Rustic Spring Decorating Ideas

Rustic Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring Home Refresh with Elements of Nature

Spring is officially here, and as the colors outside begin to change from cool tones and shades of gray, transitioning to sunny blooms and vibrant shades of green, our interiors can also use an uplifting Spring home refresh to reflect the season.

In this article, I thought I’d cover current design trend of using nature as an inspiration in design, which goes hand in hand with introducing a new color palette with fresh flowers, plants and organic accessories.

Everything now is about incorporating raw textures and natural artisanal elements with a healthy dose of color rather than the shiny and refined look of the past. The vibe is more organic – think of raw wood, natural textures such as linen and indoor gardens which have become popular in contemporary architecture. Expect to see all shades of green in lively, organic and rich shades used in small doses and in larger upholstered pieces. Feature images courtesy of Country Living

At the bottom of this post, I’ve provided images of 100 stunning natural, textural and organic home decor items that are my personal favorites.

Rustic Spring Decorating Trend 1: Terrariums

It’s possible to cultivate something green and beautiful simply by placing plants that share similar light and watering needs in a glass terrarium that is wide enough to put your hand in.  Terrariums are taking center stage now with many styles and variations that allow for personal creativity. They are also an easy way to bring the outside indoors, any time of the year.

Refinery 29 and Sprout Home collaborated to create a fabulous article on how to create a stunning terrarium with step-by-step images on the process. Whether you choose woodsy and tropical plants or desert cactus, be sure to incorporate variety in both color and texture. Whether you choose woodsy and tropical plants or a desert cactus, maintenance is a must. “Both require different care, lighting, and water,” says Sprout Home expert Sarah Trover.

DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium

Must Have Components for a Successful Terrarium

Lava Rock: Acts as drainage system and gives the water that you give your plants a place to go, so your roots can still have access to it without sitting around them, causing rot.
Charcoal: Acts as a water filter to keep your roots clean and your plants happy.
Potting Soil: Tropical plants require a typical potting soil, while a succulent or cactus terrarium needs something special.

Steps to Create a Unique Terrarium

Step 1: Start by adding a layer of Lava rock at the bottom of your container.
Step 2: Next add a layer of charcoal
Step 3: Consider using layers of colored sand. “Sand and rock create interest in the bottom of the container to attract the eye and [allows you to] color coordinate with your decorating scheme or trends.”
Step 4: Add a layer of potting soil
Step 5: Start adding your plants and live moss
Step 6: Work in groups of three or five plants. “The odd number looks great in containers, and the live moss helps fill things out to feel like the forest floor without…making things overly claustrophobic,” says Trover.

If you are planning on designing a DIY Terrarium, Terrain has an extensive selection of containers as well as preserved and dried Spanish moss, potting stones, garden gear, plants and flowers.

Southern Living Terrarium | Photographed by Robbie Caponetto

Photo courtesy of: Southern Living. Photography: Robbie Caponetto

Rustic Spring Decorating Trend 2: Organic Elements

Bringing natural elements into your home can give a living space a breath of fresh air while providing a connection to the outdoors. Choose materials that resonate with your own personal style. Nature is the perfect inspiration for art and interior design, and incorporating natural materials such as wood, stone and plants, can provide harmony between humankind and nature.

“With the re-emergence of green living and conserving the Earth’s precious resources there has been a renewed interest in homeowners finding building products that have been recycled and used in new ways, reclaimed from other building projects or re-purposed into new functions.” ~ Fresh Home

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful, such as displaying feathers you find on a walk in an earthen-ware mug, or filling bottles and jars with stones or twigs. A discarded bird’s nest can be a creative vessel for small plants.

Textiles featuring birds, branches or foliage is another way to wake up a room for spring, and is a cost-efficient way to add color to a room. Tree stumps are also a great way to bring the outdoors in, and they work well as accent tables. Forest-theme dinnerware is available in a variety of sizes and make a unique gallery wall. You can easily switch the collection with each change of season.

