Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas

Transform Your Home into a Rustic Haven with These Fall Design Tips

By Interior Designer TRACY SVENDSEN | Published August 24, 2019 | Updated on August 05, 2023 |

Are you looking for rustic fall decorating ideas? The autumn season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the changing colors and cooler weather than to transform your home into a cozy and inviting rustic haven? Whether you live in a bustling city or quaint countryside, these fall decor ideas will bring warmth and charm to any living space.

The possibilities are endless, from incorporating natural elements like wood and stone to adding cozy textiles like wool and flannel. With creativity and inspiration, you can create a relaxing autumnal oasis that feels like a warm hug on a chilly day. So, let’s get started and explore some of the best fall decor ideas to transform your home into a rustic haven this season. 

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This post covers the following:

  • Elements of Fall Decorating
  • Fall Decorating Ideas for 2023
  • How to Make Your Home Cozy for Fall
  • Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside
  • Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas for the Entranceway
  • Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas for the Living Room & Kitchen
  • Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

Elements of Fall Decorating

Transitioning your home for fall doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, as a few touches can have a strong visual impact. Here are a few ideas for bringing a festive feel to your home for the upcoming holiday season.

1.  Warm Earthtone Colors

The autumnal palette is warm, earthy, and inviting. These earth-tone hues are naturally inviting, and layering on a fall-inspired color story will make your home feel warm and welcoming. Rich and vibrant colors such as amber, ocher, and russet are evocative of gorgeous fall foliage, while wood and ceramic décor add perfectly imperfect beauty that echoes the glorious shades of the season.

Give your living room and bedrooms a quick update by adding throw pillows and blankets in shades of fall. Chunky, textural knits and seasonally inspired pillows in warm tones are perfect for cozy fall nights curled up on the sofa. Autumn has many earth tones that reflect the landscape, including everything from bright red and orange to neutrals and jewel tones. Consider adding a striking rustic fall wreath to your front door or above a mantel for a quick Autumn refresh.

Here are a few examples of stunning fall palettes:

Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas
Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas - Palette 1

Rustic Elegance
Image courtesy of Pottery Barn Fall Decor

Nods to nature, from reclaimed materials to an earth-tone palette, make this iconic look fresh. Clean lines, rustic finishes, and earthy textures give it a timeless appeal. This look celebrates the beauty of the forest with mossy greens and touches of Autumn. Rich wood tones and tumbled brass make it warm and inviting.

Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas | Palette 2

Warm Neutrals
Image courtesy of Pottery Barn Fall Decor

The season’s most splendid hues are warm, natural, and gorgeous. Layer them together for that oh-so-fall feeling. Liven up your home with shades that make fall beautiful – deep orange, warm ochre, and creamy natural shades.

Fall Decorating Ideas | Palette 3

Deep & Feminine
Image courtesy of Pottery Barn Fall Decor

Deep colors, like a rich plum and beautiful burgundy, are bound to warm up any crisp fall evening. Adding a few lighter shades to the mix, such as muted pastels and a light gray, will make for the perfect balance during this transitional time of year.

Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas | Palette 4

Autumn Splendor
Image courtesy of Pottery Barn Fall Decor

Warm up your home by mixing in decor in vibrant fall colors with bold hues such as red, orange, and yellow. When the leaves start turning those beautiful rich gold, amber, and marigold hues – start transitioning your interior décor for the fall months.


2.  Rustic Materials

Rustic materials are perfect all year round but become especially important during cooler temperatures as they instantly warm a home by bringing the outside indoors. Natural wood, tree branches, logs, dried botanicals, stems, and natural stones all work together to create a home for the holidays.

Thick woven baskets in jute or rattan fibers add space to store extra blankets and add an earthy and organic feel. Stone décor, such as granite coasters, bookends, and serving trays, warm up the living room. Metals like wrought iron photo frames, antique brass clocks, or a bronze centerpiece bowl add a personal touch.

Fall Decorating Ideas
Afloral Faux Branches & Stems
Afloral Faux Branches & Stems
Afloral Faux Branches & Stems

Faux Branches & Stems
Images courtesy of Afloral

3.  Fall Throw Pillows & Blankets | Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas

Throw pillows can effortlessly change the entire look of a living room or bedroom by adding a pop of color, texture, and pattern. New throw pillows are the perfect way to breathe new life into a room and are one of the best ways to elevate a house to a home.

When it comes to replacing your pillows, there are several options. In the fall, many retailers stock shelves with a vast array of throw pillows and blankets in warm earth-tone colors. Autumn-inspired motifs are also popular this time of year, and it’s easy to find a wide variety of pillow covers with pumpkins, fall foliage, and Thanksgiving themes.

Layering throw blankets over the back or arms of your sofa or armchair and at the end of the bed make the room feel cozy. Luxuriously soft sheepskin, faux fur, and velvet throws make a statement and bring an extra touch of elegance. Mix and match throw blankets and pillows to coordinate with your living room in bold shades of red, orange, and yellow or subtle hues of wheat and ochre.

Fall Throw Pillows | Decorating for Fall
Fall Throw Pillows | Decorating for Fall

Fall Pillow Collection
Images courtesy of Pottery Barn

4.  Fall Decor | Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas

When you think about fall home decor, a few items come to mind, such as pumpkins, gourds, festive wreaths, plaid patterned pillows and blankets, glowing candles, and cornstalks.

Create a classic, woodsy look with birch logs. The creamy white tones of the birch bring warmth to your space in the wintertime. Choose thin, light branches or twigs and place them in tall vases. Use logs tied in natural jute cord for the floor or hearth area.

Faux Rustic Fall Decor
Faux Rustic Fall Decor

Autumn’s Softer Side
Image Courtesy of Balsam Hill

Bring the countryside indoors with a warm blend of gentle autumn hues and natural-looking flowers and accents. This beautiful wreath and floral arrangement are part of the Briarwood Cottage Foliage Collection by Balsam Hill and are designed using Autumn leaves, hydrangeas, white berries, pinecones, and rose hips.

Faux Rustic Fall Decor
Faux Rustic Fall Decor

Dahlia & Pumpkin Forest Foliage | Farmhouse Charm
Image Courtesy of Balsam Hill

Add a rustic touch to your spaces with earth-toned foliage. Fall flowers arranged with white pumpkins help bring the beauty of the countryside home. The Dahlia & Pumpkin Forest Foliage Collection of wreaths and garlands is created from dahlias, white pumpkins, snowberries, Norway maple leaves, and assorted greenery.

5.  Soft Lighting

Everything looks better, bathed in a warm glow. Consider using different sizes and designs – from classic pillar candles to glass hurricanes. Taper candles in slim-lined holders work beautifully as table centerpieces and on buffets.

Tealights make a stunning addition when scattered across table surfaces. Candles crea