Cabin Decorating Ideas

Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for log cabin decorating ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Browse through an extensive collection of articles with decorating tips and images of beautifully designed cabins. Cabins should be warm and inviting with a reference to natural and organic home décor.

When it comes to decorating a cabin, layering with cozy textures is important. Be sure to incorporate soft blankets draped over the edge of a sofa or at the end of a bed, chunky wool throw pillows, and high pile area rugs. Placing a throw over your couch or armchair will breathe whole new life into older furniture. Window treatments are another layer that adds softness and privacy.

Natural textures such as woven baskets to hold blankets, warm wood tones and stone help bring life into a home. Add texture and softness wherever you can, to bring much more diverse colors and comfort to any space.

Warm earth-tone colors are perfect for cabins and add a relaxed and welcoming feel to a space. Be sure to bring the outdoors in, and create a palette that reflects the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Adding a few houseplants will also serve to make your cabin feel homier. Plants instantly add texture, color, and life to rooms.

Ambient lighting is an additional element that helps to create a cozy home, especially when a combination of lamps, sconces, and lit candles are used. Lighting is an important layer to add into any space to make it functional as well as warm and multidimensional.

The final touch to make a cabin feel like home is the addition of accessories. Think of adding colorful baskets to hold magazines, a weathered tray filled with pinecones, stunning floral arrangements, favorite books displayed on a coffee table, or a collection of unique vases. All work together to create a cabin that reflects your individual style.

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