to Design a Girls’ Farmhouse Bedroom

1. Incorporate Patterns to Add Character

Pattern adds personality to a room, establishes a theme, and can camouflage minor surface imperfections. Patterns that are large in scale create a lively and stimulating atmosphere and can add a sense of coziness. A rule of thumb when using patterns is to vary the scale of the print. Large-print fabrics work best on similar-scale furnishings, medium prints on medium-sized pieces, and small prints on accent items.

Girls Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas with Twin Beds

A Farmhouse Bedroom for Two Girls with Pattern, Texture & Playful Details
Image courtesy of Studio McGee

Studio McGee’s clients had two girls sharing a room, and they knew this was the perfect space to play with patterns and charming details. They incorporated two white spindle beds and one large nightstand to anchor the look and offset the symmetry.

Studio McGee suggests mixing and matching patterns is about working with a cohesive color palette. Pull tones from your pattern for solid pieces to ground the look, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Girls Country Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
Girls Country Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
Girls Country Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
Girls Country Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Pretty Pink Wallpaper, Floral Inspired Chandelier & Family Heirloom Bed Frame
Image courtesy of Mindy Gayer

Designer Mindy Gayer finds creating kid’s rooms a fun opportunity for her design team to play with color and pattern in new ways, and you see this in the bedroom above. This sweet girl’s room embodies their client’s wish list: A feminine, pretty, pink explosion. As the only girl in the family, there were no boundaries for her design team, and they were able to combine all of their favorite feminine details into one joyful space.

The existing room had amazing high ceilings, so they accentuated them with a beautiful floral-inspired chandelier. From there, they picked out a pretty pink wallpaper with a floral stripe pattern and painted out all the trim, closet doors, casing, and beam in a matching pink accent color.

The bed frame is a family heirloom that worked perfectly within the design. They added custom pillows, pink floral sheets, and a cozy throw blanket in the same print as the wallpaper. One of their favorite elements is the sweet gingham drapery they added to the French and inside the closet doors. Overall, the soft pink combined with neutral details feels perfectly childish but is still a space she can grow into for years.

2. Add a Touch of Country Charm with Mix & Match Patterns

Country and farmhouse style go hand-in-hand. Mix-and-match patterns allow adding character, dimension, and color to a space.

Kids Country Bedroom Ideas | Girls Country Bedroom
Kids Country Bedroom Ideas | Girls Country Bedroom

Toile Wallpaper & Framed Botanical Prints add Country Charm
Image courtesy of Amy Berry
Photography by David Land

Designer Amy Berry incorporated a chaise and rocking chair for reading, bringing the room to life with a classic toile wallpaper and framed botanical prints. Keeping most of the decor on the walls leaves more useable floor space, so there’s room to play. The room is infused with country charm with the addition of floral, gingham, and stripe prints.

A traditionalist at heart, Berry went for classic motifs with staying power: “I imagined the sister as being older than her brother, so I wanted her room to be more sophisticated: a chaise for reading, a secretary for working, and a great bed,” says Berry. Having layers and layers of the same Fabricut toile makes the room feel cozy without overwhelming it. And the process involves a ton of staples, batting, fabric, and trim to complete the look—but Berry admits this can get expensive, so she suggests choosing a fabric that’s a great per-yard bargain before venturing down this road.

3. Create a Focal Point

The focal point of most bedrooms is the bed, which grabs your attention when you first enter the room.

4. Add Mirrors

View mirrors as a design opportunity as they reflect pattern, color, motif, and texture and act as a light source for areas you want to emphasize. A well-placed mirror can open up the space if a room is small.

5. Add Texture

The easiest way to add texture to a room design is with fabric. Cotton, linen, and chenilles are excellent choices for curtains and bedding. Add texture through area rugs, throws, and architectural embellishments such as cornices, crown molding, and wainscotting.

For a girls’ farmhouse bedroom, the addition of wicker baskets adds texture as well as a handy place to store items. Consider incorporating rustic elements like a wooden headboard or a vintage quilt. Add some farmhouse charm with decorative accents like mason jar vases and galvanized metal buckets.

6. Inspire Curiosity with Bright Colors

Children are naturally drawn to color; most will have a top choice before they are old enough to start school. Choose a color scheme that fits the rustic, cozy feel of a farmhouse. Soft neutrals like beige, cream, and gray work well, as do muted pastels like pink, lavender, and sage green. Although the farmhouse style typically incorporates a neutral palette, carrying this throughout a child’s room is optional.

Color Kids Bedroom

Magical Girls Bedroom that Promotes Discovery & Wonder
Image courtesy of MA Allen Design

MA’s bold use of color and pattern creates a little girl’s dream room, giving a sense of empowerment to dream freely and grow. Allen’s client wanted a room that would empower her two-year-old granddaughter to “grow and pursue anything under the sun,” so the North Carolina designer built-in magical surprises to promote discovery and wonder.

This kid-friendly room features a small lime green door that opens to a quaint play closet with toys and books and a bathroom with a built-in pull-out stool. Allen also incorporates book covers as art to spark young creativity.

7. Include a Few Grown-Up Touches for Longevity

Children grow up too fast. They suddenly mature when you become comfortable with one phase, and their tastes and requirements change.
It is good to address this in the initial design of their bedroom when shopping for furniture, flooring, and window treatments and choosing appropriate color combinations.

Investing in essential pieces that are versatile enough to grow up with your little one gives you a base to layer age-appropriate accents to avoid needing a complete re-haul at every stage. Consider choosing a bed that can easily transition from one age to the next. This also applies to nightstands, window treatments, and lighting that will evolve with the space over time.

Girls Bedroom in Warm Tones

Elegant & Sophisticated Girls Farmhouse Bedroom that Stands the Test of Time
Image courtesy of Studio McGee

Studio McGee still recommends buying furniture that children could grow into, but that doesn’t mean they need an adult space quite yet. Kids are all about comfort and imagination, so a whimsical mirror, cute bean bag chair or a hanging chair, etc., adds a lot of fantasy into the room.

8. Create a Seating/Lounging Area

Be sure to include a comfortable upholstered piece of furniture in your child’s bedroom if you have the space – such as a window seat, armchair, ottoman, or small sofa.

Teen Girl Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Where Possible – Provide a Play Room Nearby

Teen Girl Farmhouse Bedroom with Comfy Sofa
Image courtesy of Pure Salt Interiors

Girls Play Room Ideas
Girls Play Room Ideas

Feminine Playroom with Playful Wall Paper & Seating
Image courtesy of Pure Salt Interiors

An arched doorway leads to a playroom in soft pastel hues with a long built-in bench with plenty of pillows.  The room is warm and inviting with a soft pink patterned wallpaper, cream jute rug, mid-century modern chairs, and wall art.

9. Get them Involved in the Design Process

It is a good idea to have a dialogue with your child to discuss color, themes, and patterns. Use your child’s clues to direct your choices for some of the room’s elements, such as a wallpaper pattern, artwork, bedding, or furniture style.