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Rustic Bedrooms | Rustic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Rustic Bedrooms & Decorating Ideas

Looking for design inspiration for rustic bedrooms? Over the years, I have compiled a large selection of rustic bedroom images from very rugged log cabin bedrooms and bunk houses to elegant rustic bedroom suites. Also included are samples of gorgeous rustic bedding and rustic bedroom furniture from Black Forest Decor that work well in any rustic bedroom design. I hope they inspire you in creating your own rustic sanctuary.

Rustic bedrooms bring the outdoors in while pairing natural elements with cozy and serene elegance. These gorgeous bedrooms take advantage of their stunning surroundings with a design sensibility that complements and reflects the surrounding views. Rustic bedrooms typically incorporate rugged stone, warm wood tones, and organic materials.

Rustic design in its most traditional sense may appear heavy and dark to some but a modern rustic style has emerged over the past few years that takes a fresh and clean approach.

The term ‘rustic’ is rather broad and many different styles fall into this category. In its most basic definition, it describes an aesthetic that is natural, rough, aged and casual. The defining characteristics of rustic bedrooms are the use of natural materials.

“Rustic design, at its core, is the use of organic elements in their most natural state,” says interior designer Katie Hodges. “Design is simple, natural, and has an earthy feel about it. Raw materials are also common, so rather than finding a sleek, glossy burl wood, you’ll find more reclaimed and unfinished woods and stones” — House Beautiful

Rustic Bedroom with Wood Floors & Beams & Stone Fireplace
Image courtesy of: Peace Designs

The four images above show modern rustic chic design at its best.  All are the work of Locati Architects and clearly show how rustic can also provide room for elegance and sophistication.

Rustic Chic Bedrooms

Designers have been embracing the rustic-chic look for quite some time now, but today the trend is more popular than ever. Rustic chic style adds elegance and a comfortable ambiance to the bedroom and provides the opportunity to seamlessly blend incongruent items together such as antiques with country accessories or contemporary pieces with classic and rustic. This style includes rough wood beams for ceilings and natural elements like wood and stone. Natural fabrics are used for window treatments and throw pillows. Rustic chic incorporates the use of leather, metal, and ceramics to create a warm and inviting space.

This beautiful bedroom was designed by JLF & Associates. The rustic elements in this space combine perfectly to create a warm and inviting bedroom with plenty of texture.

10 Components of Rustic Bedrooms

1.  Embrace Natural Light

Because rustic design is connected to nature, its always a good idea to have gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape. Lightweight window treatments allow natural light to filter in.

2.  Rustic & Reclaimed Wood

Given that rustic bedrooms are inspired by the outdoors, reclaimed wood makes a great starting point. Furniture should have a handmade feeling. Rustic furniture uses a variety of recycled or upcycled material that provides this look. It has no defined lines but rather resorts to the patterns of nature.

A repurposed barn door can be used as a one-of-a-kind headboard. Wood is not limited to furniture – twigs and branches can also be used to provide a natural and organic feel to the space.

Wooden textures and stone are necessary for creating a rustic feel within your home. From exposed wooden beams and warm wood colored floors, it provides a warm and inviting feel to the bedroom.

To give your home a more modern rustic style, use wide wood planks on the bedroom floor. The simple and solid appearance of large plank floors provides an automatic foundation for decorating your bedroom in a rustic style.

3.  Use Calming Colors

The color palette in a rustic bedroom is predictably natural and leans towards neutral. When it comes to colors, you want to be sure to channel nature. Think gorgeous earth tones, the color of wood, natural greens and warm creams.

“The interior should feel clean and not dark. Warm, saturated tones create a warmer feel, while cool grey tones make for a more Nordic feel. Pull the colors from the surroundings, such as grass green and sky blue from the landscape. Aim for a mix of saturated and light colors that play with light and how one moves through home.” — Fawn Galli of Fawn Galli Interiors, based in New York

Anything you use should be a nature-based color; natural fabrics—leather, burlap, cotton, etc.—metals, and stone are all great examples of this.

4.  Natural Materials

One of the most important components of rustic style bedrooms is the use of raw natural materials.

“The goal here is to maintain the natural elements in conjunction with symmetry and clean lines. Materials, like wood and stone, should reflect natural elements. Put a more rustic frame on a piece of modern art or mirror, add round and softer features to balance them out, opt for wood flooring with a fabulous contemporary rug atop—over-dyed, Moroccan, cowhides, etcetera. I also love a great stone fireplace. Ideas for furnishings include a refectory table coupled with modern chairs or a modern fabric with a pop of color on a more traditional occasional chair. My color palette leans toward earth tones with the occasional splash of something bright to catch your eye. For walls, go for wallpaper that very closely resembles wood or use neutral paint colors.”— Santa Monica-based designer Kimba Hills, owner of vintage furniture store and gallery Rumba

5.  Create Contrast

“In a clean setting, rustic elements gain more attention and often take a more artistic and sophisticated feel than they would in an interior that is completely rustic. For me, chandeliers are very important. I love, for example, using rustic elements to create chandeliers; they gain a very dynamic feel when paired with elements that illuminate them. I love reusing and repurposing old wood for flooring and walls. There is an authenticity to the material that can only be achieved from real use. Walls employing rustic materials are works of art in themselves. I tend to encourage my clients to refrain from hanging art on top of these feature walls since they ultimately detract from one another.” — Phillip Thomas, founder and principal of Phillip Thomas Inc. in New York City

6.  Pile on the Layers

It’s important to add comfortable layers and textures to make a bedroom feel cozy. Mixed materials like a down-filled duvet, to blankets and knit throws work together to create a warm and inviting bed.