Another way to create an artisanal finish is to add ceramics in collections of vases or pots, rustic light fixtures and organic wall art. I am in the process of doing this in my own home. I recently purchased three large matte frames and intend to create a horizontal gallery presentation of black and white images of nature scenes I took while hiking in various locations. I made sure to capture dramatic and rugged terrain such as large boulders and cactus.

Organic Textural Living Room
Amonk Chandelier

Seagrass Chairs
The Armonk Chandelier’s bold curves and dark bronze tones create a warm, dramatic focal point over a dining table or seating area.

Cliff Seeded Glass Cluster Pendant

Cliff Seeded Glass Cluster Pendant
A gently mottled texture and a subtle green hue characterize each shade of the pendant, generously sized and ideal for high ceilings. Each shade is created of molded mouth-blown glass in an eclectic shape and affixed to the wrought-iron frame.

Found Oversized Wine Bottle

Found Oversized Wine Bottle
Glass bottles like these, called demijohns, were originally used for storing wine in the villages of Transdanubia, a wine-harvesting region of Hungary. During the early 20th century, they were often wrapped with willow branches for durability and easy transport over long distances.

French Country Kitchen | Romantic Homes Magazine
Succulent Wall

Succulent Wall
Gardening made easy. Go vertical with a wall of faux succulents that are maintenance-free and look just like the real thing.

Paulownia Wood Vase

Wood Vases
Carved by hand from paulownia, a fast-growing hardwood, these vases bring a natural tone to your home decor. From the tabletop versions to the statement floor vases, each will vary slightly in grain and shape. The taller vases feature a small interior cavity to make floral arranging easy.

Root Round Wall Mirror

Root Round Wall Mirror
Dramatically scaled driftwood cross-section reflects on nature’s infinite beauty in fantastic whorls and intriguing gnarls that encircle a 16″-diameter round beveled mirror. Contemporary and organic, this eye-catching mirror makes a striking focal point to any room. Each naturally occurring piece of wood is unique, varying in size, shape and pattern.

Rustic Spring Decorating Trend 3: Textural Elements

Both organic and textural elements as well as using a variety of surfaces and layering is key for adding dimension and interest to a room. For a cozy feel, add plush fabrics, woven surfaces and wood. You can draw inspiration from nature by using stones, feathers, shells and branches as decorative objects. Texture incorporated with the addition of rugs, textiles, architectural elements, plants and even books.

Wicker is another great way to add texture to a space as this versatile weave is reminiscent of tree bark. It makes a lovely addition in any room, especially when wrapped around a vase and filled with fresh greens.

When adding texture, it’s important to create a balance – as with anything in design, there can be too much a good thing.

Textural Vases
Decorating with Texture
Organic Pottery
Annalise Sofa
Decorating with Texture

Rustic Spring Decorating Trend 4: House Plants

Indoor gardening hasn’t been so popular since the 1970’s. There has been increasing evidence that points to the health benefits of indoor plants. Not only are they good for your physical and mental health, they can also help you relax. Beautiful blooms stimulate the release of adrenaline, which in turn helps your energy levels with a rise in oxygen flow to your brain. Plants such as Boston Ferns are also natural humidifiers as they release moisture into the air. They also clean the air. NASA scientists found English Ivy is the number one air-filtering houseplant.

Climbing plants have become incredibly popular on Pinterest according to Elle Magazines Top Design Trends for 2017.

“A plant on this list shouldn’t be surprising, considering Pantone’s Color of the Year is Greenery. Lush, flourishing vines are appearing in the form of climbing plants, which are (conveniently) nearly impossible to kill. With an increased interest of 200 percent on Pinterest, these plants are the rejuvenation your home may need after the stuffy, cold winter months.” ~ Elle Decor

The fresh, lime-green colour “Greenery” was chosen, Pantone’s vice president Laurie Pressman said, because, “there’s a growing desire to reconnect with Nature and what is real, and find ways to disconnect from technology. We need a break. We need to stop and breathe”.

