Leanne Ford Interior Design

After recently creating a blog post on a cozy rustic log cabin designed by Leanne Ford, I thought I’d create another post to showcase a broader collection of her work.  

Ford’s confidence in design is what draws all of us in. Her work is instantly recognizable thanks to her signature stamp that fuses texture, nature, art, white on white with a lot of soul. In an interview with HGTV back in January 2019, Leanne described her aesthetic as, “warm, easy and minimalistic.” Natural-looking materials are her go-to look. One of the coolest things about Leanne’s aesthetic — and there’s a lot to choose from — is her out-of-the-box approach to design. 

Together, she and Steve Ford restore older homes in the Pittsburgh area. She’s known for creating unique interiors — her style is often described as “modern yet lived-in” — while Steve, a licensed contractor, helps bring his sister’s design visions to fruition.

This post will cover a wide variety of images of projects she has completed as well as an introduction to her new collection for Crate and Barrel that articulates a modern transition to country life. 

Country Living Room Ideas
Country Living Room Ideas

Leanne Ford’s Cozy Cottage in Pittsburg
Images courtesy of: Leanne Ford Design

Country Decorating Ideas

Leanne Ford’s Cozy Cottage in Pittsburg

The three images above are of Leanne’s cottage in Pittsburgh. Leanne took her iconic white-on-white color palette and introduced delightful layers of texture that make you want to reach out and touch the many surfaces yourself. The walls are coffee-stained with leftover brew that she rubbed on the walls. 

She explains the outcome in the finished story: “When I came back the next day, it had set in rather, um, intensely, and I sat there thinking, Did I just ruin this project? But it actually came out beautifully. The glow that comes off of them is flattering.” 

Leanne Ford Interior Design

Aya Dining Table
Image courtesy of: Crate & Barrel

Constructed from solid pine that’s been wirebrushed for a weathered look, this modern take on the farmhouse table will develop its own patina over time. It embraces Ford’s perfectly imperfect sense of style.

Leanne Ford Interior Design

Rustic Kitchen by Leanne Ford
Image courtesy of: Leanne Ford Design

This stunning  rustic kitchen has open wood shelving, slate floors, black hardware and warm natural wood accents.

Leanne Ford Interior Design

A Larger View of the Rustic Kitchen

Country Kitchen Ideas

A White Kitchen Remodel in Pennsylvania with an Aegean Feel

Leanne Ford designed a white kitchen that makes the palette feel fresh again. Her secret? It’s all about the finishing touches. “The salvaged wood shelving, the faux shutters by the kitchen sink, the basket lights—those details warm everything up.”

“To warm up the all-white kitchen, we brought in wood details,” says the designer. “The salvaged wood shelving, the faux shutters by the kitchen sink, the basket lights—those details warm everything up.” On the floating shelves, treasured trinkets—both old and new—fill in the gaps between ceramic plates and serving boards. ~ Domino

Country Dining Room Ideas

White-Washed Dining Room with Warm Wood Accents

Leanne Ford plays with texture and contrast—and embraces an all-white palette—in her newly renovated home. This white-on-white adds an airy feel, while also creating a dramatic effect.

“White is the silence between the chords, the pause in the poem,” she explains. “It can be taken in any direction.” The color acts as a calming unifier in the eclectic space. It’s also the perfect canvas for showcasing all of the organic and textural elements that one sees in her work. She also rarely uses window treatments as she prefers to not cover up natural light and views.  Another tip: having texture on the ceiling. “It’s a forgotten space but just as important as the walls.”

Country Bedroom Ideas

Ever White Slipcover Bed and Jackie Striped Linen Duvet Cover

I love everything about this cozy and serene farmhouse bedroom. Ever is everything a bed should be—casual, comfortable and soft. Slipcovered in stain-repellent white cotton, the bed shapes a dramatic and modern silhouette with clean-lined rails and a headboard that extends beyond the frame to nestle a nightstand or two. A polyfoam-filled sleeve slips over the headboard, providing additional cushioning and a relaxed feel.

Part of the Leanne Ford furniture collection, exclusive to Crate and Barrel. A rising design star with a motto they can get behind—”paint white, wear black”—Ford created pieces that capture her cool, artful vibe.

Country Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse  Master Bathroom in a Suburban Los Angeles Residence

“The showstopper in the master bathroom is the striking Avalon Tub in Pearl from Native Trails. With its perfectly curved form and deep interior, this concrete bathtub is a mesmerizing combination of contemporary artistry and innovation. The tub, as well as the matching Morro Sinks, are handcrafted of a breakthrough combination of natural jute fiber and cement known as NativeStone. Complete with distinctive rustic sliding barn doors, straw light fixtures, and handmade tile, the bathroom is a calming blend of clean-lined minimalism and unrefined natural charm.” ~ Dwell

“The master bathroom has started to take almost as much attention as the kitchen! People are looking for an oasis in their own home, for an escape from a chaotic life. To me, it’s all about the bathtub! The bigger the better. This native trails one was just the ticket, and inspired the rest of the design. We put it front and center as the main focal point and designed the rest of the space around it. The creamy stone was the perfect natural element to tie into the rest of the home design.” ~ Leanne Ford

Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas

White Dining Room with Plenty of Texture

A white dining room with Ford’s all-time favorite piece from this project – a salvaged farm table in the fireplace dining room. Here you see a gorgeous assortment of sky-high basket planters and Moroccan drop lights. It’s warm, earthy and organic.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

White Farmhouse with Warm Wood Accents

This bright and fresh farmhouse kitchen has custom cabinetry by Wood & Wrench and Armina Stone countertops.

Leanne Ford Interior Design

Modern Rustic Industrial Style Kitchen 

An rustic and modern industrial-style kitchen with Nomadic Trading Black Warehouse Lights, cabinetry by Wood & Wrench, concrete countertops, Steve Ford dining table and a white cowhide rug.

“The owners wanted a “lodge style” retreat for their house. So heavy use of wood, concrete and slate helped. We used slate as a budget and kid friendly floor solution in the kitchen. We used a concrete skim coat for the walls to add texture, warmth and more natural elements. The biggest request from the client was to open the wall between the kitchen and the living room.” ~ Leanne Ford

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

A SoCal Home That Mixes Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

This living room has a beautiful expanse of windows that provides images of greenery throughout the space.  This room packs a powerful punch with it’s oversized light fixtures, natural tones, layered rugs and indestructible couches.  The fireplace is framed by sculptural stacked wood on each side to act as a focal point.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

An L.A. Home with a Minimalist Aesthetic

Ford embraced the property’s concrete flooring and existing floor plan, but used a large portion of the design budget to reinvent the kitchen.  Here she installed a striking grout-washed stone wall that infuses the space with organic texture.

Leanne Ford for Crate and Barrel

Leanne Ford for Crate and Barrel

When the world changed, Leanne Ford knew she needed family, nature and home.  The star designer headed back East to a country house with history outside Pittsburgh.  And, while craving all things laid-back, personal, and country-meets-modern cool, she reimagined Crate and Barrel’s hit collaboration.

This collection unites then and now.  Modern lines layered with personal treasures.  Softness with a high-style vibe all designed to feel livable and luxe. She describes the look as “dusty, rusty and a little glam.” The collection’s welcoming textures promote a narrative that nothing’s too precious to touch, to use, to simply put to good use.

Here’s the link to the collection for those who would like a peak: Leanne Ford/Crate & Barrel Collaboration

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