A rustic home can be enhanced with a gorgeous quilt. There are a wide variety of quilts available in many different colors and patterns. Quilts never fail to support the right look and feel of a rustic bedroom. Hanging a quilt on the wall can also provide a down-home feel to the space.

Woven rugs are another layer that adds warmth to a bedroom while providing the opportunity to add further color and texture. Warm up wood or stone floors with cowhide, kilim, or jute rugs.

7.  Combine Styles

“You can create a rustic vibe in a modern room by using wood elements, such as reclaimed wood beams and stone, keeping all finishes natural and selecting a palette that complements the natural materials. Juxtapose natural finishes with clean architectural details—wide-plank rift oak wood floors in a satin finish paired with white walls, for instance. Materials such as wood-paneled walls, field stones, black iron, brick, or a blackened wood finish (there’s a charring process that gives the wood age and character with a modern aesthetic) on either a paneled ceiling or walls create an unexpected punch. Some of our favorite types of furniture for this look are live-edge dining tables and petrified wood pieces with textured fabric on upholstery.” — Cristina Peffer of Babcock Peffer interior design firm in Southampton, New York

8.  Organic Textures

Organic textures can instantly make a space feel calm and relaxing as they connect us with nature and the outdoors. From wood and natural stone to woven baskets, plants, and natural fibers. As for textiles avoid anything with a sheen and lean towards fabrics such as jute or leather.

9.  Large, Nature-Inspired Details

Rustic style favors the masculine side of décor. Small scale and feminine pieces feel out of place in a rustic bedroom. Opt for nature-inspired details and large scale bedroom furniture.

10.  Wrought metals

Metal door knobs and handles compliment exposed wood beams. Metals can be incorporated in chandeliers, lamps and as trimming on the edges of furniture.

A whitewashed-oak ceiling caps the master bedroom of an Atlanta home, which is painted in a Benjamin Moore off-white. The bed’s coverlet and pillowcases are by Leontine Linens, as is the large square pillow on the settee. The chandelier and floor lamp are both Suzanne Kasler designs for Circa Lighting, and the table lamp is by Christopher Spitzmiller. The curtains are of a J. Robert Scott silk.
Image courtesy of: Architectural Digest

Rustic Bedroom by Peace Design

Cozy Log Cabin Bedroom

In the cabin bedroom shown above, the designer chose a reversible duvet cover that is solid on one side and reverses to a plaid pattern on the other. The shams and throw cushions have a beautiful rustic appeal and introduces red and green into the space. It’s a perfect example of a rustic bedroom that is warm and cozy and not overdone.

How to Decorate a Rustic Bedroom

When decorating a bedroom, I always recommend starting with the bedding. This helps to define the color palette. Use the colors in the bedding as inspiration in choosing everything from window treatments to area rugs, furniture, and décor. Many rustic bedding sets feature wildlife such as bear, moose, and deer as well as southwestern geometric prints and pinecones.

If you don’t want the full-on rustic style in your bedroom, consider going with solid bedding and layer on rustic pillows and a cozy cabin throw or quilt at the end of the bed.

Walls can be painted in subtle earth-tone shades or clad with reclaimed wood or stone. Wood furniture always works well in a rustic bedroom, from log beds to reclaimed rustic headboards. Another option is a leather headboard – which provides a very masculine look to the room.
Modern rustic bedrooms typically incorporate a neutral palette that relies on the use of warm tones, natural wood, and rustic furniture.

Create the perfect balance between modern and rustic elements to give the room a unique personality. Incorporate natural textures, rustic bedside tables, repurposed and restored items with polished and modern finishes. Metallics such as weathered brass and iron create interest. Think of adding rustic shelving, wooden crates, copper lamps, and galvanized buckets. Clean modern lines contrast perfectly with distressed wood wall hangings and natural materials.

Bedroom in Warm Earth Tones
Image courtesy of: Key Residential

Bedroom in Warm Earth Tones
Image courtesy of: Key Residential

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas | Lynne Barton Bier
Image courtesy of: Home on the Range Interiors

Black Forest Decor is one of the best sources for cabin and rustic decor. Give your home the rustic look you love with an amazing selection of cabin bedding and rustic home decor all available at Black Forest Decor.

If Western Decor is more your style, Lonestar Western Decor has a great selection of western bedding and home decor to choose from.

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