It’s easy to create an indoor garden by using pots of varying sizes and shapes. Add interest to a tabletop by grouping mix-and-match pots filled with plants of different sizes. You can also add personality to the house by adding hanging planters and plant stands.

Decorating with Plants

Easy Ways to Update Your Home for Spring

Country Living Magazine asked designers how they refresh their homes for Spring – and here a few of my favorite suggestions:

  1. Update your pillows. “While fabrics such as velvet, silk, and even tweed are beautiful year-round, they can feel a bit heavy for the spring and summer months. It’s easy to give your home frequent updates by having a “pillow wardrobe” for various seasons, just like you do for your clothing. Spring is a great time of year to bring in pillows in breezy fabrics like linen or printed cotton to lighten things up a bit.” —Paloma Contreras
  2. Refresh your bedding. “Welcome spring and treat yourself! Pick up a new duvet and shams to brighten up your bedroom. This easy fix not only brings color to your room but can help motivate you to make your bed each and every day!” —Ryan White
  3. Use foliage. “I like to freshen things up when springtime rolls around with big statement leaves in fun vases. From banana leaves and philodendron leaves, to palms and papyrus, it’s an easy and low-maintenance way to add a freshness to a room without any fuss. And if you regularly refresh the water and trim the bottom of the stem, the leaves can live on for months.” —Justina Blakeney
  4. Add some color. “Colorful accessories are always an easy update for spring. Affordable vases, interesting objects, and colorful books brighten any coffee table or entry console in minutes. Bold agate accents, gold-leaf pieces, and fashion books are my favorites when accessorizing my own home.” —Abbe Fenimore
  5. Keep it simple. “Spring is a time when we all want the freshness of the outdoors to be reflected in ourselves and our interiors. Renewal doesn’t mean you have to change everything in your home. Send out area rugs for spring cleaning and try having bare floors for a time. Remove your usual accessories for a while and have only simple fresh spring branches and some lovely green plants adorning your home. You’ll feel like you are being reborn along with the natural world.” —Young Huh
  6. Bring in new scents. “Change your candles for a fresh breezy laundry scent or something citrusy. I always keep my Buckingham Interiors + Design Showroom stocked with wonderful seasonal scents.” —Julia Buckingham
  7. Add a new statement piece. “Refreshing a room for spring can be quite easy. Subtle changes such as introducing a playful light fixture or buying a piece of art are simple and can instantly rejuvenate a space.” —Sara Story

Courtesy of Country Living Magazine

Quotes by Top Designers for Amara 

Amara, an luxury gifts and designer home-ware store, asked top designers for their thoughts on design trends for 2017. Here are a few that relate to incorporating elements of nature:

“In 2017 people will display a more conscientious approach to consumerism, preferring more quality solutions and natural materials. Plants are going to be the must-have decoration for the house and they will inspire the colour palette for wall paint together with Africa (ochre, rust, burgundy). Wood will be widely used, counterbalanced by materials like marble and plexiglass. The Nineties are back with velvet, geometric shapes and tartans.” ~ Elena Giavarini – Plus Deco Blog

“In contrast to the perfect finishes, hi-gloss and super shiny metallics that were ubiquitous this year, 2017 will welcome some deconstructed luxe. Think exposed brickwork, the use of cement and blown plaster finishes, the pairing of metals with raw, natural materials such as cork, wood and clay. This first-fix aesthetic combines relaxed edges with a nod to industrialism.” ~ Fiona Crisp – Styleophile UK

“Recently we all are experiencing a growing desire to reconnect with nature. The Pantone choice for Colour of the Year 2017 confirmed it too. I expect this feeling to coincide with our design and home decor in 2017. Expect to see a lot of wood as a main material, but perhaps with a super smooth finish. Combine this with white and metallic details and these materials are the ones to watch next year.” ~
Alessandra Barlassina – Gucki


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