Christmas Tablescape Ideas

By Interior Designer TRACY SVENDSEN | Published on September 09, 2022 | Updated in August 2023

Step into a winter wonderland and let the magic of the holiday season come alive right at your dining table with these enchanting Christmas tablescape ideas. As the festive season approaches, it’s time to transform your dining space into a captivating scene that will leave your guests in awe.

Whether you’re hosting a cozy dinner for your loved ones or a grand feast for friends and family, these creative ideas will help you create a breathtaking setting that captures the spirit of Christmas.

Every detail will contribute to the enchantment, from shimmering candlelight to whimsical centerpieces and festive table linens. Get ready to be inspired as we dive into a world of sparkling decorations, lush greenery, and touches of gold and silver.

With these magical tablescape ideas, your dining table will become the heart of the holiday season, creating cherished memories lasting for years. So, let’s embark on this journey of festive delights and discover how you can bring the magic of Christmas to your dining table.

The holidays are all about entertaining, and if you’re planning a holiday feast this Christmas, the table should be as memorable as the menu. Whether planning a tablescape for two or hosting an intimate dinner party, setting the scene for a celebratory night can be simplified with a few key ingredients.

Here, you’ll find stunning Christmas tablescape ideas – from Christmas centerpieces to how to layer linen, serving ware, table decor, and textiles. When it comes to the holiday season, creating a beautiful environment makes all the difference in the gathering experience. 

How to Create a Beautiful Christmas Tablescape

1.  Plan Ahead 

Start planning your tablescape well in advance to ensure you have enough time to gather all the necessary decorations and make any DIY creations.

2.  Choose a Color Theme

Lay the foundation of your Christmas tablescape by choosing a color theme. Red, green, and white are the traditional choice of color, but the sky is the limit here. Anything goes with holiday tablescape design, from warm earth tones to jeweled hues. Find inspiration for a color palette from Christmas tree decorations you already have on hand, browsing through images and taking cues from nature.

Choose a Christmas Color Palette
Choose a Christmas Color Palette
Rustic Holiday Tablescape Ideas
Rustic Holiday Tablescape Ideas
Rustic Holiday Tablescape Ideas

A Rustic Christmas Tablescape with Evergreen Branches, Oranges & Linen Table Runner
Image courtesy of Blesser House Blog

Lauren of the Blesser House Blog suggests adding evergreen branches (cedar, pine, hemlock, or spruce) with winter berry clusters, in-season fruit (oranges, pomegranates, cranberries, figs, or pears) with taper candle holders, and a simple linen striped table runner.

He lays the evergreen branches in different directions for interest, letting nature do its work. Berry branches are tucked throughout the branches to provide pops of color. The fruit is randomly staggered out to fill in any remaining gaps. A sprig of rosemary on each plate adds the finishing touch.

For those who love to decorate with dried oranges but would prefer to purchase them rather than a DIY project, you can purchase a bag of preserved orange slices.

3. Bring the Outdoors in to Set the Scene

Elevate your Christmas tablescape with fragrant cedar branches, eucalyptus, mistletoe stems, and pinecones. Build your palette with greenery or foraged pieces from your surroundings to create a natural, warm welcome for your guests.

There are many unique ways to incorporate greenery into a holiday tablescape – from weaving branches into the centerpiece to enhancing an overhead chandelier. Select pieces with various shapes, textures, and colors to create interest and dimension.

Rustic Tablescape Ideas
Rustic Tablescape Ideas

A Rustic Holiday Tablescape with Copper, Brass & Red Pears
Image courtesy of Ella Claire Inspired

This gorgeous rustic holiday tablescape combines copper, brass, candlelight, twinkle lights, white hydrangeas, red pears, and green napkins. Ella recommends starting with a runner or table square, adding a centerpiece, then layering place settings with chargers, plates, napkins, and flatware. She likes to add something unique at each place setting, such as an ornament, gift, printable, or ribbon. Pretty glasses and candlelight are the finishing touch.

How to Decorate a Christmas Table

Beautifully Designed Rustic Christmas Tablescape
Image courtesy of McGee & Co

4.  Add Plaid Accents | Christmas Tablescape Ideas

Nothing says Christmas like a few plaid accents. There are many ways to bring plaid, from pretty plaid table runners and tablecloths to napkins and classic tartan dinnerware. Timeless, festive, and inviting – plaid is perfect for the holidays.

Bringing holiday cheer into the dining room with a blend of classic tartan, buffalo, and gingham check patterns in bright holiday colors is easy. Plaids look lovely layered and work well with solid colors and other patterns.

Holiday Table Setting
Holiday Table Setting

Traditional Christmas Tablescape
Image courtesy of Craftberry Bush

Lucy of the Craftberry Bush Blog created a stunning traditional Christmas tablescape by contrasting crisp white with plaid napkins.  Added to the mix are mini battery-operated string lights, satin ribbon to tie the cutlery, and a deer antler as a rustic centerpiece.

5.  Add Centerpieces to Create a Focal Point

A centerpiece creates the perfect focal point for a Christmas tablescape and ties the color scheme together. Fresh-cut roses, tulips, magnolia leaves, evergreen stems, pine cones, and berries bring color, texture, and delightful fragrance.

Plaid Christmas Tablescape
Plaid Christmas Tablescape

Traditional Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape
Image courtesy of My Texas House

The theme for this tablescape was intended to be a twist on tradition with a little dramatic and moody flair. Erin of My Texas House Blog used a traditional red and green color scheme but added dark plates to add a touch of glamour. Erin added faux red roses and magnolia stems to a faux garland and hurricane glasses with candles inside. A touch of plaid brings the design to life.

6. Incorporate Fruit

Fruit is the perfect choice to add a vibrant splash of color and fragrance to the table. Oranges, pomegranates, cranberries, and fresh grocery store greenery go hand-in-hand in creating a festive tablescape full of organic charm.

7. Use Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements like pine cones, branches, or berries can add a cozy and rustic feel to your tablescape. You can also use fresh flowers or greenery to add color and texture. These natural elements will add a touch of freshness and enhance the festive atmosphere.

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas | Incorporate Fruit

Christmas Centerpiece with Evergreen Branches, Oranges, Cranberries & Pomegranates
Image courtesy of&nb